The Attunement Project #2

Fresh Thinking, Inspiration, and Vision on the Process of Spiritual Transformation

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(Carol Robertson spoke. Then Jane Anetrini offered a djembe drum meditation.)

BOB EWING: Thank you, Carol. Such a beautiful, real presentation of perceiving cause in the expression of life—a life of true prayer, worship and generation to bring out what is divine in each one. I’m happy that you used many ways of describing the invisible, because it seems traditional for the world that wants to stay below the veil to be constantly breaking down the meaning of the divine Word. You say the word God, and very often many people start questioning and stop participating. How wonderful to know the true meaning of that higher source passionately within oneself.

There has been, down through the ages, the Word. We can recall stories of Jesus, and accompanying the Word was his healing practice. He was built to give attunement. Uranda, who offered an awakening into mankind and presented the Word, had well established his own stillness, centering, listening, his ability to convey what was in the heaven and his powerful commission. Uranda brought us the great gift of attunement.

What a sacred gift is given to each one of us. We are all so beautifully made, and attunement is the most natural thing for us. There are many ways of approaching attunement, and we have specific ways in which we might offer, individually and collectively into the world of mankind, a radiation of what is most high, that we might bring out the true beauty and presence that is in each one. So it’s not for self-edification that we have this so-called talent and skill that is built into our bones, into our flesh and into our atmosphere. It is because that’s what we are here to do.

As we do that, first we have to answer some of the questions regarding what all this reactionary stuff in the world of mankind is about, with predicted disasters ahead, etc., and take the position of attunement, and see how that moves in the collective process. Then once there’s unified radiation and this huge heaven of new potential and possibility, what is it we’re going to create together? The interesting thing with attunement is you have to start the creating. You can’t go punching out the bad guy, or try to “radiate out” what needs to pass away. But we lift and radiate.

We’re in an attunement process—there are many people who have signed up and are participating in The Attunement Project. I thought this morning we’d do a very simple attunement together while there is a reading of the Lord’s Prayer and the Prayer of Being, in combination. During the reading there will be space for us to fill out, in the most radiant way possible, what it is we have to bring in the spirit of attunement.

I would like to keep the attunement very simple and personal to each one. The first thing we learn in developing our sense of the flow is holding our hands close together and being aware of the flow between them. So whatever is natural in terms of distance is fine. In this process of the reading and the radiation, you may find it natural, once you’ve found stillness and blessing, and once you’ve found radiance—I’m sure it’s already present—to move your hands out, according to your own perception. You might find your hands being palms up, facing all the way out, by the time you’re done. Or you might find another stance. As Uranda did at times, you could have your receiving hand representing that which is returning and ascending, and your radiant hand out into the world. You can choose your own stance, as to how you hold your hands and how you are conscious of enfolding your world, or an individual. Together we may magnify these beautiful words, given to us by the Lord and given to us by Martin Exeter. The readers will be Maureen Waller, from British Columbia, and Laurance Mendes, from England.

Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.

I am in heaven. The revelation of myself is holy. My kingdom comes because I am here. My will is done in earth because my will is done in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil:

I give the bread of life in each moment of my living on earth. I forgive, and that forgiveness is received by those who share the spirit of forgiveness. I lead no one into tribulation, but deliver all evil into the creative cycle.

For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.

For mine is the kingdom present on earth because I am present on earth. Mine is the creative power of the Word. And mine is the glory which results, shining round about, to be reflected by the world which I create.

BOB EWING: This is the perfect living prayer for all of us now, “because I am present on earth.”

In one sense, we’ve just done our attunement service. I want to thank Jane for her stillness and genuineness, and the enlivenment that was brought through the drum. And we all felt Carol’s passion for being genuine and being of service. Now we are all in a place, by our very act of giving an attunement, that is holy, that is sacred. It’s so much easier to be in that place than to try to get there.

