Trustee Message

We are gathering together in love in the inmost place of human experience, in the heaven of Being where man was created and where all truth resides. We gather with all who hear and accept the invitation to be here with us.

In this holy place, we gain function as a universal priesthood for humanity. We intensify a pattern of spiritual coherence to share with the world. From this intimate space, the initiating, ordering power of Creation pours forth as the Living Word. We sound the tone of Creation to awakening human consciousness.

To us is coming the inspired genius of the world. With keen interest, and in a spirit of humble service, we offer the emanation of the holy place we know. We share the spiritual coherence that allows mental and emotional coherence to emerge. We invite all human thought and feeling to serve the emerging pattern of Creation without distortion from human self-centeredness.

By these actions, we seek to set in motion a global awakening in love that creates a mass transmutation of human consciousness and function to the state of homo luminous—humankind functioning in concert with the Creator. Our goal is to do this prior to a massive collapse of human civilization as we know it.

In this climactic time of history, this is our word to the world: Emissaries of Divine Light are here for this. We are here to offer our gift. We are here to play our part. We are here for you.

March 16, 2017

Emissary Trustees: Maureen Waller (, Hugh Duff (, Marilyn Manderson (, Phil Richardson (, Ruth Buckingham (, David Karchere (, Jane Anetrini (