Attunement Evocation

David Karchere We are aware of so many needs in the world. When we offer Attunement, we don’t just target one need. We are simply aware of the needs that come to us and feel the answer to those needs upwelling in us. We offer those answers to wherever they might be needed, mindful of the things that have come to consciousness but not limited to them.

As you read this Pulse of Spirit, I invite you to become aware of some of the needs in your world. Become a touchpoint for those needs, and also a point of expression for the spiritual medicine that meets those needs, carried upon the wings of the Attunement current.

As Attunement practitioners, we have the opportunity to evoke the Attunement current in ourselves and in the larger space we share with our world. We all live in a physical world. But that physical world is held within a field of energy and consciousness. And even though we have tended to think of our thoughts and feelings—in fact, all of our conscious awareness—as something very personal to us, it is also the consciousness of the field in which we find ourselves. We have the magical ability to be a conscious connection point between that field and the power of Creation that activates it. That activating power is born out of the power of the universe, which is Love. Universal Love is the source of all forms of true spiritual medicine.

Love activates the field of consciousness and energy and heals it. It allows the field to evolve, grow, develop and become all of what it should be.

As Attunement practitioners, we sometimes refer to the field as pneumaplasm—spirit substance. Pneumaplasm is the connecting link between the visible and the invisible. And remarkably, it responds to consciousness. It’s linked to consciousness.

We have the ability to evoke the Attunement current for ourselves and others when we express something that calls to awareness the needs of the field and also the spiritual medicine that energizes, activates, heals and evolves the field. And because the field and the energy are connected through this substance, which is responsive to consciousness, the very fact of bringing something to conscious awareness is a powerful act. The power is in the conscious awareness and then the Attunement current that conscious awareness unleashes.  

Attunement current has wisdom in it. It knows where to go and what to do. Our role is simply to be instruments of it, through our conscious awareness and by making ourselves physically available to let Attunement current flow. So again, I invite you to let needs in your world come to mind. Now, if you will, follow these written words, perhaps adding words of your own to evoke the Attunement current. So good to be in this space together.

I evoke the Love that reaches out to the heart of hearts in all people to whom we are connected. We bring the great heartbeat of Love. We move past fear, past prejudice, past false belief, past any rancor, to the heart of hearts that knows Love. We evoke that Love, full and strong. We evoke the heartbeat of Love, the vibration of Love, the power of Love. It is the power to heal and shift and evolve, to bring together, to purify.

 We evoke the knowing of eternality while caring greatly for the human world. Yet still, we release identification with that world, to embrace our eternality—what is eternal here and now. We celebrate the Eternal in ourselves, and we evoke the awareness of the Eternal in all with whom we are connected. That awareness brings release from fear and rancor and false belief; release into the eternality of Love, present here and now. To all who are listening, we invite you, Come, be in this eternal moment. Be in this current of the greatest Love.

 In this place, we evoke the pattern of life itself. We evoke the matrix of life, the presence of the Great Mother who holds all things and all processes, knowing that everything changes for a human being when they become so aware. And even as the fetus is comforted by the heartbeat of the mother in the womb, and by the rush of her blood, awakening to the Eternal, we awaken to the heartbeat of the Mother, the matrix of the Mother, the blood flow of the Mother who holds all of nature and all human beings; She who holds all things.

 We evoke the peace that comes in this eternality, the peace that brings courage and assurance and faith, realizing that everything necessary is fully present in what is unfolding on the planet today. We are here for this: for our collective evolution, our collective regeneration, and our collective rebirth. And while we all feel the sadness and the grief of what humankind is facing in these days, we also feel jubilation and the celebration of our rebirth as a species, the evolution of this field of energy that we are sharing, through the constant heartbeat that is present in it, this pulse of spirit, this activating power.

 We boldly confess, for ourselves and for all human beings, that we have this regenerative power latent within us, waiting to be unleashed into this field. Our sleep is over as humankind. And we call to this latent power of the Highest Love to come into our field.

 Do Your perfect work. We are instruments of You. Come through this heart, shattering my smallness.

 Love us collectively. Change us collectively. Shape us, grow us, develop us, evolve us, teach us. We are open. Bring us the wisdom of oneness, the wisdom of knowing we are one family of the world. Let us see in the light of Your Love the unfolding pattern of Creation all around. And let us be instruments of that unfolding pattern. Let our minds see what they need to see.

 We evoke the heartbeat of Love with waves of vibration pulsing out to every need, open to receive. Hear us, feel us, feel this heartbeat and let it change consciousness, transforming us all into active, conscious instruments of the heartbeat of the Creator. Let us transmute the human energy field so that it carries the urge of Creation ever more powerfully into the human experience.

 So may it be.