Beat the Drum

David Karchere

I call out to the skies,
and to the highest heaven.
I open this heart and soul
to solar winds and solar waves.
Bring your love to me.
Bring your warmth and kindness.
Let the pulsations of your Spirit
come to any stubbornness of this human heart,
that I may know submission and surrender to your love.
Now hearing only you;
vibrating with only you,
heart and mind
dancing with only you.

 I am your drum.
Beat your steady rhythm.
I am listening.
The tissues of my heart
stretch over this earthly frame,
tuned to you
and the constant beating
of your great heart.

I am your drum.
Let your spirit softly strike my skin.
Let your pounding heart
shake me,
rattle me,
from crown to toe,
from inside out,
every tissue, gland and organ,
alive with your all-compelling beat. 

O great Sun Father,
Your radiant love is shining through me now.
Your solar vibration is awakening the world.

I am your drum.

I am the drum. You are the drum. And all together, we are the drum. All humankind is the drum.

Our bodies, minds and emotions compose the drum. And so does our spirit.

Playing the drum can be a performance. But in the primal origins of drum playing, it was a shared experience.

In my early teens, I listened to a popular recording, Drums of Passion, by Baba Olatunji. He was from Nigeria, and he brought the vigor and power of the African drum into Western culture. The primal power of the drum stirred my teenage heart. He was a master drummer and drum teacher.

You might say that Drums of Passion was a performance. But behind that performance was an experience of villages within the Yoruban culture of Nigeria. African drumming isn’t first a performance. It is an experience for a community of people who are letting vibration move and who are entraining together to that vibration.

Life isn’t a performance. It’s for real. And the drumbeat is not a performance—it’s for real. We are here to let the drumbeat of life resound through the morphic field we share.

How does that happen? It happens quickly and naturally when we open to the cosmic drumbeat; when we let that vibration resonate in our emotions, thoughts, spirits and physical bodies.

We are the drum. And when we become that, we find we are also the drummer. We play the drum. What is the drumhead that’s being played? Hmm.

Like a physical drum, there is a physical dimension to this drumhead upon which we are keeping the cosmic beat. But there is far more to the drumhead than physicality.

There are many aspects to the drumhead. We tend to speak about them as if they are all separate, distinct entities. Perhaps we are merely naming different attributes of the drumhead.

The drumhead is the morphic field that we share—by another name, the epigenetics of human life that surround the unfoldment of our destiny. It shapes our human journey.

The morphic field is conscious. So it is connected with the realm of human thought.

But consciousness is not only thought. It is feeling. In fact, we connect to the morphic field firstly through our feeling perception. What are you feeling today? Those feelings are touching into the morphic field.

We touch into it so we can be part of the collective drumhead. When we see what’s going on, we allow our feelings to reach out to perceive the morphic field that we are a part of.

The morphic field is held in the auric substance surrounding all living things. Emissaries of Divine Light name auric substance as pneumaplasm. Prana is the energy moving through the auric substance. This creates the human energy field, which is connected to the energy field of all Creation.

I am not using all these words we have for various qualities and dimensions of the drumhead to complicate the matter—exactly the opposite. I am sharing with you my own mind-blowing realization of the simplicity of playing the drum. All these qualities and dimensions—which can seem to be different things—describe one thing. For, indeed, there is only the drum.

When we let cosmic vibration enter the drum, it beats the drumhead. We are the drum. And we are the drummer whose drum it is.

We are present here and now to reach out to awakening human beings wherever they may be around the globe. Together, we compose a creative field of consciousness within the broader field of humankind. When our feeling perception reaches out to one another, we strengthen our field. We strengthen the drumhead we share.

As our feeling perception reaches out, we feel many things. Have your feelings recoiled today? Or are you still reaching out to perceive this field, to feel your brothers and sisters, to hold hands vibrationally, to be the drumhead together?

I am here to feel into this morphic field. This is not a performance. I am not performing. We are doing something. We are experiencing something within the human energy field. We are here to hold the drumhead, to be the drumhead together, and then to look up and invite the Master Drummer to play us so that the vibration of the Master Drummer can be in this morphic field; so that the signature vibration for this planet, which is Love, can operate in this field; so that the pulse of the Highest Love can be the drumstick that pounds this drum, and the vibration of Love can move, rattle, and shake us.

Beat this drum. Let our vibration be Your vibration. Let us sound Your vibration into the world.

