Step-by-Step—the Revelation of Spirit

I have been asking myself: Does this capacity of body, mind and heart radiate love, truth and life into my world? Or is there a tendency to block these heavenly spirits from moving through these capacities? The spiritual life can, in my experience, become complicated with thoughts and feelings not aligned with the heavenly reality. It does take something to maintain one’s presence in the moment. The reaction of the heart and mind in circumstances beyond oneself, and indeed in oneself, are not uncommon. The ability to see this clearly for what it is, from the heavenly perspective, is crucial for me. Being in the moment just naturally leads to being in the next moment in the heavenly realms. But if there is reaction in me to the request of spirit or to my world, that heavenly stance simply disappears through me. It is still present—it just doesn’t get through me. We all know of what I speak!

We also know the experience of remaining in the current of heaven, the truth of love and life. In our precious moments of clarity, we might ask ourselves: How could I allow myself to be elsewhere? I’ve been thinking of how privileged I am to see the fact of the matter and know how to attune, realign and reestablish that connection with spirit—the Spirit and Truth of who I really am.

A dear friend of mine is amused from time to time about how long it can take for me to perceive what is in my heaven and the route that reality takes to move into my world. I was focusing on a relatively simple decision and she was present. My mind was having to stretch to perceive what was being asked of me out of heaven. She was noting how different we are in the process of revealing the heaven of our presence into our worlds. Some minds are quick and dominant and some hearts more open to the flow. We still laugh at how we discovered this more clearly about one another. Dominant always is the sovereign energy available to each of us, but how we actualize that in the earth of our expression can be quite a different story, and rightly so. Our understanding of one another around these matters can be quite an adventure, and I am finding it to be a joy in discovering this with my friends in these days.

Change happens. It is inevitable. That is life on the move. Something new and different is always being asked of us as we move forward through this life. This seems to come more clearly to focus at the beginning of a new year—New Year’s resolutions to make, with the intent of change. Maybe it is more pronounced or obvious now than at other times of the year. There is a rightful pause at the beginning of a cycle, the water cycle, as we have referenced it; stillness upon the face of the deep. Then moving on to the air cycle, where the factors involved are becoming a little more obvious but not totally in play as yet. But there is always movement, always something to express positively and strongly with the heavenly intelligence natural to each one of us.

I know when aspects of my capacity start to slow down, lose their alertness, ignore what is right in front of me or stagnate, this is not at all comfortable, whether it be physical, mental or emotional. My openness and alertness to what my Being is asking of me is crucial, so that my capacities remain in alignment with what spirit is longing to have come forth through me, moment by moment.

The core of my Being is my ultimate guide. My heart may wish to go one way, my mind another. But life is so generous as I am open to it. Should I eat this? Should I judge that? Can I actually see the beauty in all things? Will I express the reality that is mine to bring through these capacities? My spirit is my guide. My mind, heart and body simply need to be open to that level of wisdom and declare it fully and freely.

Friday I had the experience of learning something I have needed to know for some time now. I needed to know how to set up a Zoom call with others. I realize this is simple for our young friends, but not so much for those of us who are a little bit older. I have had various ones assist me along the way, but this was D-Day. I actually have a call this afternoon that requires this function. I asked a friend to assist me and that person had amazing patience and understanding about my passion to follow through with the learning, as well as my extreme discomfort in the process of that learning. Yes, I suppose there was the choice to simply go down a different road or avoid the situation, choose a different avenue of experience that would be easier for me. But for my particular spirit, this is not an option. It matters that I follow through. This step was required as a means of fulfilling my purpose, as I see it. I just needed to be alert to the next step and find a way to actualize it. The pain in this instance became delight. Follow-through is a glorious experience.

How vital it is to remain conscious and connected with that place in heaven in us that is deeply true. In my own experience, I’ve been moving in directions that seem fine in the beginning, like in my twenties with my nursing career. But there came a point where something deep within me said that this is not the full direction of my life. Yes, I will allow it to be an aspect of my life from a higher and deeper perspective, but it will simply be one aspect of it.

Thinking back, my discomfort in giving my whole life force into my career became so strong that I could not work one day longer in that job. It took some time. I took stock and realized that the missing piece was the acknowledgment of my own true spirit and that a deeper layer or avenue of expression was necessary, and indeed possible. The career was fine to that point, in one sense, but life itself was actually calling me to a more conscious reality—that of expressing from the place of spirit more fully and allowing a new day to emerge in my expression.

I see so many people answering the call to be fully the truth of themselves, to reveal their sovereign nature, to stand strong in every level of function.

How exquisite is that! Yes, indeed, this can be, and is, work. We have termed this work, at times, the restoration: the restoration of mankind to alignment with the spirit of God, to the expression of the heavenly reality. We are connected with everyone on this planet, and for all of us there is much to be clarified. We are not separate in this matter of purification, and in reality we would not wish to be. We can stand strong in the midst of constant change. All of that is required in these processes in which we are involved in this exquisitely beautiful world, letting what is wishing to be born out of heaven be born. Being in tune with life is such a relief, really—pure joy. And the results are our gifts into the world, returned to the source from which they came.