You are a Heroic Figure in a Story of Mythic Proportions


If we define ourselves merely as citizens of the world as we know it, we dumb ourselves down. We are not just citizens of the world around us. We are citizens of another world, another reality which we don’t fully understand but which is real. When we accept that reality for ourselves, we feel our magical powers of Creation. We each have magical powers of sight, of understanding, powers of healing, powers of growing things, powers of transformation. We have the ability to come into a place and make it different from what it was before we came. We have the power of possibility to bring, and the power of inspiration. These are all magical powers.

Yes, we grew up in this world in which we live. We all had parents and some kind of upbringing. And yet, speaking for myself, I have abilities that I cannot explain by describing that upbringing. You do too. I have awarenesses that don’t come from my upbringing. How about you? I have dreams and visions that visit me. And when I look at you, I do not just see the person of your upbringing. I see a magical being, a creator-being who walks this earth with magical creative powers.

Those magical powers infuse our practical ones. I’m all for being a practical person, but the practical powers—reading, writing and ’rithmetic, and washing the dishes and building things—all have to be infused with magical powers as well. The magical powers of sight, seeing things that you cannot see with your physical eyes.

Our magical powers assist us in our passage through our life journey. If you do not own the mythical place from which you come and the magical powers and abilities that you have, and if you do not activate that vertical memory in your life and experience yourself as someone from that magical place, you subject yourself to feeling depressed, discouraged, futile and disempowered. You may end up looking at your world and seeing only impossibility.

To live creatively, we call upon that place from which we come, which our human mind can hardly understand, and yet which is real. We understand it in myth and legend and dreams and paintings and songs. We understand it in the mental forms drawn from the world in which we live, because that’s how our simple human mind works. And yet those forms in consciousness that recall the mythic proportion of our lives are letting our human experience know a reality that transcends those mental forms.

We are, in our truest and finest essences, gods and goddesses of a land before Creation as we know it. We have a stature and we have a being; we have a place of origin and we have a people in that land. The more that we activate the memory and the knowing of that, and have faith and trust in it, the more we can express and embody that memory of mythic proportion in the very simple everyday things of our lives.

The breakdown of human character in the world in which we live is a reflection of a loss of memory of a character of mythic proportion. It is a reflection of a loss of our mythic story together as human beings. It’s a loss of the sense of the place from which we come, which is a place from which some part of us has never left.

We could well say to each other, You are not the person you think you are. You are more beautiful and more powerful and more magical than that. You have more ability than you begin to guess. You have a stature that transcends your earthly frame and your IQ, as someone might try to measure it. Together we are a great people. We not only come from a great earthly lineage but we come from a lineage of Creators. We come from the very heart of Creation.

It would be easy to think that what I am saying is fantasy. But most of the people in this world live in the fantasy that the world as they see it is the totality of what’s real. That’s a fantasy, and a sad one. What is real is epic. And, to us, mythical but nonetheless real, in a reality of pre-form and essence that can be expressed and embodied in our lives.

Why can we call it into being through expression and embodiment and manifestation, so that we see the stature of it portrayed in front of us by another human being? How could that happen? It is because what is being embodied and what we are seeing is an embodiment of an essence and a reality. This reality is what motivates symphonies and art and beautiful architecture. It is what inspires people to create something like Sunrise Ranch. It is what draws people together to experience something of profound love and profound accomplishment.

From July 11 to 15, Sunrise Ranch hosted Primal Spirituality 2: Taking Action and Fulfilling Mission, a course that is an in-depth exploration of emotional and spiritual intelligence. During the course, the participants had a deep experience of this reality. To let the awareness of it emerge more vividly and profoundly, we shared in a journaling exercise in which we acknowledged others for their heroism and for the mythic proportions of their life story. We then read our journaling to each other.

We are sharing some of those acknowledgments here in hopes that you will be inspired to step more fully into the mythic proportions of your own life and to inspire the people around you to do the same.


You are a Contemplative Master. Your stillness of mind and heart brings tranquility to a troubled world. Nothing can shake you. Your quiet wisdom touches the people and they sigh “yes” and smile. All is well. The Sovereign is present.

Andrew Horwood

I see you as a mythic figure in a heroic story, as one who begins small, against the odds, stalked by darkness, yet you yield a tremendous light that is much greater than any oppressive force. You are strong, courageous, humble, and heart-centered. You bravely walk your path toward freedom and self-realization.

Lana Roach

I see you as The Alchemist from an ancient magical time. Your quest is the search for truth in the 3-dimensional world of form, a place the inhabitants of the Multiverse call Planet Earth.

After an unflagging journey of worldly tribulations and magical conquests, your epic journey is fulfilled when you realize that matter has no physical substance! Matter is composed of invisible vibrational elements; it is Divine spiritual creative energy.

Victorious, you embody the understanding that you are living in a loving magical realm of endless possibilities, in Heaven. And you are free to create!

Ana Navarro

Wise woman…holder of shaman’s medicine…
one with the Spirit in Nature…
with your presence you bring the healing wisdom of ages…
calling forth the New Earth.

Katie Garnett

I see you as a powerful, enlightened Warrior who moves through their world with caring resolve and unfailing diligence, fulfilling the Sovereign’s commission with intelligence and passion, and bringing order and blessing to the realm.

Phil Richardson

I see you as Savannah, guardian of the jungle. You fly through the air, watching over all the inhabitants—plants, animals, minerals and humans—rescuing any beings in peril. As Savannah, you do not judge, but maintain a peaceful state by sprinkling joy, humor, forgiveness and gratitude while the jungle sleeps. You are deeply loved throughout the land.

Barb Cohen

You are a shining light of hope and inspiration, a magnificent force of cosmic connection and coordinated coherence, and an energetic powerhouse with the ability to purify distortions and bring hearts and minds into the light. Because of you, many great ones have awakened to know their own strength and inner goodness. You are a critical player in the game of awakening, empowering the warriors of light and connecting pieces of the puzzle, that they might manifest in divine order. Thank you for your service.

Gary Goodhue

I see you as a princess of the fairies dressed in leaves, coming to the human world to remind us of our magical powers. I see you spreading your fairy dust about, transforming people from their gloom and stodginess to be reborn as magical beings of light.

I see you as the kind warrior in a story of the saving of the world. I see magic powers of presence, of understanding and love. I see you roaming through the ramparts, assuring your comrades and holding the ground of home with resolute gaze and your wielding of a flaming sword.

I see you as a powerful goddess coming back to earth to save the people of the world. I hear drums beating behind you. I see throngs of your ancestors cheering you on. I see you reminding our world of the loveliness of the earth and of our place in the cycle of all life.

David Karchere