A New Birth


At this solstice time of year, we are called home to the core dimensions of what it means to be a spiritually awake human being. The heavenly tides of the solstice pull at our heart, and if we allow it we are reminded of our participation in cycles of celestial magnitude.

The archetypal images of the Christmas story reflect to us our participation in the act of Creation: the mother and father, the conception from the invisible dimensions of Being, and the birth of the Christ child. I understand that religion has used these same images to tell a different story. To me, they are a story of the very act of Creation. They confirm your role and mine as Creators.

What is most essential and universal about this story? The characters of the story are you and they are me. They are all humanity. Mary is you, and so is Joseph. The Christ child is you, and so is the Holy Spirit. They are each of us, and all of us together.

Our human life is Mary’s womb. Into that life is introduced the pattern of Creation, conceived in our open heart and mind. The Creator within us extends the seeds of Creation through the emanation of the Holy Spirit into consciousness. It enters our Being, and if we are willing to keep it sacred within the womb of our heart until it is ready to be born, it is born as the emanation of the Christ through us.

Have you seen the radiance of a woman with child? This was Mary’s radiance and it is ours. Having conceived, having received the seeds of the Christ to be born through us, we, as the womb of Creation, begin to glow.

In the story, the birth is of a baby who is destined to become a savior. In our lives, the baby is us. The radiation from the womb, which is our human life, is the Living Christ.

At a more abstract level, the Christmas story tells how the sphere is a central element of Creation. There is first the sphere of the womb that receives the seeds of Creation from the Father. As those seeds mature within the womb, the sphere of the womb becomes radiant. We are transformed. We become the Christ child. The sphere has taken on a new quality. It is now a radiant orb. We have become a sun.

This is our destiny as a human being. It is the destiny of humankind. This is how we become a sun—the outer expression of who and what we are on the inside. Let us embrace it.