A Vision of Mature Spirituality

David KarchereIn this time of a global pandemic; in this time when there is a light shining on human cruelty, when people around the world are saying, “Enough! No more!”; in this time of a grand uprising of the human spirit, we join with people of goodwill around the world in that uprising. We join in solidarity, in oneness, in embracing and celebrating the sister- and brotherhood of all people. We reach out with open arms to people around the world. We welcome them and celebrate our collective presence, having the courage to stand forthrightly and strongly in what we have to share and know with all humankind.

We live in an age that calls for a mature spirituality. In these trying days, we, as humankind, are emerging into that mature spirituality. This is not the spirituality of suspicion and fear or of the placation of an angry God. It is not a spirituality that is simply looking to be nourished by the Divine, as if we don’t have our own gifts to bring as human beings. This isn’t a vacuous spirituality created out of a belief in a rational science that ignores the science of what we know firsthand as a human being and that ignores the things that we can’t see but which are so powerful in our lives.

We are deliberately invoking Divine presence in this time through our prayers and chants and through our words. We are inviting the God of the Universe to be here with us. We are inviting the nearness of the Highest Love embodied in the plurality of one Being, here, surrounding and infusing Planet Earth and all her people. We are inviting the spirit of Mother God into this sphere. And we are calling forth the presence of the Divine that is within each person.

You are welcome here, Angel who has incarnated into human flesh. Come forth. You are needed here in this human world. You came here for this.

 Come forth as who you are, with courage and with heart. Reveal yourself. Show yourself. Now is the time.

Let drop all human masks and all human pettiness. Let drop all human fears, so that the Angel might show himself, herself, and reveal himself, reveal herself, in all his glory, in all her wonder, in all her love and wisdom, vision and insight, in all her courage; in all his strength, and in all his power.

We are calling forth a mature spirituality on Planet Earth. The fairy-tale spirituality isn’t getting it done. The dry, austere, scientific view of the world, which shuts our eyes to spiritual reality, isn’t getting it done. We need a mature spirituality on Planet Earth. In that mature spirituality the God Field constellates in human culture, among Divine Being in expression through human beings. And among us there is a field of awareness that constellates. It is a field of one love shared; a field of light that illuminates the world in our mature spirituality.

Here in America, we are living through leadership which, as a retired general and former Secretary of Defense just said, is immature. It looks like it is government, but really it is not. It’s reality-TV government, not real government, not even government as we’ve known it in the past. It’s a show of government, a pretend government, but not real government, not a mature government.

Yet even the best of the government in America has not been fully mature. It has not been an expression of the fullness of spiritual maturity, which brings spiritual governance. So there has been impotency spiritually where there needs to be the maturity of spiritual governance. Not imposition, not a forcing of anything, but simply the governance of love operating through human minds and hearts, and through the vibrational field of human culture that is designed to be the God Field.

So, we need a mature governance that comes because there is a mature spirituality. There has been a superstitious spirituality, a fairy-tale spirituality. No wonder that, in our culture, spirituality has been so rejected. The very idea of heaven, of things that you can’t see, has been rejected—and no wonder, with all the superstition that is attached to that, and the tendency to see those who dwell in that heaven as all-powerful and ourselves as puny and impotent.

We have power as incarnate divinity, whether we know it or not. We call upon the greatness and the majesty of invisible Being in this time. But God Almighty can’t write this Pulse of Spirit. God Almighty is powerless to do anything in the hospitals around the world, except through the people in those hospitals. He can’t call up your neighbor and see if they are all right. He can’t bring beauty and majesty into human culture. Mother God can’t tend to the sick or the needy. Jesus himself isn’t here to love my neighbor. I have that power, and you have that power.

We were given dominion, it is said. We are given dominion over our own lives, over our own relationships, and in our own immediate worlds; and together we are given dominion over the human world, this world. We are all-powerful in this world, not separate from the presence of invisible Being that we invoke on this day. In fact, we can’t bring, in any kind of effective way, our power, our gifts or our governance without a seamless relationship with the Invisible. And what is that relationship? Is it between a weak, powerless human being and an all-powerful God or gods? I say that the all-powerful God is calling forth all-powerful God through human beings.

There are steps along the way to spiritual maturity. We don’t expect children to mature all in one great leap. You might say that, given where we’re coming from as humankind, it’s unreasonable to think that we will somehow leap instantaneously into our spiritual maturity. And so there are steps along the way, just as there are steps for a child and a young adult to reach their maturity. When it comes to children or young adults, perhaps they are in Student Council, giving them an experience of governance while in school. It is a learning step along the way.

