Becoming a Sun

David Karchere

DAVID KARCHERE:  In this Pulse of Spirit, we would like to celebrate the eminent launch of my book, Becoming a Sun: Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence for a Happy, Fulfilling Life. More importantly, we want to celebrate that very process for each of us, the process of becoming on the outside what we already are on the inside, a Being of radiance and warmth, of love, of light and of gravity.

This is from the introduction of Becoming a Sun:

This book is designed to be an operator’s guide to the evolution of human consciousness. Because consciousness is composed of both thought and feeling, I have set forth both a mental model of consciousness and a map for intuitive understanding of the emotional elements of consciousness. So the book is meant to be understood at the level of emotion and intuition as well as at the level of the mind.

Keahi Ewa

KEAHI EWA:  This is from the opening chapter:

What your world, and the people in it, need most from you is for you to be a sun.

They need your warmth. Your ability to offer your care for their well-being. Your ability to offer blessing. Nothing imposed. Nothing affected. Just the abiding spirit of love, constant in your heart of hearts.

That’s how it starts. Our world is so much the opposite. Our media, our interactions, and our education: What can I gain? If I do well, I’m going to get this reward, I’m going to get more money or recognition…achieve, achieve, achieve!

This is from the same chapter:

Your world needs the gravity you bring that holds the flow of creation in its orbit. This is your capacity to hold people in whatever process they are in. This is that attractive power that moves through you, which brings people close to your fire when they need to be.

I have a little puppy, Piper, who is a Catahoula Leopard. I feel the gravity to her every time I come home; I feel the pull. What is that? That’s unconditional, abiding love. Even when I scold her she gives me a look that says: I love you—don’t be mad at me. No matter what, she’s there. Unconditional love holds us together.

Jane Anetrini

JANE ANETRINI:  This is from the chapter entitled Commission:

I believe that every human being is called to greatness and that life is a thrill if we are in service to our calling, and from my own experience I would recommend this. Do not deny any premonition of your destiny. And do not try to impose a prophesy of the future on your life now. Give it an honored place in your heart, knowing that a true prophesy will bend the world of the manifest to itself over time. Meanwhile, external events do not define our calling. They do not establish the commission we receive from the Invisible. Whatever happens around you, you can honor that calling, that commission. Embrace it. It means everything to you. It is you, being a sun in your world. And when the time comes for you to lead, step up. Ask for what you need. Shine.

That’s a message the entire world needs to hear. The steps to fulfilling our purpose in life that are described in this book are vitally important for our creative process as human beings.

This is from Chapter Five, The Rays of Enlightened Thought:

The realm of potential is the realm of angels, using that word to acknowledge that this is a range not just of energy, not just of higher consciousness, but of higher Being.

This is the realm that we touch when we experience the wonder of the sun within, and knowing that it’s possible for it to be manifest as the sun radiating beyond ourselves.

DAVID KARCHERE: I celebrate the title of this book. Sometimes when you proclaim something, over time it becomes less and less relevant. But as I see it, the name of this book has become more and more true, and more and more relevant. We are Becoming a Sun. That is what is happening.

I celebrate the fact that while, in some ways, this is a very personal book with many personal stories, the name itself speaks for Sunrise Ranch and for all of us associated with Sunrise Ranch. The sun is rising in us and it is rising in humanity. There is also something that is past its sell-by date—that’s clear enough.

There is part of us that understands the world in an intuitive, poetic way. So it is a book of poetry and prose. I’d like to read a poem from the book entitled “The Other Side of the World.”

He thought there might be adventure
on the other side of the world,
past the silly stone pillars
of the cul-de-sac
and out beyond the well-edged lawns
that made his mind ache
and his soul grieve
as he drove by.

 He dreamed of a wild land
where his mother was once born
and beasts still roamed,
stalking their prey.
His heart could mend in such a place,
hearing the liquid call of larks at dawn,
and watching the sun as it climbed across the sky.

If he stared long enough into the evening prayer fires,
sang to the pines and mosses and ferns,
and worshipped with the herons and hawks
at the edge of the mountain pond,
the sickness of his spirit would heal,
and he would remember again
who he was,
where he came from,
and what he must do next.

Yes, there would be adventure
on the other side of the world,
and a chance to know himself again as he was
outside of this little place
where he had been living;
a chance to set himself free.

The subtitle of the book is Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence for a Happy and Fulfilling Life. Much of the current literature on emotional intelligence is sadly lacking in the foundational elements of what it means to be a human being. So often it’s about how to manipulate the people around you more intelligently, how you can get ahead in the business world, or how you can make more sales. This is a shallow version of what emotional intelligence is actually about.

