A Call for Global Awakening


Together, with people around the world, we are awakening to the circumstances we are facing as a species and to the powerful creative urge rising within us to meet those circumstances. The more we know about the direction in which humankind is headed on its current course, the more obvious the need for this awakening becomes. And the more the creative urge rises within us.

Awakening people around the world are becoming conscious spiritual warriors for a new global culture and a new way of being. We see humankind at a crisis—a turning point in our evolution as a species. We are placing our faith on the will to live that resides in every human being, and in us as a species. This is our innate care and love for this planet and the world we are leaving to our children. It is our desire to live an abundant life. There is wisdom and intelligence that is being activated by this will. There is a deeper compassion rising to the surface to guide human behavior.

Our answer to the crisis we are facing is to become a voice for the creative imperative we see. We rise above the conflicting, competing voices from the world in which we live and deliver this message to ourselves, each other, and the world.

  1. Face your planetary responsibility.

We, the body of humankind as a whole, have a profound responsibility for Planet Earth and all the forms of life upon it. We are impacting desertification, global warming, and the decimation of species. We have the potential to devastate the planet through thermonuclear war. We also have the ability to let life proliferate on the planet. As individuals and as a species, we must face that responsibility and address it.

  1. Know that we have enough.

We have enough knowledge, resource and technology currently to address all the issues that face humanity and to thrive as a species. That knowledge is growing. We also have enough knowledge, resource and technology to cause our own extinction as a species.

  1. Evolve or die.

Our ability to thrive as a human species depends on our ability to consciously adapt and evolve, and to become wiser, more caring, and more responsible for the future of our planet. If the current cultural norms prevail, we are going down a path that is likely to lead to the extinction of our species.

  1. Conscious awakening and evolution is an act of personal and collective will.

Our conscious evolution requires a global movement born out of a global conscious awakening and an act of common will. The creative urge for that awakening is rising in people around the world.

  1. Extend goodwill in the face of ignorance.

The conscious evolution that is necessary for humanity to thrive can only come through the deliberate extension of goodwill in the face of the ignorance of the world around us, creating a global ethos of goodwill. This is the positive extension of what is good and creative in the face of what isn’t.

  1. Be the bigger person.

The timeless values of generosity, compassion, forgiveness and service to others that are held by cultures around the world have to become an imperative that is authentically embraced as part of a global cultural shift. These values must become not only qualities that we admire in the best among us but the character of the prevailing world culture.

  1. Invest in others so that they will thrive.

The thriving of humanity and of Planet Earth depends on the thriving of every individual and the creative gifts they offer. We are deeply invested in letting every person on the planet thrive.

  1. Give Your Gift.

Of paramount importance for every individual is for them to give their highest gift of service to the world. The fulfillment of the individual depends on it. Our world depends on it.

  1. Your happiness depends on the happiness of all humankind and the planet as a whole.

While we are profoundly responsible for ourselves, and our own families, communities, organizations and nations, our ability to thrive depends on the thriving of all humanity and Planet Earth as a whole. Global warming affects us all. Thermonuclear war would affect us all. A thriving planet would uplift us all. Happiness in the world at large contributes to the happiness of the individual.

  1. Only fools try to succeed at the expense of others.

The current global paradigm that compels people to serve their own betterment at the expense of others is unsustainable. Our future depends upon a steady change of paradigm in which all individuals, families, communities, organizations and nations bring the gift they have to give in service to the world around them. People who attempt to further themselves by diminishing the prosperity of others are contributing to a global culture that will lead to extinction.

  1. Let the depth of your belief and faith connect you to the one reality that we share in common.

We live on one planet, created by one power of Creation, at work through all of nature and through humankind. At their worst, our beliefs and our faith obscure that one reality, creating war and conflict. At their best, they connect us to all that we share in common as humankind. That common reality unites us. Therefore, we are embracing our own beliefs and faith with the humility that allows us to connect to the living reality that they connect us to. Beliefs that disrespect the part that other human beings and life-forms on this planet are playing in this common reality must be rejected.

  1. Free the Internet.

Human progress has created the Internet and the opportunity for a global exchange of information and ideas. The Internet has the potential to become a medium for efficient exchange of the most promising ideas for humankind, and for the collaboration of individuals to implement those ideas. It has the potential to facilitate a global awakening. Therefore, we should commit ourselves to creating a platform on the Internet that serves this function and the future of humanity.

  1. Our only enemy is ignorance.

Our enemy is not each other. Our enemy is ignorance. Therefore, wherever possible, we seek to de-escalate conflict between people and groups of people and bring an enlightened understanding of how we may collaborate to create the most positive future for ourselves, each other, and for humanity.


*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *


This global awakening might seem to be unlikely when viewed from the existing world cultural norm. We are aware that any significant cultural shift has been almost unimaginable before it happened. And then, totally normal once it has.

We understand that this requires radical transformation at the individual and cultural level. A shift of this magnitude can seem to be impossible. We have the advantage that the transformation now occurring is global in scale. We have friends around the world who are involved in the same process. A deeper wisdom and a deeper love are kicking in.

As we see it, the world situation has come down to this: We must awaken and evolve or pass from the face of the earth. We cannot imagine any reasonable path to a positive future for humankind without this kind of conscious awakening. As humankind allows this awakening to transpire, we find the fulfillment of our collective destiny.

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Beth Robinson
Beth Robinson
June 20, 2017 12:10 pm

1. Responsibility

Bless the puddles when it rains
when the bike tires
splash through them–
bless the mud
on shirts
dirt in hair
speckles on faces!
Bless the puddles with laughter.

Bless the bottles
made of sand,
leave those
trees and dinosaurs
in the earth…
but if I gotta
drink the water
I’ll refill mine
made of them.

o plastic

I’ll know the earth
was shaken and pumped
and it’s gasses
evacuated so that
I could live


Healing is physical.
It mirrors and reverses
the process of damages.
Love is greatest,
and love changes time.
Apply Love!
Love changes time.

forgiveness looks like
taking the next step.

Nick podovinikoff
Nick podovinikoff
June 19, 2017 7:18 pm

“..being with the compulsion , of Awakening,..
.. could be a trying experience .
“.. extending Goodwill ,is abiding in oneness…
..as matters are unfolding.

Andrew Horwood
Andrew Horwood
May 8, 2017 11:09 pm

When we commune in the vibrational place that we share in common, the One Reality we share, we come to the field beyond wrong doing and right doing to which Rumi refers. From that place, we can see truly, acknowledge our plight, feel together what that’s like, and plan to act differently. This is the starting point – to rise up to that place together. From there, we can see our greatness and act out of that greatness.

Let’s rise together to where we’re all called into the One Body of humanity, find our place, bring our gift and steer the Titanic away from the iceberg

Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
May 6, 2017 11:42 pm

These 13 points of David’s discourse must take on significance and meaning because I/we take upon ourselves to respect and live by each of the clauses. This is a global initiative. These are not just words but convey a call to all humanity.

I came upon a TED Talk by etymologist Mark Forsythe. The essence of his presentation was that reality shapes words and changes them. As the American Constitution was being constructed, there came the question of what term to employ for the head of state – ‘king’ was rejected though considered but it was controversial by its association with the old order; too grand. The adoption of the term ‘president’ did not, at that time, convey any more importance than manager. Nowadays ‘president’ has taken on global significance and stature.

The gift of language allows us not only to communicate but also to clothe our thinking, to be creative, to evoke. Rise to greatness.

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