So it is in our rise to our own spiritual maturity and spiritual governance. We have steps along the way, and we learn along the way, and those steps are very real for us as we move along. And yet, all the steps are meant to lead someplace, for us as an individual and for us collectively as humankind. They are meant to lead to our spiritual maturity, in which we take our place in the pantheon of Divinity—Divinity in the cosmos and Divinity in the invisible related to this world.

We, who have taken flesh for a life cycle so that we may act as Divinity here in this world, in and through our human souls, remember that we were sent by the Invisible. We were commissioned by the Invisible. We were appointed by the Invisible, and we incarnated into this world in human flesh. Indeed, we never left the Invisible, and the Invisible has never left us. And while we’re having a human experience—as no doubt we are—in truth we have always been one of them, one of the Divine pluralities.

This is reality. It is not really aspirational so much as it is simply true. It is simply what is. Our culture, on a tear with science, has largely ignored the experience that we are having as human beings, what Otto Scharmer calls “first-person experiential data.” Science places great import on what we observe outside of ourselves, while ignoring what we’re actually experiencing as ourselves. That doesn’t sound very scientific to me.

Recently, science is catching up. In the 2004 film What the Bleep Do We Know!?, quantum physicist Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D., says this:

We know what an observer does from a point of view of quantum physics. But we don’t know who or what the observer actually is. Doesn’t mean we haven’t tried to find an answer.  

We’ve looked. We’ve gone inside of your head. We’ve gone into every orifice you have to find something called an observer. And there’s nobody home. There’s nobody in the brain. There’s nobody in the cortical regions of the brain. There’s nobody in the subcortical regions or the limbic regions of the brain. There’s nobody there called an observer. And yet, we all have this experience of being something called an observer, observing the world out there…. 

In my modeling, the observer is the spirit, inside the four-layer bio bodysuit. And so, it’s like the ghost in the machine. It is the consciousness that’s driving the vehicle, and it is observing the surround. 

Finding the Creator is like that. We can’t pinpoint it to some particular part of the human anatomy. We can’t see it, because it is us. The Creator is present in the human experience.

That is what we are experiencing: our creatorship, so often denied and rejected. And then we might project our powerlessness on other people, claiming they are making us powerless. Or perhaps we project our powerlessness on God. Or perhaps we project the vacuousness of our own soul on the universe, so the very idea that the universe has soul, that the universe has selfhood, for some has been dismissed. If you have a superstitious, fearful, or vacuous experience related to the Divine, no wonder you might cease to believe in it.

Mature spirituality embraces the divinity of our own selfhood, so that we see the divinity of selfhood that’s within us all, in the universe and right here in this body of humanity.

I invite you now to move into a time of Attunement. Allow for a stillness in heart and mind, and a deep acceptance of what we are knowing of what is true of ourselves as a Creator Being who hears the Invisible, invites the Invisible, and who answers the call of the Invisible. And so, we give voice to what has been Invisible, that it might have a voice and a human presence here in this world. I invite you to bring this presence through your hands.

We invoke the presence of the Invisible, asking it to be with us in this time.

We call forth the Invisible through all human beings of goodwill and good faith, calling to our own souls, to the souls of each other and, most of all, to Divine spirit, present within each one of us. And we say:

Come forth. We need you. We desire your presence. We desire all of you. We desire your love. We desire your Divine will. We desire your wisdom, your light, your voice, your presence. We need your spiritual governance in this human field. We desire your service, your unique insights and your unique gifts. Your awakening is important. Your awakening is a flashpoint for all of humankind. Your awakening is a lighthouse. Be the lighthouse you came to be.

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Ngugi kimani
Ngugi kimani
June 15, 2020 4:43 pm

my thought …the whole creation has been groaning in eager anticipation for the sons of God to come forth from this crisis so as to create and govern a new world now and after the covid 19 …

Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
June 13, 2020 8:46 am

A calling forth of the Angel and the Archangelic Body! A revolution in Being.

How may we have the audacity to bring forth true governance through the invisible…. But what is the invisible but the immensity and might of pure consciousness? The consciousness of the whole cosmos entity of which we are a part.

How have we not looked out upon an operational and magnificent universe? I grew up with Star Wars and other stories depicting a universe of strife, destruction and alien life. As we have experienced Xenophobia on Earth, so have we projected such a notion of fear and separation in our minds and hearts, everywhere; and now, to the microcosm of the COVID19 virus.

May the invisible, mighty and unifying wonder of universal love come upon us all at this time, that throughout humanity true governance be restored on Earth. Amen.

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