The Beauty and Wonder of Your Voice

David Karchere

We share a knowing of the cosmic Reality of Being that is the inner Reality of who we are, do we not? The ever-flowing fountain of Reality arises out of Being. And when we are in a place of consciousness where we know who we are as that, we know ourselves as the fountain’s source and we just keep fountaining.

From week to week, I seek to say something in this Pulse of Spirit that is meaningful, relevant, and significant to you and other readers. But then, what is meaningful and relevant, and significant? I’m sure most people seek to be relevant to the world they are in. But what is ultimately relevant? The flow of the fountain of Reality born from Being. This blog series is dedicated to that flow.

I have to own that the words I write here are my own—I cannot blame you for them or anyone else. And yet, if my words are a true expression of the Reality of Being, I trust that you find that they are your words too. I trust we discover that we know the oneness of Being together and that we are presencing ourselves as one Reality of Being that we know together. And that we are participating together in the flow of one fountain through this Pulse of Spirit.

When any one person expresses themselves, their individuality shines bright when it is consciously part of one voice and one Reality of Being. But as long as it is just about individuality, then everyone else becomes a spectator who can judge the performance and give a score, as they do in the Olympics.

How about doing something far larger—hear the individual voice soar, knowing it is part of the one voice. We are part of a chorus of voices, and every so often it is time for one of us to take a solo. It can be exhilarating when someone takes a solo as part of the chorus. What is most thrilling about it all is that we hear the one voice speaking in all the ways that it does, with all its tones, all the individuality, and through it all we hear the one voice of the one God, the one Creator.

That one Reality is known by many names, and they are all relevant. That one Reality is known by your name and mine; as Brahma, Christ, Allah, El Shaddai, and the Beloved. The names are wonder-filled and useful. And still, it is the one Reality of Being that makes all the individual names meaningful.

We feel, perceive, and know the flow of Creation. Thinking upon it recently, I realized that while the word creation is a word for a thing—a noun—it is also a word for a process, something that is continually emerging and evolving. Creation is a name for the fountain of Reality pouring forth from the Creator.

Here is another name for the fountain—Shekinah, which we define as the evidence of the presence of the One Who Dwells. It is the fountain of Reality that pours forth from the One who dwells. It is the burning fire of love that flows forth. And it is streaming light that illuminates the fountain of living waters.

We are moving well beyond egoic identity disconnected from the one Reality of cosmic Being and into a knowing of unique selfhood as an individualized face of the Divine in human form. This conscious opening leads us past self-centeredness and self-preoccupation to celebrate ourselves as a unique voice, part of the cosmic song.

Thankfully, we have a human personality through which we express ourselves. We have personhood without which it would be impossible to show up in this world. We have a local sense of self, and we’d better not lose track of it. When our knowledge of ourselves transcends our personhood, then the local sense of self is infused with the flowing waters of the fountain. It is infused with Shekinah.

I show up as David, with my history and personality, such as it is, and still knowing the Reality of Being that I am.

I know that I am a fountain of living flame, a fountain of light. I am a fountain of consciousness, illuminating the world. And I am a fountain of living waters, a fountain of glory.

These words are from The Blessing, sung by virtual choirs of countries around the world: 

The Lord bless you,
And keep you,
Make His face shine upon you,
And be gracious to you.
The Lord turn His
Face toward you
And give you peace,


May His favor be upon you
And a thousand generations,
And your family,
And your children.

What is the favor to be landed upon us and the generations that follow? Favor is a word for the glory of the fountain of life. We could take favor personally: For me! Favor for me! Benefit for me, for my personhood! But are we not knowing a sense of the ever-flowing fountain? And while it does not bypass personhood, neither does it stop there. It is for the generations—a glory that ripples through time and flows through space from the fountain.

Are we now being meaningful? Significant? Relevant?

