Ascend the Holy Mountain

Transcript from the Service at Sunrise Ranch
September 11, 2016

We are climbing the mountain of God this morning. Can you feel us doing that together and coming to the summit of that mountain? It’s not a physical mountain, though we are a mile high here in Colorado. But we are coming to that place in ourselves where we are touching the infinite, we are touching the possible. We’re touching that place where we are receiving the infinite and giving it expression.

To me, that was the wonder of what we heard through what we call the performing arts this morning. It was the wonder of self-expression, the wonder of seeing people do things that we can’t do, perhaps. But nonetheless, in witnessing them, in listening to them, we came to that place where they are, on that mountaintop. We were touching those essences of creation and of creative expression that are present and that they were translating into expression through a drumbeat, through a flute, through a piano, through voice, through a poem.

We have exactly that same opportunity now. And I wonder if, in this time together, we would all the more consciously come to that mountaintop in ourselves, and come to that collective mountaintop, that place where we hear the commandments of God, the directions of the universe. We hear it from on high, within ourselves, from higher dimensions of selfhood. And the more we ascend to that place, the more we are in position to receive that for ourselves, to receive the clarity of it, the beauty of it, and then have the opportunity to allow the essences of the infinite that we’re touching take shape in our thoughts and in our hearts, in our words and in our deeds, so that our words and actions are infused with the power and wisdom of the infinite.

For me, these times of gathering together in the Dome at Sunrise Ranch, or wherever people gather in such a time, is exactly this. I can feel us walking, step by step, up that holy mountain, up to a place where we can glory in the wonder of the skies, the clouds, the sun, the stars in the evening, the hawks that soar in such a place. And then from that place we can survey our realm, look down from the mountaintop and see the lowlands and the plains of our lives. We can bring our declaration from that place of what will be in our life and what is true for us, an expression of the Creator, the Creator of all things, and that aspect of the Creator that is uniquely us.

On the mountaintop of God, we are touching holy family. Did you touch holy family witnessing the performance of that song today? It is the family of the infinite. It is not just empty space up there in the rarefied levels of Being. There is the family of the invisible, the family of God. All of that divinity is able to be touched as we stand on the mountaintop of our own Being. In that place of supreme sovereignty, supreme altitude, we are touching a vastness—not of an empty space but the vastness of the infinite and all the family of Being that is there. It doesn’t take wild imagination or fantasy, but just a sense that we are not alone. It doesn’t take believing in the ETs or angels or saints or archangels. It just takes a knowing that there is the totality of Being that is bringing to us all that we need in the current of Creation. It is all coming to focus for us as we come to the mountaintop in our own experience.

When we come there, we not only sense the oneness in the heaven of Being, we see our oneness in the family of Being that is so natural to us and yet so evasive to us as human beings. When we come to the mountaintop, it’s just apparent. You weren’t trying to love the people you saw on stage today. In the mountaintop of Being, the love that you have for all of Being and all people, and the oneness of people, is readily apparent. It is the reality when we live from that place.

So on this beautiful Sunday morning in Colorado, or for those online, wherever you are, what is the word of Being that is yours to express from the mountaintop of your Being? As sovereign in your world, as king or queen, lord of your kingdom, what is your word of love today, your word of truth today, your word of Creation that you speak into your world? What will be in your world on this day, in this week, or this coming year? In this life, what will be? What is your word, the word of Creation that you have to speak, the knowing that you will allow to resound in heart and mind and to be shouted from the top of this holy mountain? “This is the word of Creation this day. This is how it will be in this kingdom.” As the creator in this kingdom, what shall you create on this day?

Shall we speak our word all together? Don’t worry about how it sounds with anyone else. There will be a chorus of voices, and altogether it will be one word, heard in this Dome, felt and reverberating with our friends around the world who join us online. Let the energy of our word on this day be heard. There will be beauty in this land. Love shall reign supreme in this world. I will speak my truth. I will live my truth. I will speak my love and my truth to my brothers, and I will speak it to my sisters. I will create on this day.

