The Role of Consciousness in Creating a New World

David Karchere

Great thanks to all the people who are laying their lives on the line in the world today. I think particularly of the courageous people in the healthcare field. I think of people doing seemingly mundane, everyday things to be of service. I think of some of our courageous leaders who are doing everything they know how to do to preserve life. I know we give thanks for them all. And we are doing our part. The healthcare workers tell us that the way we help them is by staying home. So many of us are doing our part in that way.

I find it’s a time of considering life from a higher perspective. It is a time of asking, What more is there for us to see, for us to know or to become aware of? What more is there to move into in our own function as a human being and as a species? Certainly, at this time there is greater awareness of us as humankind together, going through this experience, and a greater awareness of pulling together as a species.

So, I invite you to join me in a cosmic view of what’s transpiring and a heightened awareness of the role of consciousness in creating a new world. I hope you are ready for liberated thinking and a liberated awareness of reality. It is something that, in the end, gets very practical and down-to-earth in our human experience, but which is nonetheless vast.

Particularly here in Colorado, every night when you go outside and you look up, you are reminded of the vast context in which we are living our lives, for real. Here, in the light of day, I can write about it. But every night, if you go outside and look up, the heavens are telling you that you are living in a vast context. We all are. We not only see the moon and some of the planets—our own solar system—but also the Milky Way, a vast galaxy of which we are a part. But not all you see up in the night sky is within the Milky Way. You can see things beyond our own galaxy, reminding us of the vastness of what is transpiring.

And then, at the same time, there is the preciousness of what’s happening in this biosphere of Planet Earth. Our biosphere—this layer on the outer edge of the Earth, where living things thrive—is only eleven miles deep. Within it, there are births and deaths; whole species come into being and whole species pass away in the awesomeness of Creation.

Within the universe, suns are born and have a lifetime. They go supernova and their lifetime ends. Galaxies are born, merge with other galaxies, and whole galaxies pass away. This is the awesomeness of Creation.

Do you ever wonder where we are in our cosmic story, in the evolution of the universe, or even in the evolution of Planet Earth and this solar system? We think of what we count as billions of years since the beginning of it all, according to the latest science, and we think, Oh, that’s a long time. Perhaps, from the universal standpoint, we are only beginning. Perhaps something is being created in the universe that is only getting going when you look out at the galaxies and planets and stars. Perhaps there is much more possible than has yet manifested.

And perhaps the same is true on Planet Earth. Perhaps we are just getting going. We are in the middle of a pandemic, global warming, and all the other things that seem to be great human calamities. But perhaps in the larger sweep of Creation these are only little stumbling blocks along the way, little blips in the larger creative cycle. Surely, we don’t think that our own human silliness is enough to stop all that. And at the same time, we feel the preciousness of project Earth. Perhaps we are some kind of cosmic experiment here, the creation of something so exquisitely beautiful, with the idea that if it could happen here it could be proliferated elsewhere. Who knows? But what we do know is there’s something precious happening—the preciousness of life itself in all the forms of nature, and in the human form and human culture.

I’d like to consider with you how Creation is happening. Underneath it all, there is the creative urge. This is the evolutionary urge—the urge to express, the urge to become, the urge to manifest. We see that urge in all things. We see it in the universe. What is a sun, other than that? The urge to radiantly express, the urge to manifest a solar system.

Here on Earth, we ourselves have the urge to live as a species, and there is the urge of this planet itself to be a teeming, thriving place for life. There is that creative urge within all living things. It is the urge of love, to be love in expression, to manifest itself. We see and feel it in nature, in the solar system and in the universe, and we know it in ourselves. This is the urge to live, the urge to create, the urge to have a world that thrives. That urge is great and powerful.

And yet we know that human beings can become disconnected from that urge. We can walk through life dispassionate, depressed, disillusioned, disappointed—disconnected from the urge. It’s not that the urge is not there—it’s present within every human being. It’s in our atoms; it’s in our soul. But something happens in the heart that can make a human being become disconnected from the urge.

How does the urge enter the human experience? It takes a heart connection. I don’t think we have any doubt that the great God of the Universe is heart-connected with His Creation, with Her Creation. So there is a connection of the heart that is present. And then there is the organizing principle, the very pattern of Creation, that emerges through the mind of God into the cosmos. The evolutionary urge is a power that emerges through the field of consciousness for the universe. All matter, all substance, responds to that ordering power emerging through the mind of God in the universe.

Here we find ourselves as human beings in this grand experiment of humankind, as the facility for the consciousness of the Creator to be present and to imagine the Creation through us, to create through us, through a heart-connected human being whose thoughts are open to be moved by the mind of the Creator, in oneness with the Creation. Because, in the end, that great urge is not just in the Invisible. It’s within the very substance that responds joyfully, in oneness with the urge of Creation, which is the urge to become, to manifest in all things. Dance to that urge with joy, and respond to the ordering power of the mind of God, which contains the unfolding spiritual DNA for the world.

