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I’ve never put much faith in predictions, least of all my own. Nevertheless, I have a prediction for 2011. This is a prediction that I can do something about.

The prediction is more love. This makes real the radical message received so long ago from the one known as Jesus. It lands in my consciousness as three little words: “Love one another.” I could take that on as a New Year’s resolution and use it to squeeze myself and force myself into, with willpower. That is not the truth of love.

Look at it this way: It is a radical message. It’s also elusive because when the idea “Love one another” comes up, people nod and smile, “Yes! Of course. What a great idea. Let’s do that.” But who’s doing something about it? Who’s actually taking the steps to be in a place to actually love one another?

The truth is that you only know what you express. I only know what I express. When I do a personal inventory, I see if there are places where I feel rancor, jealousy, fear, greed, and the rest knocking around inside, even if they are not expressed openly. To the extent that I do, I’m not expressing love. When any of these lower spirits find a place in me, that’s what I know—and that’s not the truth of me. That means, to some degree or other, I am believing and expressing a lie.

It comes down to this question: Do I really know love? Here is a question you might ask yourself: Do you really know love? Loving one another includes myself for me, includes loving yourself for you. This has been a stumbling block for me, and most likely a stumbling block for others. After all, who knows my foibles, weaknesses and failures better than me? Who knows the parts, the behaviors and the old story that could seem to be unlovable and unworthy? Again, these things aren’t the truth of me. I’ve also found it interesting that the word foible has the same root as the word feeble. Who wants to be feeble in the world? To be a strong, true presence and bring love requires loving oneself.

This is the fulfillment of the first great Commandment: Love the Wonderful One within with all. We start here as our still point and we can be active in the world without being distracted away from love by behaviors, circumstances and challenges. Love one another, including yourself.

If you would like to share your vision of what you see emerging from a spiritual standpoint in this coming year, send us an e-mail at . We will post some of what we receive on our Pulse of Spirit web page.

Rich Kenny
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Will Omega
Will Omega
January 18, 2011 11:27 am

Dearest You,

In the deepest Truth, our True identity is Pure Love. We each are the Light and Love of Creation that shines within us, animating our physical, mental beingness. When I know that my ONLY purpose here in this perception of the physical world is to Know Love, Be Love, Give Love … yes, the ONLY purpose … then it becomes a little easier not to be tricked by ‘fallen mind’ (in me or in others) into thinking ‘anything else’ is more important than Love in any given moment.

Some might say, “Oh, love is different things. Even ‘tough love’! Etc.”

Love is a Frequency – a Presence – from which a radiation occurs that always blesses without judgment, anger or harm. Love is kind, compassionate and tender, knowing that God within and through us is the Doer. No harsh methods are needed. Love does not impose, manipulate or force. These methods are only used for self gratification.

The question is: “How do I accomplish this “Knowing, Being, Giving”? It has nothing to do with anything external…Nothing! It is all happening on the inside.

I should be a perfectionist about myself, while exercising patience and non-judgment with others. Too often seek to perfect others (which is impossible). All learning takes place by Grace from within. Yet we are each instruments for each others’ learning. Unfortunately, sometimes we think we know more than someone else. How foolish, since all learning is about releasing everything back to Source; surrendering moment to moment to the guidance of the Spirit’s voice within.

How do I awaken my full awareness of the ‘Immortal Being’ that I Am (while being a manifest form in the physical world) without being distracted? Meditation, music, nature, service, prayer, or ? It may be a different way for each person; and each of us have these ‘Moments in Time’ to find our way. One thing is for sure: “There is no other reason to live, than to LOve.”

Dearest Emissaries of Divine Light (including all beings everywhere), I give to you my love and gratitude for your Presence (Spiritual Substance) and your devotion to ‘The ONLY Purpose’ for Being alive; the fulfillment of which is “The Way” to Liberate/Save the human race. Our United effort, non-judgment of each other, doubtless faith in our success, and expressed and active love for each other WILL transform the Entire Consciousness of Creation. It is happening, NOW!

Time and tears will cease, as the Eternal Truth of Oneness in Love is realized. Through Divine Compassion and our simple surrender (let go), we are each realizing our Oneness as little drops in an Ocean of Mercy and Compassion.

I Am so thankful for each one of you. From the depths of my Being, I send you love … Will Omega

Sara Rose
Sara Rose
January 18, 2011 7:04 am

I always relate to your words strongly, Rich. I love the acceptance and love for the All that you generate. It feels like the same blood runs in my veins.
This year is about personal spiritual foundation:
prayer, study, meditation, yoga asanas, and, always, gardening. I have reached a crossroads where these actions have been waiting for me, and I greet these rituals like old friends.
Blessings to you for a glorious new year.
Sara Rose

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