The Foundation of the World to Be

David Karchere

Yesterday, Karen Pritchard and I had the opportunity to be on a Zoom call with Zoe Wild and One Light Global. Zoe is deeply committed to being of service to humanity. She works with refugee camps around the world. The mission of the organization is to transform crisis-impacted communities into cities of inspiration.

On the call, I addressed the futility that people can feel when they take on projects to make a difference in the world.

The United Nations Refugee Agency reports that 1% of the world population has been forcibly displaced from their homes. That number is almost twice what it was in 2010. And it does not include climate migrants, such as the farmers who are fleeing Central America, attempting to immigrate to the United States because they can no longer grow the crops they once did.

Considering these rising numbers, if you went to improve conditions in a refugee camp, it might be easy to feel that you were never going to catch up with an ever-increasing crisis. Oh, the futility of it all!

The truth is that it isn’t the effort itself that is going to save the world. It is the vision that we express and embody through the effort that will save the world.

Here at Sunrise Ranch, we have greenhouses. It is so beautiful, if you go in them, to see all the living things, even in winter. We have no illusions that our greenhouses are going to feed the world. Or even that the replication of our agricultural methods will solve all the world’s problems. But the way that we operate our greenhouses can. The way we are with each other in our greenhouses can. The way we relate to the natural world can. This is the vital thing. We can be faithful to the dream imprinted in our hearts and infuse that dream into all we create and everything we do.

So what comes first? The manifestation of a better world or the dream of that world? Would it really be possible to build the world of our dreams without fully embracing the dream and living it?

In our Zoom meeting, Zoe said this:

We are all refugees of the home we envision in our hearts. And we are all walking each other home.

The first verse of Genesis makes this simple statement:

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

The heaven—the dream—comes first. The dream is the vision given to us, which is the spiritual DNA of a new world.

Our culture tends to see the symptoms of collective challenges without realizing the holistic nature of the challenge. Seeing the plight of refugees, who wouldn’t feel great compassion? Seeing children without their parents at the southern border of the United States, you would have to be heartless not to want to assist. But do we see that this is not just their problem? It is our problem. What is happening is happening to us all.

Our vision goes beyond chasing after problems. We bring the dream to our problems and infuse them with that dream.

So here we are, to be so deeply in touch with the dream; the vibration of it is resounding strongly and loudly in our hearts and minds, and resounding strongly among us. Certainly, this has to be an individual matter, going deep in us, penetrating the hardpan of our heart if we are to breathe the breath of life deeply into our soul, into our heart, into our subconscious, into our emotional body. And beyond that, we are breathing together.

The words below are excerpted from a message written by the founder of Emissaries of Divine Light, who taught and wrote under the name Uranda. We now publish it in a booklet entitled Letters to You. The message is from March 16, 1937.

He speaks of Creation. You might say it is his own Creation story. As you read it, I invite you to contemplate its relevance to us now—to you and me, and all of us who are part of the great awakening that is transpiring on Planet Earth.

He speaks of God-Beings, individual focalized aspects of Deity in the family of God, all doing something together. And he speaks about it in a time before the world was. I say this is relevant, regardless of incarnation. Perhaps you will see what I mean as you read it.

He uses the phrase the Christ Kingdom. Given that he was speaking of a time before the life of Jesus, I suggest that this transcends Jesus’ life and teaching, which we celebrate in this Easter season.

Through this Perfect Temple Vision of Reality you behold the Truth of Creation, and you know that all of the God-Beings Who function in the Whole, Holy World were drawn together and ordained to Their appointed Places as the first great step in the creative process. It was in this great step in the beginning of the creation of this world that the Christ Kingdom was set up for this world. The Christ Radiance flows forth from all God-Beings eternally, and that Radiance did not begin with the beginning of creation, but the God-Beings involved did not come into the specific Harmonization which allows the Lines of Force, or Vibra­tion, by which the world was created, until the time when the creative work was to begin. So it is that the Christ Kingdom for the Whole, Holy World was set up as the first step in the crea­tive Process, and is, therefore, the Foundation of the World. 

