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Fresh Thinking, Inspiration, and Vision on the Process of Spiritual Transformation

We’ve been speaking about the power of extending a blessing. It has been my experience that the person extending the blessing experiences as much or more than the one receiving it. There is a whoosh! and space presents itself for more to come in. I have had the experience of magic happening in the presence of my friends who were loving what I love—and whoosh! There is space for the new to appear. There is a new atmosphere, new thought and fresh awareness—a new heaven. And the form of what is appearing in our life is fresh and new as well.

In the 21st chapter of Revelation it says: “I saw a new heaven and a new earth.” What’s amazing to me is that when you are in the midst of a new heaven, not only do you not remember but you don’t care about the old heaven and the old earth. You don’t care about the forms of your life that you may have been concerned about.

I had the experience the other day of feeling so much joy that the struggle I had a month ago about a particular issue seemed like fantasy. I questioned, “Was it really like that?” Have you had the experience of wondering if you are remembering how you thought and felt correctly because it doesn’t feel anything like that currently? You might think, “Wait a minute; I want to call that memory back up—just give me a sec. What was it I was mad about? Could someone remind me?” You may be checking if you’ve lost your mind or your memory!

When we live in a current of blessing, magical things happen. The human mind can feel that it has lost control. There may even be a desire to slow things down and return to the familiar. The decisions you make in those moments are critical for your creative movement in life. Do you choose to be in the now-here, in what’s real, and welcome the new earth that’s appearing? Or do you try to hold on to what is already in the past?

Dr. Phil McGraw often asks the question “How’s that working for you?” I think he does that to keep people conscious of what they are creating in their life. He also asks, “Is what you believe true? Is it real?” He is aware that people have created stories about things that they haven’t checked for accuracy in a long time.

Clear thought and clear communication is grounded in facts. Not what you feel or think about the facts. Not what you want the facts to be. What is real and true? That approach can take the wind out of the sails for a person when their judgments and feelings have become more important than what is actually happening. The stories people tell are fueled by judgments and feelings, and a person has to bring themselves into the present if they want to name the facts. And that can be very useful if a person is lost in the story they are telling themselves and other people. Being present, a person can become more conscious of what is true and how what they are choosing is working. They can become available to offer and receive blessing, and to let magic work in their experience.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. (John 1:1)

When we come into the present we are at a point of new beginning. Oftentimes, when we think about the beginning in the Bible, we think of a time before anything was formed. In this moment there is also a beginning. In this beginning there is the Word—the unformed magic of being—and the Word is with God, brought by those who are spiritually present. Who will be the creator in this beginning? Who will create the substance that allows the new heaven to be present so the new earth can appear?

Nobody can bestow a blessing on the earth in the same way you can. No one can bring what is yours to bring. When we bring what is ours to bring together, our individual expression is magnified exponentially. The field we hold together becomes filled with possibility and magic.

Jane Anetrini
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