Building a Team of Empowered Individuals

What we are creating is a team of people who each bring creative, initiating, wildly intelligent energy into the world in their own right—in a way that is unique for them, and yet who are doing that as part of the team. We are building a team of empowered individuals.


It is not easy to achieve, in my experience. It is relatively easy to create a situation where there is a leader and a group of followers. And not everybody is up for that, but you can usually find some followers. And yet that is the booby prize. What we are attempting to achieve is a movement out of that cultural paradigm into a paradigm of empowered individual leaders who are accepting the personal discipline and ethos of working together to generate something that none of us could do on our own. 


This might sound like a high bar. But that is how we are made as human beings. That is how all humankind is made. We are made to be that. 


Think about a V-8 automobile engine. It has eight pistons, each firing as it moves down the road. But they are not firing all by themselves. They are each intrinsically built as part of the engine. Together, those eight pistons generate tremendous power, working in synchronous motion. That is what we are attempting to achieve. 


How do you make that happen? Any ideas? 


Yesterday, we held an Energy Medicine Conference at Sunrise Ranch. There were practitioners from many fields sharing their learnings and their practice—Sukyo Mahikari, Reiki, Attunement, and more. 


I applaud the way Lana Roach organized and conducted the event, with strong participation and support from Sece Foster. It was an example of what I am talking about. There was powerful, initiating energy from them both. And then, the participants in the conference joined in. With Lana carrying the flag, each participant brought their own activating energy to the day. 


Jane Anetrini offered a presentation on Attunement, and I had the opportunity to lead people in an Attunement process. There was a spiritual counselor, a birth coach, and many more pitching in. So there it was, initiating energy from Lana, and then, Your turn—you have the flag, you are carrying it forward. And people did it. They were not looking for approval or pats on the back. They were just carrying the flag with all their unique genius and energy. 


I noticed that the way Lana and Sece led the event harmonized with what we have been developing together. It was unique and fresh. And yet it was not a total departure from what we have done before. It didn’t just repeat something from before. But it rhymed.


The result was a community of people in a process of glorious spiritual generation together. The power of Life filled the room.


A V-8 engine is a mechanical metaphor for what happened. It shows how individual components of an engine can work together to generate tremendous power. As a metal engine, it is not nearly as complex as a team of people. And it is made of cast iron or aluminum, not human flesh. It does not have the capability of growing and developing over time as we do. But it is true that we, too, have valves, combustion, fuel, and sparks flying.


So the V-8 engine is limited as a symbol for a team of people. But still, in its own limited way, it portrays something we are achieving. And because of its simplicity, the V-8 engine vividly portrays an underlying principle related to human experience. The piston in each cylinder moves in rhythm with the other piston. The power of its movement is transferred to a common crankshaft.


We are noticing our synergy on our Global Services Team—the team of people who conduct services for Emissaries of Divine Light worldwide. One of the joys of working together is that we each take turns playing our part in services. To be a part of that as an individual, you have to know that you have the goods—that the juice you have to bring matters, that you have a unique genius, energy, and spirit to share, and that your Presence matters. 


Through our services globally and through the programs we conduct, we are creating a living liturgy. Traditionally, liturgy is the pattern of ceremonial elements of public worship. I am using the phrase living liturgy for that and more. I am naming an evolving repertoire of activities that lead people into an experience of deep communion. We are not content to use a strictly structured pattern of spiritual services or educational activities set in stone forever. We are creating a living liturgy together.


We invite all people who participate in Emissaries of Divine Light to participate in this living liturgy.


We have been speaking recently about Presence, power, and wisdom. We could make it more complicated than that, but this is a good place to start. There is a uniqueness of Presence. That is true for each of us. We have to come to terms with the uniqueness of who we are and the value of our own Presence to be bold enough to share it with others. When we each do that, it is remarkable.


In having trust and faith in the unique Presence of who we are as an individual, and knowing our Presence is a gift to the world, we become empowered to show up fully. 


When we do, we find that while our Presence is unique, it is not separate. Our unique Presence is part of the oneness of Presence. 


Our unique Presence is different from our unique personality. Unique personalities apart from Presence are separate from each other and do not harmonize well. And yet our unique Presence is part of one Presence that expresses itself through our personality. We have to have the faith to call upon that Presence, to open to it, and know that it is there for us always. And then to believe and know that our Presence is a gift to the world. 


Presence is a state of Being. But it comes with something that radiates from us. Our Presence cannot keep from shining.


The sun is Being. But it cannot help but shine. The same is true for each of us. As we know our own Presence—the Presence of the Wonderful One Within, the radiance of that Presence shines through us.


Think of it this way. If your Being is like a sun, and it was descending into you, what would touch you first? It would be the rays of that sun. The center of the sun couldn’t enter you if you did not first welcome those rays. And because the sun of your Being is larger than you as you have thought yourself to be, it won’t fit inside who you have thought yourself to be. So you have to not only allow the sun’s rays to enter you. You have to let them shine through you into the world. That is the only way the sun of your Being can enter you and fit inside you.


Recently, Karen Pritchard heard us speak of the Wonderful One Within, that enchanting way of naming the Divine inside all people. After a while, she said, I want us to be God on the outside.


That is what it means to become a sun. It is allowing the God within you to come out. This is not a matter of human effort. In fact, it takes human effort to shut it off. It is a matter of simply doing what we are made to do, which is open up to it, allow the power of Love to shine through us, and let divine order enter our world.


The Energy Medicine Conference was like that. There was a genius to the day. For those of you who were there, I’m sure you experienced a flow to it, full of peace and wonder. There was an unfolding order to it that could hold the power of Love and allow it to manifest beautifully. 


So what do you say? Do you want to become a sun? And as an empowered individual, become like a piston of a V-8 engine? Creating a synchronous team of empowered individuals who bring power, Presence, and wisdom that transmutes consciousness? That is my desire.


We teach the Working of the One Law, which is a way to name the process which leads to this experience: radiation, response, attraction, union, and unified radiation. Unified radiation—this is what we are doing together as part of one synergetic whole.