Birth of the New Human


I celebrate the Birth of the New Human that is occurring worldwide. What is it that is really happening?

I invite you to consider the multiple births we experience as human beings. This will require creative thinking that will take us outside the conventional view of a human life. I am not trying to get you to believe what I am saying. I am inviting you to consider what life looks like from this perspective. Consider how you feel inside when you consider these thoughts. Ponder what it might be like to live your life from this perspective. You might discover that you are participating in the Birth of the New Human.

Consider the possibility that the reality of you is an eternal Being—not subject to life and death, even though we enter the cycle of life and death. I invite you to consider that you are an individualized aspect of the Divine, an angelic Being, or angel. There came a time when the fetus that became you was present in your mother’s womb, and you, the angelic Being, were born out of the eternal heaven into that fetus. That was your first birth in your cycle of life. You were born into that little form. With the power of Creation you wield—Universal Love—you caused the fetus to grow.

The next birth is the one we typically think about. When your time in your mother’s womb completed, that little form into which you had incarnated was born into the world with you in it. Another birth!

In the development of that form, through infancy and then childhood, into adolescence, the form grew physically, mentally and emotionally. As it grew, more and more of you became embodied in that form. More and more of you could be present and express who you are through that form.

As that happened, there was another kind of birth that began to take place—the birth from within your physical form into the world in which you live. To some degree, that happens for all of us, although more for some than for others.

Here we have to name how we conventionally think about ourselves as human beings. We think of ourselves as living inside a bag of flesh, as if the reality of you stopped at the outside edge of your skin. Certainly, you do live within your skin. But the reality is that your thoughts are overflowing outside your skin.

If you reflect upon your presence in the physical place where you currently are, it is easy to see how the awareness of that world is entering your mind. But your mental awareness is also extending from you into that place. Your mental awareness is pouring over into that world. Your mental capacity is larger than your physical body.

Emotionally speaking, your emotions are pouring out into your world. The people around you feel you. They feel your emotional body when they are in the room with you. Bob Dylan sings of how he is going to Make You Feel My Love. Of course, if we love, people do feel it. If we are fearful or resentful, people feel that too. That is because the emotional body is bigger than the physical body. It extends out beyond us as a physical being to the people in our individual world. The full dimension of who we are extends our Being into a sphere that is larger than our physical flesh. Our physical body is actually the smallest part of who we are.

Consider the sun. We think of it as an orb, taking up a small proportion of the sky during the day, and returning to the other side of the planet at night. But the sun is so much vaster than that. The sun is not only the matter on the sun. It includes its entire energetic field that emanates from the center of that field. The sun extends its radiance into the entire solar system and beyond.

The solar wind is one component of solar emanation. It is a stream of charged particles born out of the sun’s corona. Embedded within the solar wind is a powerful magnetic field. The solar wind extends far beyond Pluto’s orbit.

Sunlight includes the visible ranges of light, and the invisible ranges. The light of the sun radiates beyond Pluto as well.

If you look out your window during the day, you will see that the sun is here, on earth. We are living within the sun—within the aura of its radiance, within its gravitational field, surrounded by its solar wind. Even the material substance of the earth is part of the body of the sun.

The whole solar system is within the sun. We are within the sun. We are part of the substance of the sun. If you look at a plant, that is part of the body of the sun, not something separate.

As it is for the sun, the embodiment of who we are as human beings is us. Look at your hand for a moment. Is that not you? You might say it is your hand, and it is. But it is you, is it not? And so it is with any embodiment of us in the world.

Like the sun, what radiates from us is who we are. Who we are—our selfhood—is embodied in our thoughts as much or more than it is through our physical body. Our thoughts radiate who we are into the world.

Who we are is in our love. When you love someone, they are not receiving an appendage of you. They are receiving you. Your love is as you as it gets.

The more our expression of ourselves flows out into the world, the larger we become. The overflowing of our expression into the world is putting us into the world. What is overflowing from us into the world is us. It is not something other than us. We are not just our physical bodies. There are many dimensions to our body at many levels of Being that flow out into the world.

The highest level of our whole body—not just our physical body—is the body of love that extends out from us. When I speak of love, I could be speaking of many things. Love exists at many levels, and we speak of it that way. At the lowest level, it is physical love. We speak about making love, a physical act. We speak about love at the level of the heart. (Think of Valentine’s Day.) But now I am speaking about the highest love. I am speaking about the love that comes to focus in the crown chakra, in the pineal. That love is connected to all love in all people. It is Universal Love.

When a person is pouring out that highest love into their world, they are filling out the dimension of themselves with the greatest magnitude of all. They are being born into the world. That is the birth of the new human. It is being born through that expression, through the outpouring of the highest love through the individual. They are being born through their radiance. When that is a reality, all the other dimensions of self are born on the wings of that radiance.

Lloyd Arthur Meeker gave this wise advice: Let love radiate without concern for results. This speaks of the highest love. Let it flow unconditionally. If you are doling it out in proportions you consider appropriate for the people you like but not to the people you don’t like, you are not actually touching into that highest love, because that highest love is the unconditional love of Creation. It is the love that the sun is pouring out, and the sun didn’t check you out today to see if you were worth shining on! It is just pouring itself out. That’s who it is and what it does. That is the nature of the highest love.

