The Truth of Love

Fresh Thinking, Inspiration, and Vision on the Process of Spiritual Transformation

Our beliefs substitute for the absolute in life. “I know only one thing…I’m a failure.” People cling to things like this and, under pressure, they come out as a guiding force in their life. These substitute absolutes get inculcated into our consciousness early on and remain unexamined. People accept things like “Life is hard, and then you die.” This is very powerful. It creates the experience one is both dreading and insisting upon.

Do you ever think about what’s absolute in your life? What needs no justification? What needs no defending? I’ll tell you what it is for me: I am the Truth of Love. Big statement! Even now I feel a quavering. Can I get away with saying that? Can I say that aloud and make it stick? What does that mean? Can I live up to something about which I have limiting, substitute beliefs? To live my destiny, I have to accept this myself and live it, no matter what. If there are chips to fall, let them fall where they may. What wouldn’t be good about being the Truth of Love?

How can a mere human being come to this conclusion: “I am the Truth of Love”? It sounds so theoretical and inflated. “You’ve got quite an opinion of yourself there…” Such thinking comes from absolutes that have been inculcated and have become bedrock beliefs that just aren’t true. They need to be displaced by something that carries the ring of truth. I can’t think of anything more fitting than “I am the Truth of Love,” because I am.

There is an absolute requirement to accept what is true, not something based on beliefs caused by wounding early in life. At the core of it all, what’s actually true? Accept that fearlessly.

This is actually the intent I created for my life: I am the Truth of Love. I first spoke it aloud on a New Warrior Adventure Weekend. Those guys had no idea what to do with me. Some got angry, wanting more ferocity, something more like their own intent perhaps or maybe just something they could understand. I did not back away then and I’m not backing off now.

Acceptance relates to surrender. Surrender everything that isn’t true; give it up. It doesn’t serve you to believe that life is horrible. It’s really not. It’s not serving you, nor is it true.

Surrender everything and lose nothing. I’m going to surrender everything to what? This cannot be left to be determined later. Surrender to God, to spirit, to the Truth of Love. In committing to surrender it all, there’s a threshold one has to cross, represented by the thought that I’ll then have nothing. I’ll be nothing. Take the step, cross the threshold and realize you’ve lost nothing of the truth, nothing of any meaning, nothing of any value. You may have lost some old beliefs that no longer serve, like how hard life is or how worthless you are.

The part of us that has a hard time surrendering and accepting things as they are is what I call the small self. An acronym for the small self is small, enmeshed, limited and flailing. That’s the small self all right, because if you believe that life’s hard, you’re small, limited, enmeshed in human drama, and flailing around.

As soon as the stuff that creates interference gets surrendered, gets put out of the way, the already-present true self emerges. There’s an acronym for this as well; the true SELF, all caps, is Spirit Enjoying Living Form. That comes close to the experience I have when I say, “I am the Truth of Love.” I am enjoying this living form. I am a vehicle for spirit to move through, to enjoy, and, as such, I express the Word that transforms the world. Perhaps I awaken someone to what is the truth for them and what can be sloughed off, surrendered.

What wells up for me in proclaiming that I am the Truth of Love is an intense mix of power, destiny, greatness and profound humility. In humility, the step to take is to accept the privilege and responsibility of personal greatness and destiny—the privilege and responsibility of being spirit in living form. This can be a stretch to believe, but the fact is this is a potent force. I am a potent force. I am unstoppable. I have nothing to be afraid of. This truth that I am, cannot be hurt. So what have I been worried about? I’m done with worrying.

Stoppers to the acceptance of greatness and destiny are unintegrated emotional experiences. These wander around—they might not even be yours, like wayward orphans looking for a place to finally come to rest. If I am scared off or paralyzed in the presence of one of these orphans, I cannot be of service to that orphan if I let that stop me. How ridiculous: me, the powerful unstoppable force, stopped by a sad and orphaned emotional experience.

What’s to be done is to find ways to integrate incomplete emotions. There are all sorts of ways to do that. Most important is to be conscious of what is happening, what is coming to you. Is it really coming to stop you? It’s not. But as Uranda says, if you can be stopped, you will be stopped. Such little things remind me of the speed bumps on the roads in Mexico, called topes. Sometimes you see them. Sometimes you don’t even notice they’re there. Other times you definitely notice them—you get out and check your car for damage. In any event, they can’t stop any reasonable vehicle. You are, and I am, a more than reasonable vehicle for spirit. So what’s with the stopping?

I love the statement that we created together as Trustees. There is power and an unstoppable spirit in it. I like that. It feels true of me; it feels true of us as a collective and for anybody bold enough to accept the truth of their own destiny.

When we surrender limiting beliefs about ourselves or how life works, like “I’m not worthy” or “Life is hard,” the truth already present at the core of who we are comes out. We don’t have to create something. “If I let go of this, who would I be?” When you surrender that which isn’t true, you discover more of the truth. It can be like peeling the onion, layer after layer. It’s like a balance scale. When enough releasing is done, it becomes irreversible. Your success is guaranteed. There is a critical mass for the emergence of you. You become your own momentum to come into the truth of yourself. Do you ever think that you’re unstoppable? I do!

We don’t do this in a vacuum. I don’t live in a cave where I never see another person. We interact with other people, with both their humanness and their beingness. The Master gave an instruction about how to deal with people—three simple words: “Love one another.” Love one another. Give people the benefit of the doubt. They may be wrestling with a limiting belief for the very last time. They don’t need me sticking my nose in it. Love can be the call to their greatness—spoken or not, the presence of the Truth of Love is that call. It never hurts.

What excellent advice: Love one another. The converse is “Limit one another. Hold ’em down!” You know, we can do that. It’s love one another or limit one another. I don’t want anyone to be limited. I want everybody to know what it is to be the Truth of Love, to discover their greatness and destiny. Why limit anybody? “While any are bound, none are free.”

We are remembering who we are. We are living our destiny. A good gauge of how well I’m living my destiny is the beliefs I accept to be true, and which ones I find too difficult. We’ve touched on beliefs in a negative sense—beliefs about ourselves that aren’t true, about our limitations, or the way life works. What about things we’ve been told are true that we may not yet have found a fullness of belief in? For instance, “Heaven and earth are one.” How are you doing with that one? At the end of the Book of Revelation, there is a poetic description of a state where there are no more tears, no more sorrow, no more death. How are you doing with things like that? I bring that up not to challenge but because it can indicate how close we’re getting to the truth of ourselves.

I see a time when there is no more death or tears or sorrow. That used to seem like fantasy or fiction. Now it’s close and my longing for it is a stable, mature longing. I know it’s true. We won’t experience that state described in Revelation, or the state where it’s blindingly obvious that heaven and earth are indeed one, until we have achieved critical mass. We are getting there. A critical mass of people who have gone far enough in their transformation and surrender to discover what is real, what matters. We exist in the world the way it is. But the core of who we are is not created from lack but from a place of fullness and great destiny. I am the Truth of Love.

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