A New Nation

Jane AnetriniOver the last number of days, I have had the phrase The birth of a new nation going through my head. I realize there is a book and a movie with a similar title written about America during the Civil War. That’s not what I was contemplating. I contemplated that with all the turmoil that’s in the world, there is the opportunity for the birth of a new nation under the influence of the divine, and it doesn’t matter where you live, you can be one of the citizens of that nation. It does take people who are paying attention to the dominion and the culture of the divine. And that is not cultural according to country, religion, our inheritance, or our family.

As we go to the headwaters of our soul and connect with the primal bond we have with Source, we can allow that new birth through the attunement current. The past can be cleared and forgiven and the stimulus from the holy waters of life can be used to create a new nation and a new world.

In every moment the attunement current is available and we can find it at our headwaters. That current is pure and life-giving. It is powerful and gentle. It is natural and available to every human being, though often never known or visited.

When I was younger, I always wanted to be the matron of an orphanage. They still had orphanages then. I knew there were so many children who needed to be loved, cared for, and taught to know that they were enough. They needed that consistency of love and connection to a primal bond. Something that is found at the headwaters of our soul.

I never got to have children of my own, but I do what I can when I am with anyone’s children for them to know they are loved. Loving that is not conditional or out of obligation, but because they are deserving of that love. We can invite the world to know that, not just the children in our lives.

When we’re standing and living at the headwaters of our soul in attunement with the primal bond with the divine, we are open to all the virtues that we speak about when we share Attunement. We get to stand in the place of blessing, to offer and receive it. We are designed to let the river of blessing enter us and flow out. We are designed to let that blessing pour into our world.

So, following an experience of blessing, we experience understanding. We understand with our hearts and minds that we are right where we belong and see the opportunities and challenges in our world. We know we’re in a world where not everybody knows about the primal bond or how to connect to it. Many people feel like they don’t matter, they’re not in the right place, they don’t feel like anybody cares. We know. I am enough to release a blessing into the world. As we do, we model this for the next generation. Not just the young people, but the next generation in everyone’s heart. You don’t have to be a child to know there’s so much more to be born through you. And when we speak, we’re speaking to that new birth in anyone, including ourselves.

I can allow the new to come through me. The fresh water at the headwaters can move through me. Birth is not something that only happens physically. There is a continual experience of being born. Let there be a new nation.

After we have some understanding of how that works, we next have the opportunity to take creative, intelligent action. When we do, we’re planting creative seeds. We know these seeds will germinate.

This begins the cycle, from seed to budding, to plant, to blossom, to fruit, to seed. Over and over it happens. All that fertility in all those seeds. If you open up a tomato, how many seeds are in there? One seed, one plant—30 tomatoes all with seeds! Do the math!

So, what are you planting? Hopefully, creative intelligent things that will harvest more of that kind of seed. We want to plant the right seed for the future of the new nation. And the new nation under the dominion of the divine government is what I’m interested in.

After we have the experience of taking creative, intelligent action, we then have this incredible opportunity to fulfill our mission. Why are you here? As the song says, “Why have you come to earth? Do you remember? To love, serve, and remember.” To fulfill a mission of purpose, to reveal something radiant and inviting.

Instead of looking at life with the attitude “I have to…” we realize “we get to…” thrive, love, create, bless, and fulfill a mission of creating a world that reflects those things. When you’re fulfilling your mission, you wake up in the morning and know, I get another day to create. All people living their lives from this place support all others who are doing the same. They are our soul family. When we bring the divine government for a new world, we are backing up everyone else who is also doing that.

After we step into fulfilling our mission, the next virtue in the Attunement process is enlightened thinking. We open our minds to the sovereign within. We remove our thinking from the spinning hamster wheel and ask, “What else can I see and imagine that is new and inspired?” When you receive the support of your soul family—the support of the universe—you may start thinking things you’ve never thought before. Countless times in my life, answers have come to me from beyond my own experience because I was willing to receive that enlightened thought.

Once I took a problem to an elderly patient who had been a handyman for me on occasion. He helped me with simple things like fixing an electrical outlet or blocking holes where the raccoons were getting into my basement. I had this piece of equipment, and I could not figure out how to fix it. So, when he was in my office, I brought it in to show him, and as soon as he touched it, I said, I figured it out! And I did. I took it back and I fixed it. He didn’t have to do anything but be there, and I was inspired with the solution. We share a field where inspiration and imagination are available. As a result, we become co-creators. We see new projects, new opportunities, and new vision.

So, after enlightened thinking, the next virtue is courage. Now that you have this great inspired idea, do you have the courage to move? To do something new that will not necessarily be comfortable but will be a birthing of a new world? You can have wonderful, inspired thinking, but if you’re sitting there on the pot doing nothing with it, it’s really a wasted opportunity. Courage involves allowing your heart to be vulnerable and your body to move, to do something, knowing the outcome could be different than you might have imagined when you had the enlightened thought. But you’re going to move on it, you’re going to be courageous, you’re going to let love radiate without concern for results. You’ve had the enlightened thought for a reason. You’ve become inspired, and you have this new imaginative idea. As a friend said, “It’s not a supply problem; it’s about delivery!”

