Prayer for Breakthrough

Fresh Thinking, Inspiration, and Vision on the Process of Spiritual Transformation

Prayer incites Spirit into action, dispels the darkness, and releases us into true power. Let this be a prayerful time. Prayer is defined as communion with God in thankfulness. Prayer is the expression of our cocreative intention. Gratitude is the connection to that intention.

Sometimes I sing to myself when I’m alone. I have that joy down in my heart, also. I am a friend of God, and God is a friend to me. I perceive that the extension of the arms of God is Holy Spirit. The experience of Holy Spirit is our true life partner. When you are in partnership with Spirit, you are on a first-name basis. Spirit’s first name is “Holy.” I’d much rather be on a first-name basis with Holy Spirit than with the spirit of stupid. The spirit of stupid visits me sometimes too! How about you? Have you done or said something and thought to yourself, “That’s stupid”? This is the spirit of stupid. Evict that spirit; evict that energy from the room now. Invite the power of Holy Spirit into this room now.

I surrender myself into that power now. I bring my passion and I bring my blessing now. I must do it with passion, because that opens the floodgates that create breakthrough. Somebody said to me recently, “You should drink a lot of water.” I said, “I want you to know, I pee with passion!”

I love the experience I have in spiritual life coaching, which I do with people around the country. I invite them to also “pee with passion.” It’s something you do every day. What a wonderful reminder—to be in your passion everyday. Let it be prayerful passion, with spirit. This passion brings the breakthrough that causes the old ceiling of power to become the new floor, the new starting point to build on. That is the prayer I bring NOW. If I offend you, know that I am surrendering to Holy Spirit right now. In fact, I’ll dial it up a notch so we can break through more ceilings. The evidence of Holy Spirit’s presence is the breaking out of joy.

As I was leaving my house today, I was compelled to bring a book with me. It is titled A GATHERING OF LIGHT: ETERNAL WISDOM IN A TIME OF TRANSFORMATION, by John A. Price. The author is a friend of mine who was inspired by the global event of the same title, with EDL at its core. I want to bring the creative substance of that event here today, and the vision of it.

I recall being a speaker at an environmental conference in Sweden. I intended to drape the front of the lectern with the Earth Flag, which has a photo on it of the Earth from outer space. This time I forgot to bring the flag with me, and my talk was based on the flag’s photo depicting the whole Earth as a sacred site.

I said to the group, “Let’s take a moment envisioning the world you wish to create. I forgot to bring the flag, so would you also vision the flag draped around the lectern?” While I had my eyes closed, I heard everybody laughing, so I opened my eyes and looked, and the flag was now draped around the lectern. The stagehands had a flag backstage and they quietly put it in place. I didn’t know it. When I looked up and saw it, I said, “See? True visions always manifest!” That statement and article got reported in Swedish and U.S. newspapers, because of my mistake. Even mistakes can be used by Spirit.

I give these examples as a testimony. The word “testimony” has a Hebrew root, meaning “to do it again.” Whatever has been done can be built on and increased. I am also reminded of a Greek word, “dumanis.” It refers to a sustained power that re-creates itself. I invite dumanis into the room.

These are words spoken by Jesus: “And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.” (Matthew 21:22) There is the vision. I invite us to release that vision. I have a vision of this room being filled even to overflowing. That’s the vision I still hold.

While in Mexico doing a one-week seminar, I asked the group to go into a time of visioning. There were a hundred people in the room. I noticed tears coming down their faces—“heart rain.” I wondered, what did the translator say to them?

I went over to him and asked, “What did you say?” “Senor, I translated what you said!” Then a woman in the group stood up—she seemed to be the most tearful. She said, “Senor, when you asked us to vision, we saw visions, and these are faxes from God.” The people were busy drawing pictures of their visioning and then passing them to me and seeing them as faxes from God. The power that can flow from the human heart is vast. We are far greater people than we’ve ever thought ourselves to be.

A while back, I was doing some work with the head person of an international religion and some of the board members. I was asked a question: “We have plenty of money, but our cathedrals are empty and our churches are empty. Why is that?” This came up again in a phone conversation I had just the other night. The answer that came to me was from Corinthians: “The kingdom of God is not in word, but in power.” (1 Corinthians 4:20)

Another statement comes to mind: “Religion is what’s left after spirit has left the building.” Let’s invite spirit into the building! I am for that! Who can do it? The speaker alone? Oh no. It takes the greatness of us all.

My prayer now is to “boldly go where I had not dared to go before.” I feel faith in doing that. Faith simply means believing before seeing. Faith is a muscle—it’s a heart muscle—that must be exercised or it atrophies. I find exercising the muscle of faith burns the fat of fear. Somebody said to me recently that the spirit of fear visited them during the night. The increase of faith (believing before seeing) scares fear and it flees. Fear includes my list of doubts, which becomes long enough to be a book. Faith clears out that list of doubts, that book of doubts. By throwing out the book of doubts, I throw out any sense of inadequacy, any sense of blame, any sense of self-deception. Faith becomes fact when persistence ensues. We therefore think and speak things into being as if they already are. Faith puts us in the place where the invisible kisses the visible into being.

I was guided to speak today by a passion. And that passion is being a friend of God. I love the story of Moses as being a friend of God. He spoke with God face to face—Holy Spirit, a cloud of brilliant glory. I also love the story of King David, who was also a friend of God, who, unashamed, got naked before God, naked before the Ark of the Covenant, and danced unashamed. Get naked. Don’t worry!

In this time, I seek to bring blessing; I seek to bring heart rain into the room through spirit. I seek to bring a flood. I seek to release my passion through words, high-frequency, faith-filled, fully energized words. That’s the difference between a building empty of spirit or a heart empty of spirit, and one faith-filled. Friends of God are gracious and inviting people who bring the power of Holy Spirit.

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