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Fresh Thinking, Inspiration, and Vision on the Process of Spiritual Transformation

How do you achieve critical mass in the creative field in which you work? That creative field has many dimensions to it. It is the physical space in which you live, including your own body. It is the network of relationships you have with other people. It is the money that flows through your bank account, and it is the projects you undertake.

The pivotal factor in the creative field you inhabit is consciousness. Consciousness is pivotal for all the rest of the human experience because changes there change the rest of the field. It is through shifts in consciousness that a critical mass of creative energy can be achieved that transforms the field.

Perhaps the easiest place to see how critical mass can be achieved is in relationship to the creative field of 870 people who share this weekly message we call The Pulse of Spirit. Looked at from a geographic standpoint, we are scattered across six continents around the world. So if we allow geography to define this creative field, it is to us a widely disparate network of people. If you are one of those people, you may feel isolated and disconnected, separated by land and oceans.

There are many other factors that can lead people to experience themselves as separate, and therefore prevent critical mass. You may have different ideas and beliefs than other people. And even the concern that you could have different ideas and beliefs can keep you separate from others. You may have an aversion to being close personally or emotionally to other people. You may have an aversion to be close to certain kinds of people, and you might be concerned that there just might be that kind person included on this mailing list. Or you may consider yourself an independent person—not a joiner.

Perhaps more important than anything else, you may never have thought of the possibility that there could be critical mass achieved by the people on this mailing list. You may have thought of this simply as something interesting to read.

So there are many factors in consciousness that create a paradigm of separateness. Those factors can be the defining feature of consciousness, and therefore the defining feature of the creative field.

An interesting thing happens when consciousness begins to open to what is possible for the creative field. You can experiment with this yourself, relative to the creative field of those who read this Pulse of Spirit. Or you could think of it relative to any other creative field in which you participate. Relative to that field, open your thoughts to what could happen if the potential of that field was fulfilled as completely as possible. What if the most glorious thing that could occur actually did? Let yourself feel the feelings that are associated with that glorious thing. What you will likely find is that as you let yourself experience this, your energy field changes. Your energy field has transformed. It has begun to be the means by which the possible may become the manifest.

Behind this weekly mailing is the vision that spiritual pulsations that originate in the core of God the Possible could move, ever more strongly and clearly through human consciousness and that, as this happens, human consciousness is transformed. It is no longer filled with the dimensions of the creative field that tend to prevent an awareness of being together with others. Human consciousness ascends out of being enmeshed in that level of awareness and is transformed so that it provides the critical mass for the transmission of intelligent, transforming power for the creative field. God the Possible, working through human consciousness, creates God the Means.

As people on this mailing list are having this experience around the world, the geography that separated fades into the background. Yes, there are oceans between us, but consciousness crosses oceans very easily. So does the human energy field. We are not together in our daily lives, but we find ourselves together in providing a field of thought and feeling through which God the Possible lives. Those thoughts and feelings also create spiritual energy that has a profound impact on our creative field. We find ourselves together in consciousness, and together we are becoming the critical mass for transformation. We are becoming God the Means, so that there may be God the Manifest—possibility made real.

Recently I had the privilege of being with about thirty people who were experiencing critical mass for our creative field. We experienced this as the healing of a wound in consciousness. We could see how, for our field, there had come a time when the people in it became overwhelmed with an experience of separateness. As we, ourselves, experienced critical mass—a coming together in thought and feeling, and a great flow of spiritual energy—the wound was healed in our experience.

This addresses the wound in the larger body of human consciousness—the wound of separateness. The wound is separateness from God the Possible—from the essence of what could appear on Planet Earth, if we only let it. And separateness among the body of humanity, so that we don’t experience ourselves as God the Means. Healing the wound of separateness in our immediate creative field, we create a critical mass of consciousness. We take a step toward healing the wound of separateness in the body of humanity. We are doing our part to give birth to God the Manifest.

David Karchere
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