Rock-bottom emotional intelligence is knowing, at a heart level, your oneness with the Creator that’s inside you. That’s emotional intelligence, or at least the beginning of it. Knowing that we are loved and allowing that love to find us, and then loving back is the beginning of emotional intelligence. And then, with that love, we can connect with the world around us and we can think about how that love could be acted upon in our world. That’s emotional intelligence with the right starting point—not a premise of greed, manipulation and competition.

Emotional intelligence leads to spiritual intelligence. I don’t believe there is much spiritual intelligence without heart knowing. So knowing how spiritual things work takes a heart perception, and then we can harmonize. That harmonization isn’t purely an intellectual thing, for sure. I have yet to meet the person who’s got spiritual things figured out on a purely intellectual basis. How has that worked for you, if you’ve tried? As far as I know, we become spiritually wise because there is a knowing of the heart; because there is a heart intelligence. What we find is that there are gateways in the heart that open up the human capacity spiritually and allow the power and intelligence of spirit to flow through the human experience.

This is from a chapter entitled “This Golden Shining Moment”:

To you who read these words, together we have this golden, shining moment in time to bring a shift in the outworking human destiny. Despite whatever sense of disillusionment might have been present for you, despite whatever failures you might believe to have been present in your own life or in our collective endeavors, this opportunity is present with us now. Knowing that consciousness is the pivotal factor for humanity and for our beloved Planet Earth, let us bring the highest reality of which we are aware to our world.

 What must we do to let this happen? Most essentially, we must simply say that it shall be so. Let the highest reality come through my consciousness and yours, and let it be extended to the world. Let that reality come through our collective consciousness. With that willingness and commitment in the living of our lives, IT SHALL BE SO. 

Having made this declaration, these opportunities are open to us:

– A full opening of heart and mind to the One Spirit
– A joining together in passion for our destiny to bring the transforming power of the One Spirit to the world
– Initiation of others into a knowing of the highest reality available to them

 How do I know that what I speak is true? I speak from the great legacy of all the men and women who have walked this planet, bringing the spiritual victory that has brought us to this opportunity. They have done their work so that we may do ours.

I speak for many around the world who hold a creative field of consciousness through which the One Spirit has a gateway into this world. I speak from the highest reality I know and serve. Now is a critical time for Planet Earth. I do not know how long this moment will last. Let us rise to answer the opportunity before us.

Let us become a sun. We are becoming a sun.

There is something personal about this book. I was encouraged to tell the story of my life, so you’ll find out things about me by reading it. But there comes a time when you create something when it’s not about you, and this isn’t about me. This is about this awareness that we are sharing together. I decided that in some way I could use my own modest celebrity—the world’s awareness of me as something of a public figure, to whatever degree—to be of service to the world. I want you to know my spirit in this. I’m not here to flog myself as a spiritual leader or author except as that is useful to bring a message to the world. So please join with me in holding the book in a selfless way. That’s how I hold it. I’ve offered it freely to our work. It is my gift for our collective work. I hope it can be helpful.

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Trish Lee
Trish Lee
March 1, 2019 4:18 am

Our Golden Sun is shining shining it’s true, that it’s Me Loving You!
Love’s White Light and silver lining will Always come through, loving You.

Can you see, we’re meant to be One Family
We are Free💝
Loving You
For the Love you Are
and the
Light you Bring
Trish Lee
(Taken from an original song I wrote in 1987)

Trish Lee
Trish Lee
March 1, 2019 4:11 am
Hello beloved soul(ar) family.
When I was five,I was filled with Golden Light. It spoke from within me: We are All One and Everything is made of Light.

I would like to connect with others who Live this Reality.
Please contact me via my email address and we can set up a phone conversation, if it pleases you.
In Service to the Light of God Within all things,
Trish Lee.

Anne-Lise Bure
Anne-Lise Bure
February 2, 2019 7:52 am

‘The Sun-nature which for long periods man received only from the cosmos, will begin to shine within his soul. He will learn to speak of an ‘inner sun’. Rudolf Steiner in Anthroposophical Leading Thoughts August 1924.

‘If the outer sun has risen but the inner human sun has not done so, nothing is gained. It is a significant moment when the rising of the outer sun corresponds to the rising of the inner sun. This is a real sunrise.’ Peter Deunov in The Sower. 1932-33.

I say that i am a daughter of the Sun, in living flesh under the Tree of Life in Africa, celebrating the passion of the Spirit of Life moving through this mortal coil, expressing gratitude for all those who stand in this movement creating a new world in alginment with the Cosmos.

with deep love and respect, Anne-Lise

Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
February 2, 2019 7:19 am

This moment I live into is not random.
I am not a mistake.
I am not my heredity, though I might have thought so.
I am not small because I carry the universe within me; I am becoming a Sun.
I am not lonely as I live among the stars.
I am an aspect of the Almighty.
There is no idle dream, no nightmare; only that which is true and congruent to life’s design borne on the wings of Love.

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