The Sun Is Rising

HOWARD GOODMAN: Can you feel the sun rising into 2019? I can. There’s something rising in the heart of humanity, in response. There is an awakening to the activating power of love. And as we are willing to pay attention to the rising of the inner sun, we will find a convergence with the solar sun that is drawing the life on this planet upon a trajectory into places undiscovered. We are on a cosmic journey, and we can trust that as our physical, mental, emotional capacities are given freely to that journey. Give a lot, don’t stop—to the One we are, and we will draw all that is in the world to higher frequencies, greater power, greater coherence and clarity, starting with the heart.

These are the words I’d like to share as a blessing for 2019:

So let us bring joy and peace and the assurance that comes from our radiant love, from a pure heart that we all are gifted with. Let the activating power of love bring fire to the waters of consciousness, so the Word of Creation, the Word that is always in the beginning, is made flesh through us. For the flesh is hungry to be taken up by the Word. The flesh is hungry for the spirit. So when the radiant core of our inner heart rises to meet the radiation of the solar presence of higher Being, we are entering into a new age.

JANE ANETRINI: One of the things that Howard was just speaking about was the activating power of love. I know that if you have known the experience of loving another, or being loved by another, you have been touched by this activating power. We might, as human beings often do, personalize this experience, as though that love is the result of another person loving us. But I have to say, how else would the activating spirit of love be able to reveal itself to you if not through another person? And if you were to reside in the dynamic, the energy, the potency, of what you feel when you feel loved, or what you feel when you love another, you are touching that cosmic reality that is the activating spirit of all life.

Human beings have the privilege of being conscious of how this works. We know that if we increase our radiant expression of love into the world, it makes a difference. And if we let our activating spirit move into the world without concern for how it will look, or taking the results of it personally, we are free and powerful and valuable. We become servants of the Reality that is loving us more than anything.

We think of love as a fire burning within us. And most of us have touched how fiery love can be, both in its passion and in its warmth. If you think about building a fire, there are various stages to it. First you need the tinder that will catch fire. And then you need the kindling to keep it going. After the kindling, you have to put on the real wood to create a blazing fire. Once a fire is going, we need to be responsible for it, keeping it contained and under control.

The same is true in the human experience. We sometimes have our tinder catch fire. But if we don’t pay attention and put some kindling on it, we will put that fire out by our own sabotaging thinking and feeling. We have to feed the fire with a quality of conscious awareness that is open to it. We have to put fuel on the fire by letting our own radiance move into the world, so that we have the experience of the power of the blazing love that we are designed to be.

Allow what is burning within you to move out through you with pure passion into the world, so that the blaze of the activating experience of being loved by you is known by others. Your world will feel loved, and you will feel the returning cycle and the thrill of that experience, knowing joy and awe. You will experience the warmth and light of that fire.

DAVID KARCHERE: Our intent is to move together on a journey past distraction, to the very source of the emergence of the Fire of Creation, in and through ourselves—the Living Word ablaze with light.

There are all kinds of potential distractions that are present for us as human beings. You might think of something that has been in the news of late occupying your attention. I’d like to invite you to move past that as a context for your conscious awareness now. There might be a personal relationship that is up in your mind, and that is troubling for you in some way. So I invite you to move past any trouble associated with those personal relationships. There might be issues with respect to your own physical health that deserve your attention and yet which can be a distraction when it comes to moving to the very source of the emergence of Creation through you as a human being. So I invite you to move past any preoccupation with those issues, to the place of your inner sun.

I invite you to come to that place where your heart and your soul are laid bare, in the most primal place within yourself, where there is an immovable truth of your own reality, a reality that simply is, that doesn’t move and can’t be changed. You are who you are; I am who I am. And when I come from that place, as you come from that place, I come with a love that is kind and caring, and that is the ultimate power behind me and the power behind you. I come in the truth of who I am, the undeniable reality of me—that unique soul, that unique Being, unalterable, though ever-changing. No one can take one iota of who you are away from you, as is also true for me. Unchanging, though always changing; undeniably ourselves, myself, yourself. We are here to bring that reality of Self into the world.

In various spiritual traditions, there is an opportunity for intensification, so that the human dimension of who we are can experience the Fire of Creation through us and into the world. There are the Native American dances; there is the twirling of the dervishes in the Sufi tradition; there is the passion of a gospel service. All those rituals are meant to initiate us as human beings in the outpouring of the creative spirit of who we are—to liberate us and liberate our world.

The intensification of the Fire of Creation is intended to initiate us into a constant radiation of love through the substance of who we are. In this way, we have the whole world in our hands. That unique reality of Being that we are is present in our world as the presence of love. We are holding our world in that loving presence that is so much larger than our physical reality. He has the whole world in his hands, she has the whole world in her hands, as he is present, as she is present fully, initiated in the expression of Creation.

I take joy on this day to initiate this Fire of Creation in this year with you. I feel the joy of our togetherness. I look forward to what this year brings. I look forward to having our presence in this world, with the creative spirit of who we are, moving out and transforming our world as we continue on this human journey.

The sun is rising.

Howard Goodman (Cape Town, South Africa)
Jane Anetrini (Sunrise Ranch)
David Karchere (Peace River in Beer, England)
Teleconference Service of the Creative Field
January 6, 2019

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Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
January 11, 2019 10:39 pm

You have only to look into the natural world to see that the plant kingdom is rooted in the earth but rises and grows in potential because of the sun; to be in awe of that radiance, to be open to it, to be nourished by it.

The sun conscious is in me. It is me. It is what I am here to manifest. Let me shine.

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