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Fresh Thinking, Inspiration, and Vision on the Process of Spiritual Transformation

As this present moment is entirely mine and entirely yours, we have the opportunity to create a strong sacred experience together now. So how is it going for you? What is the atmosphere around you like right now, in this moment? Whatever it is, you, as a powerful being, have the opportunity to create it anew, right now.

I’m very aware that the atmosphere is different after that quality of conscious generation takes place. If we are together in that generation, we share it mutually, with you having your experience and me having mine.

I’ve been pondering the power of being in the present, being in communion with the Eternal and being still. Everything is happening right now—everything. I know that’s probably something you’ve heard before. But see if you can feel that in your body. Feel what it is like to know that nothing of the past is currently happening; nothing that’s in the future is currently happening. Everything that’s happening is happening right now. There might be memories and dreams, but any action is right now. How do we provide a space for creation to happen?

We are strong and powerful beings. I am, and you are, so we are strong and powerful together. And anyone who is willing to own their own power in the present moment gets to play in the creative field of consciousness that is here and now.

There are words from the Book of Exodus that describe this process. They describe the building of a place of worship and instructions for what should happen there. The description is long and very specific, intended to introduce an experience that is available to anyone who is here and now.

In that description are these words:

And thou shalt make a mercy seat of pure gold….(Exodus 25:17)

And it goes on with the description of all the details—one cherubim on either side, with wings extended, looking at each other and holding a space between them.

And thou shalt put the mercy seat above upon the ark. (Exodus 25:21)

This refers to the Ark of the Covenant that was carrying the sacred Word. And it says further on:

And there I will meet with thee, and I will commune with thee from above the mercy seat, from between the two cherubims which are upon the ark of the testimony, of all things which I will give thee in commandment unto the children of Israel. (Exodus 25:22)

“And there I will meet with thee.” This is the place where we welcome the Eternal—a place where the cherubim of truth are present, saying that nothing can enter here unless it is true; and we sit there and we welcome the Eternal. We welcome that which is true of ourselves, ready to be poured into the earth. From that place, we commune with these wonderful human capacities. Who I am communes with these capacities in the mercy seat, using these capacities while in that state of consciousness.

There is another biblical reference I’d like to mention. An angel came to Mary to tell her she had conceived a son:

And when she saw him, she was troubled….

And the angel said unto her, Fear not, Mary: for thou hast found favour with God. (Luke 1:29&30)

The significance of this story to me is that, while this was the beginning of Jesus’ life it was also the culmination of a creative process in Mary’s life. What occurred was possible because of how she had lived her life to that point. It became possible because she had sat on the mercy seat in her life and communed with her Beloved there. She had surrendered to her Lord. Living a life like that, then an angel comes and says, “Fear not. This is happening because of you. If you could handle all that led up to this, so that this might happen, fear not, because what is coming, you manifested. You created the holy place where this might happen.”

I have at times had feelings of overwhelm of what was coming to me and had to remind myself, I asked for it. I put my whole life on the line so this might happen. And even though it’s not looking exactly as I thought it might, I asked for it. Take a deep breath, Jane—you did it. And the capacities that have been the means for it to come are also totally capable of handling it as it’s coming to you now. I like the phrase “mercy seat” because it implies that there is generosity of spirit—that as you are there stewarding this process, there is great compassion and mercy for these capacities to handle that which would be born through them.

I am sharing this experience, and telling these two biblical stories, because it is possible that there are wonderful things being born in your life, too, that seem overwhelming, even though you are the one who prepared the way for them to be born. Like Mary, you may feel troubled with the scope of what is transpiring. And you may need to find the mercy seat in your own experience—a state of consciousness in which you can be compassionate with yourself and know your own experience of the Eternal.

Everything is happening right now. And if you are choosing to be in the place of the mercy seat, you are there with everyone else who is having that experience. The way they describe it, it sounds like it’s a seat for one. But if we’re all sitting there above the Ark of the Covenant, as it’s described here, how big is that seat? The golden place of communion with the truth of yourself, the Eternal, in stillness, lets what would be born into the earth now because of you, because of us, be born. The atmosphere of that still place remains with us as we remain on the mercy seat.

There are two words that keep us out of that golden seat, out of the mercy seat, out of the experience of heaven and out of the possibility of the Eternal—“If only.” If only the people in my life were different. If only my own limitations weren’t there. If only things were more like the way they used to be.

The harshest words are the “if onlys” about myself: If only I were more delicate, if only I were kinder, if only I were younger, stronger…

What happens when “if only” is replaced by words that bring presence more fully into the here and now, on the mercy seat. “I am thankful.” “I love you.” “I can…” “I will…” “I do…” These are words of power. “Thank you for being here with me. What are we going to create now?” And it’s all happening now.

To be in a powerful place personally, you have to be compassionate with yourself and forgive yourself for the ways in which you may have left that place, the ways you may have forgotten—forgotten where your home was, forgotten how you’re built. There’s a huge bucket-load of helplessness ready to drop on your head when you forget you are a great being, a powerful person. The “if only” makes you incredibly helpless. “If only you would help me, this would work; but if you don’t, I can’t do it.” Helpless. “If only I were a little stronger; if only I didn’t have this condition…” Really! Helpless—I am helpless when I feel that the capacities I have, the people in my world, the circumstances I have, aren’t perfect—perfect for the Eternal to move through me, perfect for the Eternal to move through you, and perfect for all of us to be in stillness together.

This is a total change in consciousness. You have the power to be a creator. That’s an evolution of consciousness. It’s a revolution. It’s a revelation that you are a powerful being who can create. And you are creating, whether or not you’re conscious of it. You can’t turn it off. And whatever is happening right now, you are participating in it as a creator. That’s a revolutionary revelation. Once you realize it’s true, you know that anything that makes you feel helpless is a lie. What a wonderful gift. If you’re feeling helpless, you’ve bought into some lie somewhere. You can change that by remembering who you are, being in the mercy seat, and delivering yourself into your world.

So fear not. We have these capacities that sometimes forget, and then we have the shame that comes because we forgot. But that which comes to you is connected to so much. There is a powerful place of being when your world comes knocking at your door. It comes through your feelings, your friends, your family and your circumstances. When it’s coming to you, the first thing for you to say is, “Thank you. Thank you for coming to me to be handled.” I did this. I made this happen. This is remembering what your world is coming to when it comes to you. It is remembering who you are and what you are connected to as you sit in the mercy seat. As the angel said to Mary, Fear not…for thou hast found favour with God. You are a powerful being creating a world.

Jane Anetrini
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