Are You Ready to Play?

David Karchere

I invite you to a deep meditation into the very nature of what it means to be a human being and what it means to be actively involved in Creation, as we all have the opportunity to be. I would like to invite you to appreciate with me the fantastic nature of what it means to be endowed with the ability to create, and how that works for us as human beings. We can sometimes go through life and lose track of the wonder of it all. So maybe you will share with me in a deepening appreciation of just what is transpiring for us, as human beings.

I want to start at the level of the earthly seed. At that level of things it is remarkable that in the conception of each of us there was some kind of creative roll of the dice, was there not? Two people got together, contributed some of their earthly genetics. Some of the DNA from our mother and some of the DNA from our father came together in a way that it never had before and never will again. In the egg contributed by our mother there was the DNA of the father that came together and created what became our own DNA in that cell. The process of Creation rolled the dice, as if to say: Hey, let’s see what will happen here!

I can imagine that the pattern of Creation could have been different. You could have been born out of one parent whose DNA might have continued as it was, and you could have been a genetic replica of one parent in a process something like cloning. Single-cell organisms reproduce through mitosis, in which the DNA of the originating cell is maintained in the daughter cell. But in the magic of how things are created in our biological life, that’s not what happens for you or for me. Nothing so predictable—something that is seemingly left to chance.

And yet there is more involved, because those two people did choose to come together. So there is the heavenly pattern that potentially guided those two people. Call it stars, call it God, call it astrology, call it luck, but something guided those two people to come together. And then there were the conditions under which that coming together happened. There was the auric substance—the atmosphere and the passion we might imagine. The parents’ DNA didn’t come together in a vacuum. Then there was a roll of the dice, and there it was—your genetic pattern.

We acknowledge that we are not just our genetics. Something else infused that pattern of earthly genetics: you! Your living embodiment of yourself, initially as a zygote, an embryo, a fetus, a baby, a child, and then as an adult human being. Your heavenly seed—the invisible pattern of who you are—has been streaming through, and that has guided your physical manifestation of yourself and how your genetics are working. There is the epigenetics that you create, and that the culture around you creates, that turns parts of your genetics on and off. Without diving into Charles Darwin’s version of evolution, which he himself apparently refuted sometime late in his life, we can nonetheless see that this gives opportunity for the DNA in the human race to continue and to evolve from generation to generation. It’s not a static thing. It is a constant roll of the dice. The very nature of a human being, even at the level of earthly DNA, can change and has changed over millennia.

So there’s the picture at a physical level, broadly described. What I want to propose to you is that the same thing is happening at every level of our human experience.

How about at the mental level? We have the opportunity as human beings to participate in exactly the same process in all our mental exchanges with each other. We take some of our earthly seed at a mental level—we might call it ideas, concepts, thoughts—and contribute it to a dialogue with somebody else. Not all of our thought, not all of our ideas, just like we don’t contribute all of our physical DNA to the child; but we contribute some selected portion of that earthly seed at a mental level to a conversation, to a discussion, or to a meeting of whatever kind. And if we are lucky, the person we are doing that with is doing the same.

If we know how that goes on a creative basis, we are not pretending that our ideas are supposed to totally define what is born out of the interchange. That would be a cloning of us at a mental level. Of course, some people act that way, and if you have a conversation with them it doesn’t feel so much like a conversation; it feels more like a monologue. But a creative conversation is one in which two people or more take some of the existing thought that they have, and then, guided by the heavenly seed or some kind of divine intelligence and inspiration, they contribute just that portion that seems right for that moment for the creation of a new pattern of thought. And in the union of thought, an idea is born that is bigger than anyone’s contribution. There is another throw of the dice. You take some of your ideas and I’ll take some of mine, we’ll put them together, and let’s see what is going to be created.

This is the entrepreneurial nature of Creation. What an adventuresome spirit is involved in all this! Hey, let’s see what happens!

The same process is happening at an emotional level. If you have the courage to do so, you contribute some part of what is in your own feeling body into the collective heart that you are sharing with somebody else. If you and another person have the courage to engage in an interchange of the heart, in the magic of Creation those two streams of feeling merge. The heart DNA comes together and a new heart intelligence shapes and forms into a bigger heart than you or I have individually. A shared heart is born.

That can happen between two people, and it does, with a little courage. And it happens among us collectively in community. A collective heart is born. As beautiful as a newborn baby, the collective heart that is born out of people who contribute their heart DNA into that collective is gorgeous. And there’s not only the heart DNA fragments there in that collective heart that has some of all of us in it, but if the process is really working creatively, that collective heart is infused with heavenly seed. There is something coming out of the wonder of the invisible into that collective heart. God expression and God intelligence infuse that collective heart with something that is beyond all our individual contributions.

The same thing happens at a spiritual level—a hard word to define. There is the spiritual fabric of a woman or of a man, developed by the living of life and the creative expression spiritually over a lifetime. That is certainly the fabric of the soul, which is the spiritual body. Who is up for contributing from their own spiritual body into the interchange with another person? You have me, heart and soul; you have me in heart, you have my ideas, but you also have my spirit with you.

Here are four levels of possible fusion and co-creation between us: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. These are four ways in which we have the opportunity to roll the dice with each other and see what could be created, knowing that there is the opportunity at every level for evolution, for what we are sharing to evolve, to become wiser, to become more comprehensive, more expansive and more powerful. This is the re-creation of human culture. Even the re-creation of the human experience. We have the opportunity to re-create that ourselves in the immediate world in which we live, with the people who are around us. And when we do that we are doing it for the world. But it does take courage to bring our gift to the process of Creation.

In this picture, you see something of the nature of the creative design of life and how we are made as human beings. It is entrepreneurial and adventuresome. There’s nothing predictable about it. In any meeting you have with another human being, you have a chance to roll the dice and see what happens. That is apparently how this all works.

But how is it for us? Do we, as individual human beings, match that sense of adventure that is the nature of Creation? Do we match it with our own entrepreneurial spirit to create with the people around us something that has never been created before? Are you up for giving birth to new life at every level of your human experience because you come together in this magnificent way? It takes courage to enter this great card game of life.

And what is the ante? The ante is the earthly seed that we have to give at every level. Not just our earthly DNA but our ideas, thoughts, our heart intelligence, and the wisdom and power of our spirit. Are we anteing up that earthly seed at every level?

It takes the guidance of the heavenly seed to play the game of life to win. Without the guidance of the heavenly seed streaming through us, how do we have the wisdom to know what to contribute? Or what to join with? I don’t think I’m the only one who has made a mess of human relationship. The prerequisite for participation in Creation is to be guided by the intelligence of the heavenly seed that streams through us and meets up with the earthly seed at every level.

The heavenly seed within us activates the earthly seed—physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. It motivates us to put forward just the right part of the seed that we are holding in the situation that could come together in the kaleidoscope of life with the seed that somebody else has to bring. But how would we know what seed to put out there? What thought to bring? What feeling to express? What dimension of our spirit to share? That wisdom comes internally from the stream of the heavenly seed that carries heavenly intelligence.

To win in the game of life, there has to be the spiritual practice that connects us to the heavenly seed. In special times of meditation and prayer and ceremony, we build the heart opening and the connecting auric substance that allows the heavenly seed to stream through. But then we need daily practice in the living of life to be open to the stream of the heavenly seed that guides us in this process. Because the special times of meditation and prayer are not only for themselves but they are to initiate the connection that is sustained and developed all day long. Then we are guided by the heavenly seed in the process of Creation.

Are you ready to play?

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Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
September 14, 2018 9:53 pm


I mean YES!

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