The Sun People

Fresh Thinking, Inspiration, and Vision on the Process of Spiritual Transformation

“O Father, please make me shine like the sun, a ball of light to embrace everyone. Make me the sun—a stairway to heaven for your children to walk on.” (from the song “Sun People,” written and sung by Oren Powers) Aum-en.

I am deeply touched by the current that we have moving this morning. What we’re sharing here is a current of attunement. You can feel that there is a more unified field of consciousness in this room now than was here when we walked in. That current, that atmosphere, is what people are hungering for. They want to know what it’s like to live inside that ball of light, to be the sun, to be a part of a glowing, living body of spiritual substance carried by people.

A time long ago—of course, in cosmic terms, it’s really not long at all; it’s the blink of an eye—a grouping of people were in agreement for a very brief period of time on the day of Pentecost, when they were together with one accord in one place. Apparently it was in an upper room. I would look at that “upper room” as being a state of consciousness. Power, probably like we haven’t seen come to focus in a long time, began to come to focus, a tremendous opportunity for something to move and something to happen. The experience of that power wasn’t sustained because self-centeredness came into the picture. And then the power was dissipated. That opportunity was lost.

I remember sitting in one of the seats here in the Dome when Martin Exeter would be standing here giving a service. It was magnificent. I took full advantage, I felt; I probably could have done a lot more, but I thought I took pretty good advantage of being with him, sitting in one of those seats for an hour.

We all are here together in this room. How many of us came into this room activated, or did we wait until we got here to be activated? If we come here to be activated, there’s not a whole lot going on, and it takes a while to build the atmosphere and get something moving.

I used to love sitting in one of those seats. I sat on the edge of my seat, and I focused on that man and his words. I shut off my self-active mind, for one thing, so that I wouldn’t try to interpret or translate what he was saying and judge it, as to whether I liked it or I didn’t like it or I agreed with it or I didn’t agree with it. Because if I did that, I never would have heard the truth. The conscious mind sure gets busy, doesn’t it? It’s a thin little thing, the conscious mind. It’s a wonderful thing, but it’s not supposed to be the boss. Most of our experience, as we know, is below the surface level of consciousness, isn’t it? I’d say it’s probably ninety-nine percent subconscious.

So if I’m sitting in a service like this, not quite paying attention, how much is my mind open and really willing to move with the current of spirit? That’s the question for me. I can’t say that for anybody else. But I know that nothing really significant can take place unless there is that unified field of consciousness. Here is the opportunity to allow one’s mind and heart to become entrained with the Word.

This is our one, central, prime attunement session, rightly, for us as a collective. I know that the Attunement Module has been gathering over the last couple of days, and I don’t know about you but I can really feel what happens when they get together and work in the realm of attunement. But I have to ask myself, am I willing to do the work in myself to make sure that that attunement current is always there? How deep is my commitment to provide a container for spirit?

There are some simple things that come up for me. Commitment. Will I actually hold myself accountable? Not to some disembodied God somewhere, but to somebody else? I lived a pretty sheltered life for a few years. I lived here in this place, and I lived at 100 Mile House; it was wonderful. I found that in living in settings like this, there is the very real possibility of getting soft. I went into man’s world and had some growing to do there. I had to answer to a boss. For most people, to succeed in a business, you have a boss and you are accountable to that boss.

Well, the same thing really applies here. There’s no difference. Leigh Dawson is one of my immediate bosses. Do I feel that I don’t have to be accountable to Leigh? Of course I have to be accountable to him! Otherwise there’s nothing real going on here.

You know, a lot of people don’t like it when I get intense (laughter). I hear a lot of laughs; you understand what I am talking about. I may have something to look at in that regard; maybe I do get a little too intense at times. But my intensity is based in my love for the Word. I want to see this, which we are about, succeed in a way that it never has before. Otherwise I’m wasting my time. I just want to see us come together in a way we’ve never known before. Are we complacent at any time? Do we think it’s good enough? I didn’t come on earth for that.

How much of the substance of people’s lives in the world is actually available to play a part in this body? Really available, no holdouts. How willing am I to jump into the fire and play my part and be accountable—make agreements and keep them? To be on time, for one thing. That’s not arbitrary, folks. It’s called respect; it’s called appreciation for other people. It’s also respect and appreciation for our Lord, that we respect what is here and what has been built; we nurture and love it, we protect it and enhance it, increase it in any way we can.

“Please make me shine like the sun.” How about we shine like the sun, because I individually do it, and then we do it collectively?

Maybe some of you gray-hairs like me have heard of a man named Emmet Fox. Has anybody heard of Emmet Fox? When my mother knows that I may be speaking she offers things to me. She said, “Hey, this book might be useful.” Here is something from one of his books.

“What kind of company do you want to keep? Do you like the kind of people you normally associate with? If you want to improve the kind of company you keep, see to it that you are keeping mental company with love, joy, peace and harmony, and above all, that you are consistently seeing the Christ in the other fellow.”

Can I do that with you? Can I do that with you passionately, intensely? I want to do that. I long to work in a pattern, a grouping of people who are committed, passionate, honest, understanding, forgiving…and did I say compassionate? The thing that’s a little misleading about the way I speak is that I always get intense, and you may think that my intensity is directed at you. But in my heart, and in my living, my intensity isn’t directed out. I’m intense about what’s going on in myself.

In our work together, commitments are actually very useful. I wonder if it would be interesting sometime to make verbal commitments with each other. Another word that comes to mind for me is “vows.” When my experience first started with the Emissary ministry, I was starry-eyed. It was just amazing; the current was intense and the atmosphere was wonderful. It’s kind of like a newlywed, isn’t it? I’ve never been married, but I’ve had some wonderful relationships. In the early phases of a relationship, you can have all that bubbly, wonderful stuff—“Oh, I hope this lasts forever!” But the honeymoon, as they say, doesn’t last forever because you’ve got some work to do.

So I think—never having been married, this is what I’m going to assume—that vows at a wedding are pretty useful things to keep in focus the fact that we’re making some commitments, that we’re not just going to give up when things get tough, that we’re willing to do the work. If I need to do the work, you’re there for me to help me do it—and if you need it I’ll let you know! Just kidding! So what we are doing is like a marriage.

In the past in our ministry the word “Jerusalem” was used to symbolize a state of consciousness. In the Book of Revelation there’s a statement: “And I John saw the holy city”—okay, what’s the holy city? It’s a new state of consciousness that we’re sharing—the holy city, our container, the birthplace for the spirit of God amongst all of us. “And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.” (Revelation 21:2) There’s some commitment in there.

The state of the world is pretty fragmented. Who knows what’s coming, down the road, for us? So our work isn’t a game. We actually have something in focus here that is ours to bring to that fragmented world. We can magnify this power if we’ll put ourselves to it. This is unprecedented in the world. Let’s remember that it is a vibrational ministry. It’s not just about location. Our work relates to the entire globe, and it functions at a spiritual level. We can get all caught up in forms and we can get possessed by them.

So I join all who are willing to join me in this marriage of the spirit, so that we may truly be the sun and be part of a glowing, living body of spiritual substance.

Chris Bullock
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