From Worldly Assumption to Divine Imperative

We often need to rely on technology for our connection, one to another, technology that has its limitations. What’s far more important, and more reliable, is that we are connected, heart-to-heart, Being-to-Being, in a field of agreement that does not rely on anything at a physical level. It’s really good to feel the strength and depth of a deeper connection in this moment, as we connect through these words, knowing that a Cosmic tone is sounded and magnified through each of us as heart and mind are open to receive that impulse.

During our recent annual leadership retreat here in Cape Town, as I was pondering what might be ahead for me in 2016, two questions emerged that I found important to consider: who do I want to be in my life and what world do I want to create? You could say that those are questions that I should have already asked many years ago and plotted some sort of a course for my life. I don’t think it’s as simple as that. I don’t think it’s a one-shot deal. If I’m to accommodate the ongoing flow of spirit and allow that to determine who I am and what I do, there has to be a level of sensitivity, flexibility and mutability in my capacities, particularly in my consciousness. Life brings constant change—that is one of its unfailing characteristics. And that is of course why we need to have an annual retreat, to review and discern what’s required from us, individually and collectively, in the new cycle ahead.

I know that I have to continue to make deliberate and conscious choices as my life unfolds—to be fully awake in each moment to the opportunities that show themselves and be sensitive to the creative imperative inherent in all circumstances. I’m reminded of Job in the Bible when he received the message, “I will demand of thee, and answer thou me.” (Job 38:3) There’s an unmistakable imperative carried by that question. I can try to ignore the question when it comes to me because it may be too uncomfortable. It may be suggesting to me that there are some difficult changes to be made if I am to come to terms with what’s really happening in my life and the impact I’m having on my world and the people in it.

I could bumble through my life—I’ve done some bumbling along the way, and I see plenty of that happening in the world at large! It could seem to be reason for despair but can be simply dealt with by taking steps to clear internal space to receive an ever-present inspiring flow of spirit that brings the awareness of what’s really needed from us at this time. You and I are aware of that, and to the degree that you and I are prepared to move beyond our comfort zones, we can make a creative and fulfilling contribution to our worlds.

The question is, for me, for you and for all of humanity, what am I open to? What is the signal that I am tuned in to? What is the source of my inspiration? To the degree I have relied on my world, my environment, to provide that inspiration, things haven’t gone well. There’s certainly no lack of distraction in the world the way it is and we can miss or even deliberately ignore the inspiration that does get through to us from spirit, from the source of our Being, which is internal to all of us. Space in consciousness is often cluttered and clogged with elements of outdated belief systems and habit patterns.

There is a requirement, particularly in these days, with so much static, so much disturbance and media intrusion, for us to take deliberate steps to ensure space for peace and a heightened sensitivity to the spirit within. Each one of us was designed to be receptive to cosmic inspiration, the inspiration that is inherent in all Creation, and originates from the Creator. All too often, old redundant belief patterns are maintained through convenience and expediency, defended with excuse and blame, effectively insulating us from a natural flow of cosmic inspiration, true wisdom.

How do we see our world? In the absence of true wisdom, there is no possibility that we can see things as they really are and sense the potential for new creation. Fixed positions, strong assumptions and entrenched beliefs lead inevitably to a sense of hopelessness. It is essential that we clear space for a new paradigm, a worldview that is not set in stone, that can shift and change with the currents of spirit as they move. I think this is so critical in this world at this time; otherwise, the future looks pretty bleak!

I was heartened to discover an article by Dr. Kim Brogan called “Heard About the Glycemic Index? Forget It!” Although she is speaking about nutrition, I believe what she is saying indicates a new deeper level of awareness of the way things really work that’s emerging in human consciousness, beyond our best ideas derived from scientific research and rational deduction.

Because nutrition is one of the most basic concepts, our confusion is emblematic of how far we have come from intuitive living. This is why the most profound healing involves a transformation of consciousness, a reclaiming of agency, a connectedness to the inner and outer communities we thrive with, and a relationship to intuition.

I ask my patients, after 30 days of a whole foods, organic diet, to begin to observe their preferences for pastured red meat, fruit, and leafy greens. This observation requires mindfulness around eating and a daily practice of meditation (even a couple of minutes!) to clear the clutter so that you can actually feel what is best rather than reacting from your head. Because you are your own best healer.

What I enjoy about this piece is that, at a very practical level, it gives evidence of a realization of where true healing and wisdom come from. That source is inside each of us, available at any time if we look in the right direction.

The word repentance came to mind as I was pondering this earlier today. Repentance means to re-turn, or turn again, to what is true. There’s a turning needed, a redirection of attention to the source of true wisdom and understanding. And that’s not found external to ourselves. It is found internally and, when recognized, it emerges into our awareness and into our experience, from the inside out.

I was interested to note that one of the dictionary definitions of repentance includes the word shame. That is a most unfortunate connotation. Though there are inevitably elements of discomfort in the process of releasing what has become old and stuck, my experience of realigning my attention to what is true is a joyful one. It brings fresh realization and new awareness and space to relax into the natural flow of spirit.

As we move towards the start of a new year, and a celebration of what the old year has yielded, I feel the need to create space for peace and contemplation. It’s a little different here in the Southern Hemisphere at this time—it’s summer holidays and the prevailing energy is usually not conducive to introspection and meditation. But, whatever the external environment might be, there is always that internal space where peace and tranquility may be found. When we redirect our attention to that place, its presence is felt by those around us.

May peace and goodwill to all mankind be present at this time because we find it for ourselves and express it into our worlds.

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December 6, 2015

Phil Richardson
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