The Sovereign Soul

Do you feel the call, as I do, to allow for ascension in consciousness, to come to a higher place in yourself? Do you feel an urge and a calling to see your world from a place of new vision, a place of selflessness, a place of service, a place of generosity, and a place from which you are in position to open to the great wisdom that is within each one of us, so that that wisdom can stream through you and guide you in your way and be brought into your world? The highest place of consciousness is a place from which there is access to the inspiration that powers us forward, so that we can bring the power of love into everything that we do and to the people in our life.

This is the calling of all of us, and in a very particular way that calling is present now for each of us to come to a higher place in ourselves, to let go of whatever has been sucking us into whatever repetitive human drama there may be in our life that leads no place. We are being called out of that drama to a high place, a place where we can bring our own sovereign being into the world.

This is from the Bhagavad-Gita:

                    The sovereign soul
Who lives self-governed and at peace,
Is centred in himself, taking alike
Pleasure and pain; heat, cold—
…glory and shame.
He is the Faithful and Illumined One, glad
With joy of light and truth; dwelling safely
In the Central Way, with senses subjugate.
By this sign is he known:
Being of equal grace to comrades, friends,
Chance-comers, strangers, lovers, enemies,
Aliens and kinsmen; loving all alike,
Evil or good.

                    Within the Hedge he lives;
Restraining heart and senses, silent, calm,
Let him express Reality, showing
Pureness of soul, abiding on the Rock,
Tranquil in spirit, free of fear, intent
On Me, expressing thought of Me.
That Faithful One, so devoted, so controlled,
Comes to the peace beyond — My peace, the peace
Of highest Heaven!

(from the Bhagavad-Gita, or The Song Celestial;
Sir Edwin Arnold’s translation with revisions by Uranda)

My peace.We are called to that peace. We are called to that place “within the Hedge,” as it is put. What is the hedge that we’re meant to live within? And what creates it?

The hedge is right action and creative self-expression. An attempt to live in a high place without acting on the wisdom and the love that comes to you in that high place means that there is no hedge. Without creative self-expression, there is nothing to support you in the high heaven. There is nothing that buoys you up if your own expression of what comes through that high heaven does not come through you. That is the hedge. That is the buoyancy of a person who is living a creative life. They are allowing to stream through themselves, accurately and clearly, what is available in that high heaven, and then it emanates all about them. They walk in a globe of that light, that emanation,and that is the hedge.

Are you ready to be in that hedge with me and with your friends who choose to come into that place? That is the secret place of the Most High. People do not come into the secret place of the Most High just because they meditate or pray or worship or undertake some rigorous spiritual practice. That may be part of the picture, and that may open the door. But something has to come through that door, and what comes through is the creative action of the sovereign soul.

For most people, action is all about getting what they want to have done in the world around them. And the practicality of action is important. “There are all these things that need doing, and I’d better be about doing them.” Welcome to slavery, because it is slavery if the reason for your action is only about that. When your action is for the expression of what you know in the highest place within yourself, when it is self-expression from that highest place for the sake of that expression, you have come into the secret place of the Most High and there is a hedge of radiance about you. There is a hedge about us when we enter that place together where there is right action for right action’s sake, creative self-expression for the sake of creative self-expression. And then we can take a look at how we practically apply what we are expressing.

But the primary thing is that what you hear and what you know in that secret place, you say, you speak, and you do. You emanate it all around you as accurately as you can. People talk about integrity, and as they say, talk is cheap. This is integrity. It is integrity with the Most High, so that what is the most high that you experience moves all the way through you and you pass it on.

David Karchere
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Andrew Horwood
Andrew Horwood
January 14, 2014 1:50 pm

Hi David

In my life, there seems a bowl of spaghetti, with strands intertwined, and some of the larger strands are
• Let go to the Sovereign Soul, the Wonderful One within, and trust. All will be provided
• But I’m responsible for ……. If it is to be, it’s up to me
• A pattern I recognise from my early years of wanting help – of being needy in some way, and paining myself when the nurturing help I want doesn’t arrive
• I know what’s really going on and what’s best!
• “I see all your good works but you’ve lost your First Love”

I hold these in creative tension, knowing they are evidence of disintegration and integration, and all part of the me letting Love live my life.

With love and thanks

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