You also see that Vibrations of the Creative Lines of Force could not be set up until the Harmonization of God-Beings took place, any more than a scattered group of men can begin the activities of business and commerce until they are organized as one group, as in a corporation. The Organization of God-Beings took place for the specific work of Creation, and this Harmoniza­tion had to precede the setting up of those Vibrations whereby Creation took place. This Divine Organization, or Cosmic Har­monization of God-Beings, is the Christ Kingdom for this World, and that Christ Kingdom was not set up until the time of that Harmonization insofar as this world is concerned.

Is this not relevant to us—to you and me and all of us together? We could rely on some past pattern of harmonization between us at the initial creation of the world and have faith and belief that that took place. And perhaps it is simply a matter of vertical memory to recall that pattern of harmonization. But let us not take it for granted now. If we are about the work of regeneration on this planet, this dream, this vision is the pattern of harmonization that we remember someplace deep in our hearts and that we invoke now.

I invoke now our harmonization as a memory, as a preexisting truth, and as a current reality to be activated among us. If we are to bring rolling waves of activation to the world, certainly these patterns of harmonization among us must be acknowledged, honored, and lived into—certainly not denied or transgressed. Certainly, we cannot live in ignorance of that harmonization and expect to do any great thing in the world.

So, the first order of business for us is harmonization—deliberate, conscious harmonization. And so, we have made the conscious choice to share this work. This work is not done without a deliberate choice to activate the vertical memory and the harmonization.

The conscious part of this work relates to the face of the waters of consciousness. We have to allow the spiritual activation to move on the face of the waters and do something consciously, but surely that is not enough to fulfill our collective work. To accomplish that larger spiritual goal, we have to reach out heart-to-heart and touch the creative field that we share. We have to touch the energetic network we share and let the harmonization occur. We have to allow it to be real so that what is profoundly present in our own heart is shared with others, and so we receive what is in the hearts of others, not only for the sake of a deepening of the heart for its own value but because we are consciously and deliberately setting up a pattern of harmonization. And how do we do that without a deep capacity of heart?

Through the magic of consciousness, we are reaching out into the field. And through the powers of creatorship that we have, as a Creator-being—as a God-Being, as Uranda called us—we have the ability to allow the radiance of spirit to move on the face of the waters and then into the deep of this field that we are sharing. This is a conscious act. No one of us can do that all by ourselves. But together, we find that we share a conscious field of energy. And the energy in the field vibrates to patterns of consciousness. It is a magical thing, but it is true. And according to the quality of consciousness and what is moving through consciousness for us together collectively, we are troubling these waters. We are vibrating these waters and letting creative power move in the waters. And then there are rolling waves of vibrational power moving in the field.

Certainly, there is much more to the process than harmonization among us. We have more than the dream of living in harmony together. But without harmonization, all the rest becomes impossible.

So, even as I feel my own breathing, in and out, I am opening to the breathing between us, the reciprocating breath of life; you sharing your heart, your spirit, yourself with me, and me with you, knowing that all who choose to are sharing in this experience. And in doing so, we are harmonizing, one with another, and all together. While there is an individual breath for each of us—not only a physical breath but also the breath of life—there is our collective breath, a collective outpouring of Holy Spirit, a breathing together in blessing to the world. We join with awakening people of goodwill around the globe: Aum-en. Aum-en. Aum-en.

I celebrate this time of conscious, deep harmonization together, invoking our harmonization from the foundation of the world. We are bringing an ancient future. We are the foundation of the world to be. And in all our projects, in all our efforts, we are breathing that foundation into it.

Some might say that this is a strange, unfamiliar notion. I say that it is strange and unfamiliar not to be doing this.

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Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
April 3, 2021 7:16 am

Tonglen. I must look into this practice of Tonglen. Where we fear to look and enter is often the place of stored magic; the code to bringing love and life back into a situation; to unwrap the darkness and the shame.

Thank you. XX

Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
April 3, 2021 7:09 am

The Angels created the world in harmonization… but they didn’t stop! They never gave up… and here we are, in that continuity, right here and now!

Creativity keeps creating, that’s the very nature of this Earth. The magic keeps going; reworking and recycling itself; inspiration, come what may… it never gives up because of a rainy day. If the Earth had bones, it would reside there, like humanity – it is in our bones.

Let’s dream, let’s be the dream, the inspiration. Let’s wake up each day to what is on that wave of possibility. It’s happening, any way.

Be in love with life.

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