There is nothing more relevant to the world in which we live than the fountain. Preoccupied with the personality world—and I do not care if it is a single personality or all our personalities that add up to some kind of human culture—we become puny. We might try to be meaningful, effective, and relevant. But self-preoccupation makes for a struggling existence, all too familiar in human culture.

So in this favor and glory we are bringing to generations, we transcend the struggle that comes with the preoccupation with self and culture. We bring the truly relevant, which is the fountain. Knowing this:

I am the One who dwells. I am the fountain. I am the fire that burns and the light that glows—liquid consciousness pouring out into this field; the living Word. And I am the favor carried by the cloud of glory, known in this field of consciousness, energy, and power.

Self-preoccupation brings struggle without the power to do anything with all that you are struggling over. Knowing the Reality of Being, there is the power of the fountain. Now surrendering our struggle and preoccupation, we open to that power.

Within the fountain is the will of the Creator, which is the will of life itself. So we surrender to that will and allow it to move through the outpouring of light. In that outpouring is the pattern that carries the design of Creation. May we attune ever more to that design, that it may be at work in the vibrational field of our Creation.

And so, there is the ordering power of the universe that is working in that field. May it work through every process of Creation. May it lift our creative field out of any struggle of self-preoccupation and into cosmic order. May flowing light illuminate the field. May the eye of Providence be at work through the entire field, bringing the ordering power of the light into every last process of Creation, that all life may thrive. Now the power of the fire of love is working through the ordering power of the light in all things, bringing favor.

We have no ability to manifest favor and glory without the ordering power of the light, powered by the fire of love, working in all its myriad detail through all things, through all human consciousness, allowing every process that we know and experience as human beings to be released from puniness into light. May divine consciousness work through all things. May all human will surrender to the will of the light.

In your life, as in mine, there are all kinds of micro-processes at work that are part of one process. And we are calling them all to illumination, calling them all to glory and favor, that they all may prosper. For me! No, not just for me or you in our personhood. But for me, for you, in our creatorship, for indeed we are creators. We are the one Creator. And when you speak, may I hear the voice of the Creator, speaking into His Creation, into Her Creation, calling it all to life. May I hear the one voice in the beauty and the wonder of your voice.

So may it be.

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Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
July 31, 2021 7:28 am

Romans 4.17: “God speaks things into existence.” For Life to manifest, there has to be a receptive mechanism for what is spoken; a listening. I think that listening to creation, as God speaks, is an internal experience; something happens in the heart. Then, when we are in a resonant field, together, we share that one voice. This is the first order.
Secondary is human language; the voice, and the ears; words and meaning. But our effectiveness in translating and manifesting God’s plan depends on the first order of tuning-in and aligning ourselves to what is coming through us. This is creation at work.

To be alert, receptive, responsive and responsible for what we voice is very important.

Christine Spencer
Christine Spencer
July 30, 2021 8:37 pm

The living word, liquid consciousness pouring out into our field! Just love this visual David thankyou.

Mary Dixon
Mary Dixon
July 29, 2021 3:03 pm

Your words are so true and very beautiful. Thank you David.

July 28, 2021 9:41 pm

David – I love the reminders to be meaningful, significant and relevant – and also from my mom – always be kind first – and then let the rest follow – I was so blessed with the parents I was given – and so blessed with my friends and colleagues – my whole community – together we offer a life that is meaningful, significant, relevant and filled with blessings….

George Fuentes
George Fuentes
July 28, 2021 9:31 pm

I read a quote recently that I found interesting. It said that when we are in the so-called awakened state, “our consciousness is being utilized by something greater than our egocentric makeup”. The whole awakens through the individual. As you say in your blog, this something greater can be, and has been, called by various names. But first must come the recognition that there IS something greater than ourselves. And secondly is the realization that it is actually a whole, not in separate parts, or separate from us. And as someone once pointed out some time ago, there is a connection between being whole and being holy. As is stated in the Bible, “And they were calling out to one another: “Holy, holy, holy is the LORD of Hosts; all the earth is full of His glory” (and not just the earth, the whole of creation!).

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