From a High Place

What is love’s ambition? It is more than to be an earthly success. It is more than to touch and feel and know something spiritual. Life is meant to be lived with the fullness of the spiritual known in the earthly fulfillment of our life. I want it all—don’t you? And I do believe that we’re meant to have it all, to live it all.

From February 3rd to 10th we held the weeklong seminar From a High Place. It was a glorious time. Life is meant to be lived from a high place, from a place of spiritual experience and perspective from which we imbue all of our creations, all of our life, with what comes through when we are living in a high place. We experience love’s ambition in such a place.

You cannot unthink a thought, and you cannot unfeel a feeling. You cannot undo something that you have done. But here is what you can do: You can be in a high place, so that whatever emerges in your thoughts and whatever emerges in your feelings, and whatever you’ve done in your life, you can hold it all in love. In that experience, there begins to be something different born through thought, feeling and action.

I don’t think it works the other way around. A person who is constantly in regret or reaction to what they are thinking and feeling and doing is chained to that experience for the remainder of their days. If you live from a place of compassion and love, how you think and how you feel, and therefore how you act, will change. I know because that has been my experience.

In the seminar, we shared the way by which we allow cosmic consciousness to find us and be welcomed into our own experience. As that happens for a person, that awareness radiates into their life so that cosmic consciousness, whatever that might look like up in the stars and the galaxies, is replicated here with the people who form the stars, the galaxies and the constellations of our life on earth. It’s meant to be that way between us as human beings. So we had a good look at four elements that are needed for that to really happen in a person’s life.

Element # 1
The first element is inherent in the name of our one-week seminar: it is the opportunity to live life from the highest in yourself, from your greatest dreams and your greatest aspirations, from your greatest love, from what you value most. When you build a house, you build from the bottom up. You begin with a foundation and you don’t start with the roof first. In life, there is wisdom to building from the bottom up, to doing the simple, practical things like making sure there is a roof over our head, making sure there’s some adequate flow of finance, and building competency in the kind of work you have chosen to do. That’s living from the bottom up. But all those things will never, by themselves, bring happiness or fulfillment or any kind of real success for a person, or for humanity as a whole.

We have to start building from the top down, by which I mean from the highest in ourselves—from the highest point of vision and clarity, the highest possibility for our life. We can build our life from there. If we are to live a creative life, we cannot limit ourselves to a life that we attempt to build from the bottom up. We’ve got to have the right starting point, the right focus for our lives at the highest point possible, at the apex of our life. We have to build from the top down.

Element # 2
Once we begin to build from the top down, we have to be willing to express the reality of which we are becoming aware into the world. The vibration of that love at the highest place of awareness within us has to be shared with other people. You can’t just keep it a secret and expect it to proliferate. It’s not going to happen. You have to find a way to share it with other people—consciously, if they’ll listen to you. Tell them about it. Tell them your dreams; tell them about your highest passion. But don’t just talk about it—emanate it. Embody it in what you do, so that that vibration comes into your life, it comes through your consciousness; and then it begins to affect other people. So that’s the second thing that’s needed: vibration. Not just from somewhere else—vibration from you and from me that emanates from the highest focal point for our lives.

Element # 3
When those two things happen, there is something else that begins to happen. In fact, one thing follows another in this process. So the third thing that’s needed and that very naturally happens is a creation of spiritual atmosphere. The emotions have something to do with that too. An opening of the heart allows for the creation of spiritual atmosphere in a person, or in a group of people.

You may have seen experiments that show what happens when you sound a bell in a vacuum. You can’t hear it. That vibration could be as clear and as strong as you could make it, but there has to be some atmosphere for it to reach the human ear. The same is true from the standpoint of the spiritual vibration that comes from a high place within you and me. There has to be a creative spiritual atmosphere for it to be heard. In relationship to the people in our creative field, that is dependent to some degree on them. They will not perceive the vibration that emanates from a high place in you if there is not spiritual atmosphere in which it can vibrate. So what is vital, initially, is that we bring the atmosphere. That happens very naturally if the first two elements are in place, because vibration from the highest place in a person naturally generates atmosphere. So perhaps you can provide enough atmosphere to make up for some lack in other people, so that they can receive the vibration and begin to let it reverberate within them, and thus begin to remember the highest place in themselves and begin to express, to vibrate, from that highest place.

Element # 4
The fourth element is the primal bond with others. Our capacity and desire to be in relationship with other people is vital, because the first three elements might be in place, but if you do not have the capacity to be in relationship and to stay in relationship and experience the primal bond between you and all people, based in love, it is all for naught. How could you allow cosmic consciousness to replicate the way the stars are in relationship with each other in the magnificent manner that they are if you cannot sustain your primal bond with all people? How do we re-create beauty among ourselves as human beings if we are constantly breaking relationship?

The challenge is to sustain an awareness of the primal bond while the power of the creative process is moving through the relationship. Creative vibration intensifies through the relationship to reform the consciousness of the people involved and to reshape the patterns of the field in which they are working. Creation is at work! And in the process, there is creative pressure being brought to bear. When that happens, most people reach a point where they break relationship. That stops the pressure, at least momentarily. It ruins the atmosphere and ends the intensity of vibration. The break in relationship is often reflected as a distancing so that the person chooses to judge and condemn the other, rather than love. Of course, many people choose never to enter into strong relationship, so they won’t have to face these issues.

It takes a primal bond between people to transcend judgment and condemnation. There are many things that happen within a relationship. There is transformation and learning that occurs for people. Most people I know trip and stumble at times in their life. If we are living our life from a high place, we are bringing the vibration of love and we are holding all of that from the standpoint of love. Love transcends it all and transmutes it all. For many people, there is a fundamental lack of faith in the power of love within them to handle all that. Love will handle it all if we let it.

You can’t unthink a thought, and you can’t unfeel a feeling. You can’t take back an action, and you can’t change something that’s happened. You can’t unsee what you have seen. But relative to all those things, you and I can be in a high place and stay in a high place. And because we stay in a high place, we keep that primal relationship with everything that is in our life and therefore have a profound transforming impact on everything and everyone who is in our life, starting with ourselves.

When we are coming from a high place in ourselves, we are emanating a vibration into our world. But we have also put ourselves in position to receive the highest intelligence available to us, the highest power that’s available to us. And we’re now in position, to the greatest degree possible in any moment, to share that highest power and that highest wisdom with our world—to invite all people who are connected with us to share that, to be in that place and to know that emanation for themselves.

The story of the transfiguration, as it is called, is the story of a deeper reality being seen, in this case by three of Jesus’ disciples. They witnessed something of the cosmic pattern showing itself in human experience. In the humdrum and the everyday, we are just seeing human beings, personalities and human drama. In rare moments we may look again and realize “I’ve had some kind of veil over my eyes. I haven’t really seen. I was pretending this was just a human world, but I’m not just living in a human world. I’m living in a cosmic world; I’m living in a heavenly world. I don’t have to treat the people and things around me as if they were just part of a human world. I can wake up and realize that there is divinity that I am touching, not only within me, not only emanating through me, but all around me.”

That awareness of divinity present in our world includes an awareness of our primal bond with all creation, manifest and unmanifest. It’s all in relationship and all held easily from a high place within ourselves—that same high place, that same focal point that is within all people and all of creation. From the nucleus of the atom to the sun of the farthest solar system, replicated throughout all creation is this apex point. And it is replicated in us. Live from this place! And so live a life of joy and creation, victory and fulfillment. This is love’s ambition.

David Karchere
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