When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going

Do you ever think that it would serve you to apply a contained explosion to your thinking? It occurs to me that making deliberate breakthroughs with typical patterns of thought could be an important practice for anyone, and particularly those of us who are interested in the evolution of consciousness. What do you think? I’ve recently had the opportunity to listen to my friend Nick Gordon describe some of the mind-expanding discoveries that scientists have been making about the nature of the universe. Specifically he reported that scientists are discovering that there are a limitless number of universes potentially being created all of the time and that they comprise what can now be more rightly called the multiverse. For me, that initiated a shift in thinking that continues to feel important to the way that I perceive everything. In this case, it isn’t that I now feel that I too must stay abreast of the ongoing discoveries scientists are making these days—not that it wouldn’t be an interesting and useful study. It felt particularly important to me in this case to take advantage of the opportunity to see things differently. In order for me to allow the discoveries that he was describing to be real and possible in my life, I had to make space in my consciousness for a new reality; a new possibility had to be entertained. I love the way expansive thoughts like this can change the way that a person views their world. We can use this sort of mind expansion to actively see the people and the circumstances of our life anew. We can apply new thinking to the way that our own life works.

Most important of all, we need to make a conscious and experiential connection with whatever quality of reality is the most expansive that we can imagine and feel within us—because that is as close as we can get to experiencing our true nature at its core. Without a conscious connection with the source of the ever-expanding universe—or multiverse, as it’s apparently now known—the finite nature of the world that we see can begin to define us and limit our experience and expression.

When a person gets in touch with their own limitless nature, it is natural to feel the pressure of such limitless energy pressing up against a finite capacity, and a person can perhaps feel unresolvedly small in comparison to the grandeur of their own energy. If we don’t let that sense of incredible smallness take over, we can actually harness the energy that comes from within us and offer a powerful healing, creative force into the world. We are, after all, designed to do just that. If you call that universal energy Love, you can become a powerful force of Love in the world.

The typical struggle that a person faces, however, comes when that incredible sense of smallness takes on a life and power of its own and demands that your life be led on its terms. The finite and tangible quality of human existence is actually ecstatic when it’s functioning as coordinated action with the expansive power of the cosmos, but if we don’t take a stand for Love and let it lead our human experience, well…that incredible sense of smallness will prevail in our experience! We have a choice as to whether that happens and we can remind ourselves of who’s actually in charge—the expansiveness or the finite? We each can employ a loyal warrior heart to “fight” for the right for Love to prevail. We each can take charge of our experience and let Love reign supreme in our life and say, “I am going to let love flow into this experience, no matter what. Who’s with me?”

Each of us knows deep down that Love deserves to be consciously delivered into each moment of our life, right here, right now, in the way that it wants to. And, what’s more, when we are so engaged with the Love of the cosmos, we can take on its very character; and in our own experience we can deliver our gift of Love into the moment in our own way and in a way that maintains the true and unalterable quality of the expansive cosmos itself. Wow! What a life! We can have an expansive and magical experience of life if we say “Yes” to the opportunity for Love to prevail in our experience. In my recent meditations a song that I thought unique for me to enjoy came into my awareness and was altogether inspiring in the quality of expansive and dedicated love that I was attributing to it. The song is called “When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going,” by Billy Ocean, and these are some of the words that stood out to me:

I’ve got something to tell you / I’ve got something to say / I’m gonna put this dream in motion / never let nothing stand in my way…. / Oh, yeah, I’ll climb any mountain / Oh yeah, I’ll do anything. / When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

I cried when I heard the song, particularly because it carried the quality of passionate dedication to a cause that I myself know that I carry about the possibility and purpose of Love on earth. It reflected back to me my own heartfelt determination to make sure that the purposes and reality of Love are real and available in my life and in the lives of others on earth. The song also seems to carry what can be characterized in some circles as a warrior quality of absoluteness, and I am aware of the importance of this quality in our lives. So many powerful feelings can rise up into our experience and attempt to sabotage the opportunity for Love to truly live and breathe through us as us. In order to combat that experience, it does take some resoluteness to find whatever appropriate and effective means is available to us to let true Love win.

So we may need to think again in any given moment. If we temporarily believe that there’s something present in us or our circumstance that can or should stop the flow of our own expansive love, we need to think again. We can take a moment to remember that, at our core, we are stellar light soaring through the multiverse. Even as we are here on earth, the infinite nature of the cosmos can be seen in the seemingly countless number of leaves on every tree, blades of grass on any patch of grassy ground. That same incredible vastness of the cosmos is present inside of everything that you can see and is present inside of you. The possibilities of creation are endless inside your imagination and inside your experience of life. That is a joyous reality to maintain, to hold, and to share with the people in your world; and it doesn’t ever go away. That Love says to me: “Here I am. I am here with you. I revel in being here with you in this moment and forever.”

Sometimes a person has to hold on to that memory and that message from within, so that “when the going gets tough” their own true nature is allowed to come on through. When a person can remember and maintain the vast and powerful quality of Love at their core in the midst of a challenging situation, they are in fact taking advantage of a powerful opportunity to create something new. Those moments for a person are akin to a stellar explosion that actually changes everything, not only for the person that made the choice but for everyone else in their world.

As we perceive the continuous flow of powerful opportunities to drastically change the world in this way, we can start to recognize our lives as a truly abundant creative field. Our challenges can become infused with a sense of space and ease, and we can truly say that our “yoke is easy” and our “burden is light” because we are both inherently and consciously connected up to a reality that is boundless and unstoppable.

When we change our minds about how we can offer our gifts into the world, we can find that any sense of confinement and any ceilings for growth are shattered and we can fill our life with the abundant flow of Love that is within us.

Daphne Bramlett
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