What is your word? I will live this day. I will be true to myself on this day. I will bring my gift on this day. The old shall die and pass away on this day, and the new shall be reborn through me and in my world on this day. I shall come in peace on this day. I will bring goodwill to my brothers and sisters, to my world, to the earth, the positive intention lived with integrity, that the people of my world shall thrive and the earth of my world shall grow and thrive as well.

What shall be in your world today? What is your word from the mountaintop? That creative expression, that knowing, that supreme intelligence that’s gifted to you, that you have to bring, that gift of love, that medicine of love that you have to bring. What is it that you receive at the mountaintop? Shall we continue to climb together to that place where it’s all clear, where the reception out of the heavens is instant, the knowing is instant, where the heart is full and the thought of what shall be comes easily to mind?

We shall come together. We shall make a pledge to one another of committed brotherhood and sisterhood, committed togetherness as creators, as men, as women. We will pledge to leave behind whatever has stopped us in our lives from coming to the mountaintop and knowing for ourselves what is true and what is right, and what is alive and what is dead. Whatever has stopped us will be left behind. It will matter no more.

We have creation to be about. We are creators. We will live and not die. We will spend all our days living and not dying. In every moment, we will let spring from our heart the reality of love, in all its colors and dimensions, in all the medicine that it brings, in its uplifting nature, in its connecting nature, in its all-powerful nature. Love never faileth. And our love shall never fail us, as we never fail it. We shall not stop.

Death does not stop love. It doesn’t stop love in the pastures out here, and it doesn’t stop love up on the ridge. It doesn’t stop love from bringing life on Planet Earth. And it doesn’t have to stop me or you. It shall not stop me, in any of its forms. Who and what I am at the mountaintop is far larger than any death. This life that I know, this love that I know, transcends any death. It is the creative word of the infinite and the eternal. It is my word. I am not bringing temporary love into this world. I’m bringing forever love, infinite love, love that transcends a lifetime. I know this at the top of this holy mountain.

That is what we see from that place. Let our eyes not deny what we see and make it into anything other than what it is. And though there’s a finite dimension to a human life, from the mountaintop we see the infinite dimension that we’re bringing into the finite. While we are ascending the mountain, it looks like we’re bringing our finite human capacities up to the mountaintop. What we realize when we arrive there is that we are not only touching the infinite, we are the infinite, we have the infinite to bring to all the hills and valleys and plains of our life.

There is the joy and delight, and the pleasure of all the shifting shape and rhythm of the finite. But that is not us. And at the mountaintop, we know that together. We have that reality to bring into all things. And in that reality, we overcome all things. We never stop. We never cease, any more than the stars cease, any more than the infinite ceases. And then all the finite forms of our life can take their right shape and their right rhythm, and we have the privilege of knowing ourselves as man and woman, an embodiment of the Creator, the reality of the Creator in human form, enjoying all the forms of Creation.

We have had a remarkable two weeks. I could speak of the Synchronous Flight of the Servers Gathering, the experience of the Living Word, Spiritual Education, Building Global Community, and The Emergence of the Universal Christ in the World Today. I could speak of the grace that we knew together in the Creative Field Day. I could speak of the Round Table known by men of honor, and of the commitments we made, witnessed by each other, and the great coming together as a Council of Men. I could speak of our relationship with the High King and with the other knights of the Round Table. I could speak about doing one’s job as a knight, meeting the challenges of the realm. And I could speak of chivalry—what it means to be a noble knight who holds the fair maidens of the kingdom with high honor and respect.

But what I want to speak most of all, I have spoken, which is our collective ascent of the holy mountain, the mountain of God. For it to be collective it has to be individual. We have to come to just that place in consciousness where we are touching the infinite and it’s available for immediate expression in our lives, where it can cross over from the infinite through our words, through our deeds, through the simple acts of everyday life.

What is your word today? Shall we speak it together? (Others joined in, speaking their own word.) May love reign supreme. May the highest will be done. Let it be so.