For us as human beings, it’s so easy to have our thoughts caught up in a personalization of our life. Clearly, there is a personal dimension to life. But where we become self-preoccupied and self-concerned, we become filled with fear, and then unaware that our consciousness is not really ours. Our consciousness is this planet becoming aware of itself. Our consciousness as humanity is the awareness of the planet, the mind of the planet and the mind of the Creator, whose planet it is and who is constantly reimagining this world.

In the awesomeness of Creation our consciousness is aware of what is passing away and what is being born and, first of all, what is passing away in consciousness. There are all the old forms in consciousness, all the old ways of being, all the old beliefs, all the fear patterns, all the disempowered ways of thinking and being that are dying. They’re getting old and moldy, and they’re filling the space, to some degree, in human awareness. They are passing away if we let them.

As the mind of God, we have awareness of all that. We are aware of what is old and fear-based, and what is broken in consciousness. But we are aware of something else: we are aware of the reimagining, we are aware of the birth in consciousness, and of what is being born. We are aware of the preciousness of this planet, the preciousness of love finding its true form among us as human beings. We are enjoying a newfound relationship with each other, brought together in the structure of reality unfolding among us, so that we are seeing each other anew.

We are finding ourselves thinking together anew, becoming aware of something together anew. Something is being born among us that is not based on the past but born out of the substance that the past has brought to this day. We are feeling that urge of love to live, to become and to create, present in consciousness, shared by us and by people all over the world. This birth in consciousness gives birth to culture, and then renewed human culture re-creates the world.

There is the creative urge that begins to move in consciousness, that begins to change consciousness with new thought, new awareness, and new patterns coming into consciousness. And then those patterns become the ordering power in the morphic field that we share. That field is composed of auric substance, which holds that ordering power. It has always been thus, for better or for worse. What is present in the consciousness of human beings works through our morphic field and creates what it does on this planet. And that is exactly how this new birth is happening and how the rebirth of the planet is happening. All the forms of substance dance and sing to the rebirth when it is truly happening among us and through us—through the consciousness we share as human beings.

Some might say that this is a fantastic view. I say that the darkened understanding of the world in which we live, based on a disconnect in heart and mind, is what’s fantastic. Phantasmagorical!

What I am talking about is reality. It’s the reality of the life that you and I know. It is the reality of this world and of this universe. We have trivialized ways of speaking of it, such as “The universe is born out of the mind of God,” anthropomorphized so that we might have some way to relate what is really happening. Or we talk about the power of positive thinking, with some understanding that what happens in the consciousness of a person is affecting the world. But all too often that principle is attempted to be used on some kind of arbitrary, limited basis, for personal advantage, out of the self-preoccupied, fearful state.

As we surrender and open ourselves to a higher love, we gain a higher awareness of the ordering power of the universe. Bring it to me, let me be entered by that, and then let me be an expression of it into the world.

Here are two aspects of what it means to live a creative human life—opening, inviting in, with all the longing of Creation to be entered by the creative power of the universe; and then being moved by the urge to express and embody what is in the heart and the mind of God into our world. We realize that thought is not just a true seeing of what is. Thought is an active participation in the process of becoming. And we are here for that.

I invite you to join with me in offering an Attunement to the world. Hold your hands at shoulder level with your palms facing away from you. Follow these words of Attunement Meditation and allow a vibrational blessing to pour out to awakening people around the globe. Allow specific people to come to mind as they naturally do.

I am bringing a higher love. I am bringing a higher truth. I am bringing the unfolding order of the universe, that brings life and creative becoming.

I am bringing the Spirit of the Womb through whom the Great Mother holds all substance and the potential for all birth. I am bringing Her great love that promotes life and well-being.

I am bringing the gratitude that the Great Father has for all Creation, for all Being, and in that gratitude, the great pleasure that He has in Creation and in all birth and becoming.

I bring the love of a brother or a sister to my sisters and brothers, my fellow Beings, and a blessing to their lives and to their forms, and to their becoming. I am an excited witness and a participant in their becoming.

May this body of conscious awareness, these hearts, these souls, these bodies, this precious substance, be kept safe, surrounded by our love, kept holy in our devotion, sanctified in a higher wisdom, a higher light.

May we shine as the sun in a world looking for light. May we fuse as the sun in a world looking for warmth. May we be constant as the sun in a world looking for a steady point of reference. May we have the courage to be who we are, allowing the God Center in heaven to descend into each of us as an individual. Descend into me, and descend into our midst. May the God Center be felt and known, reordering our relationships, reordering our awareness of each other, bringing the spiritual DNA of the new birth into the consciousness of humankind. May it spread more prolifically than any virus—this new code, the spiritual DNA of who we are becoming as humankind, the DNA of love, the DNA of a new birth, spreading through consciousness now, through human minds and hearts, spreading through this morphic field and into the larger morphic field of humankind. So may it be. Aum-en.

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Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
April 24, 2020 7:41 am

The COVID19 Lockdown is giving us space to be and think. Even if we face economic meltdown, we will have a renewed consciousness; as was said, you cannot deal with a crisis with the old way of thinking.

So, we have a blueprint, in this piece of David’s; of context and a way forward. I think we are drawing together in a very particular way at this juncture. This is exciting.

For now, I am content to have some more time in this altered state; to let something build.

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