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Seven Steps to the Temple of Light

The Illustrated Edition of


by Uranda

In 1936, Lloyd Arthur Meeker, writing under the pen name Uranda, first published the booklet Seven Steps to the Temple of Light. Ever since, people hungry for an experience of spiritual awakening and transformation have followed the simple pattern of meditation set forth therein.

In the mid-1990s a young man came to live at Sunrise Ranch and was introduced to the Seven Steps by longtime resident Toni Wing. Years later, in appreciation for what he received from Toni, and from this little booklet, he made a generous donation for the reprinting of the book in a hardcover, illustrated edition.

It has taken several years to complete this project. Cher Skoubo’s gifted graphic design has now let this illustrated edition be all of what it was meant to be. Her treatment of the text is elegant and timeless. And Dave Holman’s oil pastels give the reader a touchstone for their inner journey as the illustrations ascend the Rocky Mountains, which Lloyd Meeker knew and loved so well.

In honor of Toni Wing, and all of the spiritual pioneers who helped lay the foundation of Emissaries of Divine Light, we are giving this illustrated edition of Seven Steps to participating Emissary elders who served in the early days of our ministry at Sunrise Ranch and 100 Mile House, BC. We will also be offering a copy of the book to people as they complete our foundational courses.

From now until the end of the year, we are making the book available as a gift to people donating $150 or more, or committing to donate $10 or more per month for a year. You can visit our Web site at www.emissaries.org and make your donation online. You can also make a donation over the phone by calling Shareen Ewing at 970.679.4224. Your donations will contribute to reprints of this wonderful book and to carrying forward, in this day, the work that Uranda initiated many years ago.

Uranda Seven Steps Illustrated Book

This beautifully illustrated hardbound book can be purchased for $32 and makes a wonderful gift. The booklet version of Seven Steps to the Temple of Light continues to be available on a donation basis from Sunrise Ranch:

Emissaries of Divine Light
Attn: Literature Department
100 Sunrise Ranch Rd.
Loveland, CO 80538 USA

Our function, as Emissaries, is to let Reality manifest in the world chaos, that in due season the Responding Ones of the masses will be drawn into harmonization with the Focal Expression of Reality which is made manifest through us in the world.

Let Love Radiate and thou shalt surely know Love.
The Way of Love is Love.

– Uranda

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4 Responses to “Seven Steps to the Temple of Light”

  1. rob ackerley Says:

    How would I purchase the book?


  2. Terri McCartney Says:

    Blessings to you, Rob. You can order the book online at https://sunriseranch.org/category/downloads/ You’ll see it listed in the fifth row down.

    Best regards,
    Terri McCartney

  3. jack Gallach Says:

    I am presently reading “Behold I create” Volume 2 (Uranda) and I understand there are four volumes in all. If so, would you please send me volumes 3 and 4 for a donation of course. Diana de Winton and John Flood know me. Thank you I appreciate it.

  4. jack Gallach Says:

    Dear Terri: Pleas mail me volumes 3 and 4 of Uranda,s “Behold I create) and let me the cost. Thank you .

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