The Spiritual DNA of a New World

What is the profoundly new that love is seeking to bring in our experience? It has many elements to it, many new forms that are ready to be born in our life. The seeds of universal love create the shapes and forms of life, and ultimately they create a new world. That is a potential reality for every person in their individual life. The seeds of love planted by the individual might bring a new person in your life or a new job, or a new place to live. These new forms ultimately add up to a new world. Love is looking to create a new world through you all the time. And as humanity—all of us together—universal love holds within it the seeds for a new world for us all.

So here we are with the seeds of love to plant, knowing that those seeds are bringing a new world. And where are you going to plant them? There is no choice but to plant them in the middle of an old world. If you think about a garden, when you till the ground in the spring, you are in the middle of the remains of last year’s harvest. There may be some corn stalks around; in the ground there may be the compost full of vegetable matter from last year that is still rotting. That is a good metaphor for how it is in the rest of our life. We are planting the seeds of a new world, and we are planting it in the middle of an old world.

That old world may be taken for granted by the people around you. In their minds, it may be a world that will never change. If you are bringing the seeds of love into that world, other people may look at you and wonder, “What are you doing?” They don’t feel or perceive or know the world of universal love within you, out of which that seed is coming. They see you planting the seed; they see that creative act or kind word that looks so small. You might be bringing a fresh idea or inspiration. It might be the tiny beginning of something. Someone else who sees you planting that seed might not have any idea what you are doing. In fact, they might think you are a little crazy. They might think you have grand delusions.

Isn’t that how it goes with anything great that you’ve ever done? Didn’t it start with something small, something seemingly insignificant? But if that small and insignificant thing contained within it the DNA of universal love, it is the seed of a new world. And you have to be confident enough, assured enough, so that you are not looking for confirmation from this old world around you, into which you’re planting this seed. This old world is the fertile ground for a new world.

But if you’re waiting for people in that old world to slap you on the back and tell you you’re doing a good job and this is really going to go, it’s never going to happen. When the garden is grown and people are eating the corn or whatever else it is that you’ve grown, they’ll be slapping you on the back then. It’ll be a rare person who acknowledges the seeds that you are sowing now.

Where does assurance and confidence come from? Initially it doesn’t come from other people, for the most part. In fact, if you are depending on it ever from outside yourself, you are on shaky ground. But it is present within if you are willing to receive it.

A new world is present within you, just as surely as it is present within me. It is all there in seed form. And when we refer to that, and keep referencing it, we feel the assurance and confidence of its presence. We begin to sow those seeds. We are creating a new world.

Daphne Bramlett sent me a note with these words:

It occurs to me that the world can use a refresher on what love is and what it does.

The deeper I open to love I find that it demands more of itself in feeling, knowing and action. It seeks itself out in the next most powerful and true way. It will take the lead of our experience if we let it.

Love opens, explores, delves deeper, is not satisfied with assumptions and can turn everything inside out—mind, heart and body—in a moment of deeper recognition. Love wants nothing and is utterly free and can be completely relied upon.

Daphne says that love will take the lead of our experience. How many people you know are looking for that? Or are they looking for a tame kind of love, a pet love. A love they could take along by the leash and could be trained to act like they want it to act.

This is the myth of spirituality and the myth of what universal love is like. But is that really how it goes? I think Daphne has it right: “It will take the lead of our experience.” It will devastate our experience as it’s been. It will turn us inside out. It’ll break us open. It will shuck off the old and call out the new. It will call us to stop dying and start living. There is no real living without love. Without love, there is going through the motions. With universal love guiding our experience there is real life.

Here is more from Daphne’s note:

My heart is devastated with love, broken free again and again with the wonder of this love that I have within me and the deeper that I let it run through me with other people—no matter what—the more intense and awe-inspiring my life becomes and the more free it is truly in the arms of God.

It is the interchange between the body of consciousness we hold and the focus of love within us that creates spiritual power. We could turn our back on that presence, we could try to ignore it. Or we can face that reality within us and have this incredible interchange; this incredible hosting and welcoming of love. When it is welcomed it enters us in a new way, and it is lovely. It is energizing, it is renewing. It is dunamis, the power of the possible, that’s coming into us; the power to create a new world.

We can do that for ourselves, and we can do it between each other. When you meet the potential brought by universal love through another person, what do you do? Just yawn and look the other way? If the person is up for it, I love to embrace that reality in them and applaud it, cheer it, welcome it, usher it into the world, shout it from the rooftops. Nothing makes me more delighted than to receive that from another person.

Then it is your turn. It takes some courage and some daring to bring the seeds of possibility that you have to sow, and bring it to other people, knowing that it will change them, and knowing they may not appreciate that very much and may wonder what you are doing. Bring them anyway, because there is no other good way to live a life. Because we are here to sow the seeds of love that create a new world.

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