I was thinking how, in the usual pattern of prayer, sometimes a person gets really lowly and they get down at the threshold of the door. They have some kind of communion experience, and then they turn around and go back out. They never go through the door; they never stand up.

The whole Emissary program, the attunement project that’s been going on for a long time, has to do with taking a stance of being in position. The intention to give someone an attunement has to be an act of patience, tranquility, assurance…these things that we teach people as they’re learning, from Uranda’s booklet Seven Steps to the Temple of Light. There has to be assurance that there will be a blessing—absolute assurance. If there’s any doubt, take a moment, be still again, and say, “Am I centered? Am I set? Okay. Do I know what that means? Yes, I do—I know what it means to be centered. I do; it’s built in. No one’s going to lord it over me and train me and make me into that. I am centered, I am divine.”

And then, who am I giving this attunement to? Is this person a bag of problems? Or is this a radiant, divine being, to whatever degree they’re aware of it, a radiant being who lives out of the invisible? If you were just to consider the pineal gland, as we do in teaching attunement, there is a perfect vibration. Any questions? Any doubts? Perfect. So if we could relate to each other all the time from this perspective, what an attunement it would be!

Carol was referring to the art of living. I live my life. What good is it if I get all pure, or put robes on, give an attunement, and then go out and start kicking dirt again? The challenge is to constantly find the magical way by which the doors might be opened in others, and not just by hitting them with my “high beams” because I’m radiant, but with the compassion and understanding that we are here to lift up and bring out, enhance and expand what is real and genuine in each other. And so, you can see, I’ve got a full-time job to transform that in my expression; I’m in no position to correct anybody else in that regard.

In the process of living, one of the things that is taught is sanctification. The exercise we’ve been going through in The Attunement Project has included sanctification. The Lord’s Prayer speaks of forgiveness. The minute we move into the present in the invisible, in radiance, everything is forgiven. You’re an attunement server; you’re an intercessor for God; you’re there to represent reality to others.

The process of sanctification is going on all the time. When you participate in sanctification in the evening and the morning, the evening is the heaven for the morning, for the next day. In stillness, quietness, the conscious mind and heart are there to receive and magnify what’s in the invisible. The first time one does that, maybe it’s a five- or ten-minute exercise—they may stay up all night, forgiving the past. I don’t necessarily recommend you try to do it all in one night, but all of the frustrations of one’s past experience seem to come in. The mind says, “What about this?” and the feelings go, “Ooohh, ooohh…” And then the mind says, “What was that feeling?” There has to be this purification. And you say, “I am forgiving all. I am in forgiveness. I am in stillness. I am in purification. I am providing the setting by which I might actually give an attunement through these capacities in my living.”

And so, to be at that point in the cycle in the evening, you begin to sense the essences not of just what the day was like, and put that to sleep, but you begin to sense the essence of the heaven for the next day. And then, wow, there is a bright new morning, the sun’s shining, and the glory wants to manifest in form. There’s a process of awakening and coming to focus, so that one is sanctified before one jumps in. What a wonderful thing to consider, that this would be the basis of how you would start an attunement or live one’s life.

There is already the perfect design. There is already something beautiful working out. There is stillness, blessing, glory, power. This is present, just waiting for you and me to plug in.

“That they all may be one.” Jesus said, “As thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us.” (John 17:21) That happens by way of a radiant expression, a generosity of expression. The exercise we just shared was a fulfilling experience of unified radiation. So there’s this whole process to get to that point. And then what?

When we get to that point where something has been built and something has passed away, and we know a greater increase of unified radiation, it is important to stay centered. There is the story in the Bible of the Day of Pentecost, where Jesus and his disciples went into a high room and built all this substance together. Jesus suggested that they stay put for a while, to “tarry in Jerusalem” until the power had come fully into them. Jesus was probably speaking of the “New Jerusalem.” You know, he was new; he was stylish; he was up-to-date, and he didn’t say to stay in the Jerusalem that the Jews had been living in for all those years. He was thinking of a new city, a new state, a new consciousness—this collective heaven that we generate together. Tarry there; stay there.