When we are expressing that love, we are being ourselves. And if you are doling love out, you are cutting off something of yourself. Even when you are giving love to somebody you like, if you are doing it on that basis of preference and picking and choosing, you are not accessing the highest love. The sun shines on the just and the unjust. That is how the highest love is. It just shines. It is unconditional.

Recently, Keahi Ewa introduced another unconditionality. She said that life is not only about unconditional love, it is about unconditional Being. When you are expressing unconditional love, you are unconditionally being yourself. Most people don’t know it, but when you are loving conditionally, at a lower level of love, at some kind of personally conditioned love, you are being yourself conditionally. I will be myself if I like how I am being treated. I will be myself if good things are happening to me today. I will be myself on a good day and not be myself on a bad day. That is exactly what we are saying when we are living in conditional love.

When we have made the choice to let our love shine unconditionally, we have made a liberated choice. That is what I discovered in my life. Early on, I was spiritually and emotionally imprisoned in a significant way. I remember an incident that was life-changing for me. It was in high school. I had a psychology teacher who drove me crazy—Mrs. Siemoneit. I remember hanging out with a friend, going on and on about her and how oppressive she was. My friend looked at me and said, “You know, she’s controlling you.”

Ouch! It was hard to admit how I’d let myself be taken over by my reaction to a person I didn’t like. It was part of my discovery that, for me to be liberated, I had to love unconditionally. I had to be myself unconditionally.

We come into tremendous power when we are being ourselves. We have made a choice: The creativity of who I am is on in my life, through thick and through thin, no matter what. That is what the sun is doing. That is, in fact, what the angel who we are is doing. When we love unconditionally, we are allowing the angel who we are to not only incarnate into our flesh but to be born into our world.

Perhaps this will become more real if you think of some small place where you live, where you really feel at home. Perhaps it is a private space, perhaps it is some kind of sacred space. It could be your bedroom, or an altar space, or perhaps a special place you go to outdoors in nature. Think of being in that place, and think of what happens for you in that place, at least sometimes, when you feel a greater sense of your own presence, or a greater sense of the Great Mystery, however you want to name it. Consider how it is when you feel not only that presence inside yourself but in that space. And therefore you feel the space differently. You are in that space—not just you as a human being, as you might typically think of yourself, but your presence. The presence of the highest love has come into that place. It is there. Your presence is not just in your physical body. It is in that geographical space.

Where I live, at Sunrise Ranch, we gather in the Dome Chapel to have this sense collectively. We are each present in our flesh bodies, and in that sense separate. But together we have a presence that is bigger than our flesh bodies. Our presence joins because the highest love is one love. The Dome has us in it, not just us as individual physical bodies—it has us as a presence in this space. It has our love. The altitude of who we are, the height of us, the creative power of us, the finest essences we share together, are in the Dome.

It could be named as consciousness, as presence, as the highest love or divine presence. The higher dimension of our Being shows up. It has descended into the space because we are there in the flesh, bringing a higher love. After all, it was the higher love that brought us into the space in the first place.

I live in Eden Valley, where Sunrise Ranch is located. When I first drove through the rimrock and into the valley, I was awestruck by the presence in the valley. People had been living here on a spiritual basis for years. I felt them in the rocks, the pines and in the air. It was the presence of unconditional Being, poured out through people over the years in so many ways. And the substance of that lives in this valley. It is the residue of loving, felt all around. Entering into that substance every day is Being itself, which lives through that substance. Even as we live through our physical bodies, we live through the outpouring of love that has landed in our world. We live through that substance. That is what I felt when I came to Sunrise Ranch for the first time.

It is a magnificent thing, and yet I am not speaking of it to brag about Eden Valley or Sunrise Ranch. All along, the valley has been a living symbol for the whole world. How would it be if all humanity awoke to this? What if we as humanity were born in this way? What might it be like if the highest love that is within us, all locked up for so many people, came out unconditionally into the world? What kind of presence would there be for this world, enveloping it all, changing the energetic structure of the planet, changing the foundation of culture? What would happen if humanity was born into the world in that way, through the outpouring of unconditional love and the presence of unconditional Being in that substance?

This is the birth of the new human. It is individual, and it is meaningless if it is not, and yet it is collective.

You might ask, What about everybody else? Why should I radiate unconditional love if no one else is? Unconditional love is activated when we are not waiting for everybody else. Then our presence is being born into this world, and we’ll see what everybody else will do. Let’s find out. Let’s be born. When we are, our world is living within the aura of our radiance.


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Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
March 23, 2018 11:52 pm

I am imagining a new dynamic to planet Earth; an awakened cosmic consciousness will emanate into the whole. Not just a blue planet seen because of the phenomenon of water, but sparkling and flourishing; a changing harmonic, reciprocating the bounty of the Sun’s radiation.

To bring this about starts with me. It’s me, it’s you, it’s all of us. A solo, a duet, a chorus, a choir – of angels.

Let’s do it.

Phyllis Kotyk
Phyllis Kotyk
March 22, 2018 1:32 pm

Dear David,

Being able to participate with the Trustees by
means of Martin’s words and with our written words enabled me, in concert with others to touch into the immensity of what was involved in offering loving surround as a group of people in one accord. The invitation to participate was a gift,an opening to what is possible and the continuing possiblities.
The opening of the “giant worm hole for the
Divine”to pour through is a reality,a reality
that I hold close in my heart to let it
emerge in my living.

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