Let’s courageously move forward and see what will be born. You can call on the universe, your soul family, to back you up. When you move courageously, you’re allowing the new earth to be born for the whole world. It might be born in a conversation, where it doesn’t go to the same old argument, or in a relationship where you see someone with new eyes.

We courageously let go of the familiar, knowing we can graciously let the old pass away. All the seeds you planted when taking creative, intelligent action want to sprout and grow, and they require our courage. Be courageous. Be prepared for something amazing.

And the last virtue is grace. Here, we hold the whole cycle. We welcome the fruits and bless it all. Grace is being present and staying conscious. In grace, because we understand this process, we can hold a place for all those who feel orphaned in the world and long to know and be with their spiritual parents. We call them home and welcome them in.

In every moment we can return to the headwaters of our soul, acknowledge the primal bond, and participate in this process again and again. We are creating a new nation. We are returning this world to its natural order and design. We are designed to create through this process. Blessing, understanding, taking intelligent action, fulfilling our mission, opening to enlightened thinking, and courageously making all things new. We honor the primal bond connecting us to the source of our Being, acknowledging to whom this world belongs and the privilege of knowing who we are and why we are here. We get to be new every day.

We all have been influenced by the culture we grew up with. We were taught things about how to be in this world. Some of us were taught how to fit in or how to succeed. Some were just taught how to survive. At the headwaters of our soul, we can learn how to bring the culture of the source of our Being. We can learn kindness, patience, humility, creativity, and forthrightness, allowing these qualities to be expressed through the uniqueness of our being. We get to reveal the glory of how love looks coming through us individually. Every day is a new opportunity for these qualities to be born through us.

Let’s reveal something wonderful today. Let’s be generous in the way we are with one another. Kindness always works. Let us be thoughtful and see with fresh eyes. Let’s allow everybody to grow and to blossom and to create wholesome fruit so they have healthy seeds to do this exact same thing over and over again.

The birth of a new nation—that excites me—it really excites me. Forget the United States, forget Russia, forget the things that separate us. Let’s be about the birth of the primal bond nation, the birth of the divine government, where we know who is the sovereign and the sovereign that resides within us. We have a direct connection to that sovereign, so we have the total capacity to bring the government. If we find ourselves challenged, it’s very important to find ourselves centered again back at the headwaters and connect with the primal bond. We find ourselves in the presence of the sovereign, whose world this is. It doesn’t belong to me or to you. We have the privilege of being here, of being blessed by this world, nourished by it. We show our appreciation in service, thankfulness, rejoicing, celebration, communion, and offering our blessing to the world.

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February 18, 2024 2:20 pm

Thank you Jane, for your beautiful words here and the essence of Blessing, and inspiration moving through them all, what a Joy to be in that place where the clear waters flow opening up new vision and possibilities for creation, celebration, rejoicing and thankfulness.

Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
February 17, 2024 7:48 am

I must allow Jane’s words to activate in unknown spaces, not as a conscious guide to nation-building, but as a new current of much grander proportions. It is only to be known at the source of ourselves, within the true heart.

There is nothing as strong as the human heart. We are learning that it is not just a pump to circulate blood; an organ that can be replaced. There is nothing stronger in our make-up than the activation of courage at the heart-centre. And that can only come about as great Love floods through from source.

Kari Bye
Kari Bye
February 15, 2024 8:26 pm

An idea came to me. It is not new, but I have never put it into words to share. What are your very first memories about your life on earth?

I am sitting in a field of flowers,
wondering about the beauty all around, the mountain peaks on the horizon,
and the vast blue sky above.
I discover mySELF in a wonderful world.
I AM here. I am PRESENT.

Taking steps into the land,
I hold my father’s hand.
Mother comes along,
she brings a song:
Thank you, Lord,
for all the gifts so dear,
You bring goodness and you care,
and You are always here.

Jerry Kvasnicka
Jerry Kvasnicka
February 15, 2024 6:13 pm

As I read your words, Jane, I had the experience of creating the new nation right here and now as I bring the virtues of enlightened thinking, intelligent action, courage and grace into my consciousness and expression. We each have all the inner resources and equipment necessary to fulfill our own mission and to thereby play our part in world transformation and regeneration.

February 14, 2024 11:13 pm

This is so deeply beautiful Jane – thank you. And for a woman who each year helps a wonderful garden fulfill itself around your home – you are easily the Plant Mother. Blessings to you always and thank you for what you bring to the Garden that is Sunrise Ranch – its people, its animals, its veggies – all the living things that join together here. Gratitude abounds!!!

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