And if one is in this new state, and Monday morning we get up and I say, “Wow, I’ve got all this power, and I’m going to go fix that problem,” yet we jump back into the reactionary world, we find that what we agreed to do together somehow gets roughed up and it’s not as smooth. We go back to digging our way out of “stuff.” How wonderful to keep saying to oneself, “I’m going to stay in heaven. I’m going to let the atmosphere build, whether it’s in the same room together or whether it’s around this whole globe. I’m going to generate that atmosphere.”

In that atmosphere, as we find in attunement, there’s already a design. Outside of our bodies there’s an atmosphere, and there is a design. Usually you sense the tone of life around that, and you sense whether it’s fuzzed up or dissonant. Everyone has a different way of perceiving their own tone and expression. The word pattern has been used in attunement—we may say that we clear a pattern that is not in tune with the Tone. Now before you do all the science, you inherently know what it is to be in the Tone. You know that at a certain distance in the atmosphere there’s a place where transformation and returning to the true design is occurring. And it’s not just a fixed design; there is a process. What would be enhanced in the expression of life can do so, and that which is tied in knots can be set free.

So there is an art in the expression of attunement, individually and collectively. All of the essences of what a creator-being would be, creating with God, is present with us, even though we may be in a world that’s described as being below a veil—a world that still is reactionary and trying to get rid of the bad and create more good. This repetitive thing is going on, and there’s fear, reaction, ambition, and all these things. That seems to be very large and very addicting.

Yet we are perfectly made not to do that but to do the heavenly thing, the invisible thing, the vibrational thing. We are created higher than trees and plants and bunnies and all the other things in creation. We are created to let the essences of heaven, the invisible vibrations, the spirit of the Father, the spirit of the creator-being, manifest out through us. All we have to do is become familiar again with what it’s like to be in that “zone.”

When Carol was mentioning her love for swimming, I was thinking of the famous swimmer Michael Phelps, who won all those medals. He found a way to move through water. It’s something about the molecules in the water and in his body, and he is one with that water. He’s broken through something that is not possible by way of a limited consciousness. He has found a zone, where he is expressing himself. One of the things he says is that you have to slow down to go fast.

Isn’t that interesting? Well, that’s something like being still and being more radiant, not rushing out and thinking you have some power to go back and blast that reactionary world. Stay together and let the heaven and the design fill in. And boy, there’s so much more room for us to love one another. I’m not saying it out of some soppy, “Oh, you don’t love me; I don’t love you.” But there’s so much more to discover of what’s real. And I say that more to myself than anyone else.

“For mine is the kingdom, present on earth, because I…” There is the focus; there is the Father within, whatever you wish to call it—the one who lives in the invisible vibration of creation. “I am present on earth. Mine is the creative power of the Word.” We each articulate who we are in all that we do. “And mine is the glory which results, shining round about, to be reflected by the world which I create.”

God has not mocked us, and we have not mocked ourselves. We were created big-time. Our creative field is vast. If you look at pictures of the cosmos, that’s also part of our creative field. There’s lots of beauty out there; there’s lots of creativity out there; there’s lots of glory. And there is so much to be reunified through the consciousness of man because we are together. “Eye hath not seen” what it is that we came to create together. And yet, moment by moment, we have the assurance of offering an attunement and knowing that the tone increases throughout this vast field of life round about.

In this unity we have something brand-new to create together that we’ve never perhaps imagined yet. I would thank all those who have made this a most sacred and holy experience of increased awareness.

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This has been a beautiful time together. Relative to the rhythm of The Attunement Project for this autumn, the next international teleconference call will be the first Sunday in December, followed by a call on December 20th, close to the solstice.

Thank you so much for all the radiation in unity that we have opened up together here today. Praise God and bless the world.

Bob Ewing
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