There are so many different kinds of drum performances. Some are just performances; others are experiences. They are for real. Some shape the morphic field, and a few open up to the signature vibration of humankind, our Highest Love. They welcome the Master Drummer for this planet. We are here to sound that vibration in the silent places of human experience. Yes, there’s cacophony all around. There is the immediate cacophony of humanity that we can hear firsthand, sometimes in families and communities, sometimes even in riots. There is cacophony in our media and in the noosphere of Planet Earth. And yet there’s an unspoiled field that we share, where the true vibration may sound, invigorate and uplift. And that is what the vibration of Love does in the human experience. It creates an ascension of sweet auric substance.

My friend, Anne-Lise Bure in Cape Town, South Africa, tells us that when the drum beats, it calls to the dancers. It activates the dance of life. The dance of life is a dance of the Highest Love. It is a dance of oneness.

Be the drum. Be the drumbeat. Dance with the dance of life. Be the Master Drummer.

The sound of the universe reverberates through my soul. I beat this drum.
Love has cracked open this heart. I beat this drum.
The light of a better way fills my mind. I beat this drum.
The evolutionary urge is erupting from deep within me. I beat this drum. 

I beat the drum for truth.
I beat the drum for freedom.
I beat the drum for the vibration of love to fill the world.
I beat the drum for you, my brothers.
I beat the drum for you, my sisters.
I beat the drum for the children.
I beat the drum for Mother Earth.
Today, I beat the drum.

Through this Pulse of Spirit, I call you to beat your drum and be part of our collective drum. I am calling you to know that, in truth, you are the Master Drummer.

Perhaps we are beginning to perceive the epicenter of our collective drum. It might have a physical manifestation, but in essence it is not a physical reality. It is the center of the morphic field we share.

Some drumbeats are played on the frame of the drum or around the edge of the drum. But there is a steady beat at the center of the drum that carries the central pulse. And so it is with us. Right at the very heart of this field that we share, we are allowing the pulse of spirit to beat our drum. There are many syncopations and other rhythms, sixteenth notes and triplets—all the intricacies of the beat. And yet, through it all, there is the steadiness of the Master Drummer who is playing this drum.

We may become master performers in our fields, and certainly we celebrate master performers. And yet we are all called upon, first of all, to be masters of allowing the vibration of the Highest Love to come into this morphic field. Let it sound our drum’s unique tone—unique and beautiful to each of us, played in the rhythm that is ours to play. Let it sound the great beat we bring into the world together.

When I look out upon the world and all that’s happening—the performances of all kinds—I think of all the efforts to make a change in the world. And so often what comes up for me is this: It’s beautiful, and we’re not there yet.

We have to go deeper. We have to find a deeper resonance that can shift the morphic field. We are not seeking to only play upon the surface of it. We need the depth of the evolutionary urge to move into this field and change it forever. To shift it and repattern it, freeing us from the old patterns that keep human beings captive in a state of separation and limited vision. We need the activating rhythms of the cosmos working here in this field—reshaping, repatterning, and altering how we relate to each other as human beings.

Let this cosmic pulse change forever families in distress, societies, communities. May it open up consciousness to see the light of day and the path ahead. May all our performances carry those deeper culture-changing rhythms and that deeper beat.

Om Shanti

 Let the sound of the Master Drummer bring peace to the world.

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David Karchere
David Karchere
September 27, 2020 3:22 pm

Great story, Fiona! ~ David

Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
September 26, 2020 6:41 am

My first experience of an African drum was in Bristol, England, in the early 80’s. Unanticipated race riots percolated through the neighbourhood of St Paul’s, enclave of Bristol’s black population. Not only were they beating their drums, they were proclaiming, “we are here!”

Over centuries, Bristol was a port; a port on the west of England. People came and went from its trading nations and plantations; people came to this city from the Caribbean, and elsewhere. The seeming fragments of the community were shouting for recognition and inclusion in British society.

The community beat its drums, energizing the community, activating a long lost consciousness, and as the rioting subsided, they received grants from various agencies to keep drumming, and dancing, and formed a troop called Ekome, with a Ghanaian master drummer.

Subsequently, when the Emissaries were instrumental in putting together the Human Unity Conference at Warwick University, Ekome was part of the program.

Ekome brought unity to its community. It has also brought inspiration to many school children with drum and dance workshops. I believe it continues to beat.

I am grateful, because Ekome woke me up, too. And now I can beat a different drum, to awaken the whole world!!


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