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Fresh Thinking, Inspiration, and Vision on the Process of Spiritual Transformation

We live in a swirling world that has its own measure of confusion and chaos. That world of chaos and confusion isn’t only way out there in the larger world. It puts in an appearance in our own immediate world.

You can probably name factors in your own world that are swirling. I want to name a few things in our larger world that are swirling around, in which there is a degree of human chaos. One of them is the phenomenon of peak oil. The world’s oil resources are dwindling, and it is becoming more and more difficult to take the oil out of the ground and put it in our automobiles. So there is the phenomenon of peak oil in our larger world. There is currently something of a financial crisis, or financial distress at least, in the world. Depending upon who you speak to, that’s either a fairly little thing or a big thing. I could go on and name various other factors that show there is distress in our world of various kinds. There is certainly a food crisis in the world today, not so apparent here in North America, although we can see it in the rising of food prices. But if you were in certain other parts of the world, you would be calling it a crisis.

So here we are, with a conscious awareness of all those things. The chaos and confusion register in various ways in our own thinking and in our own feeling. As those things register, it is very natural for a person to be looking for a point of stability, a point of calm and peacefulness. People generally look for that in their lives, and you and I probably, in whatever way, look for that in our own life. That is very understandable when you think about it.

Could it be that we’re looking for that point of stability, not only on behalf of ourselves but for all that is swirling in our world? Isn’t it possible that as we are aware of those things that are swirling, there is a deep desire and longing in our own heart to find peace and stability on behalf of all that’s swirling in our own world?

Here at Sunrise Ranch we’ve been considering something of the story of the original creation of humanity as it’s portrayed in the Creation stories of the world, particularly in the opening chapter of Genesis. In that story, it is said that man was created to bring dominion. We are here to bring a sense of order that is born out of the place of stillness internally. The world is churning in all the ways that it is. We may call it peak oil—that’s our name for it. I think we’d have to admit that the usual view of peak oil is a pretty biased way to look at the situation. In fact, the usual view is quite self-centered. Because if we say there’s peak oil, what are we really saying in that? Aren’t we saying that we are using up all our oil? I wonder how that looks from another perspective.

How do you think Mother Earth looks at peak oil? Peak oil probably doesn’t look like peak oil to Mother Earth. If we might imagine what it looks like from her standpoint, she might be saying, “Oh good, maybe they will stop poking holes in me,” or “Oh good, there will be less carbon dioxide in my atmosphere”; “Oh good, they’ll stop running so many of their cars over me.” I guess that’s imagination, really, but I think it makes the point that there’s another perspective from which to see all that’s going on. In any event, there’s something going on—the world is changing, we know. Whether we look at any of the factors I’ve previously named, or at the simple fact that the population of the world has nearly tripled in my lifetime, there is dramatic change at work. That change may register as chaos and disorder in our own hearts at times.

So it’s very natural for people to look for a place of peace and stability in the midst of the chaos that is felt. Very often people look to spiritual things to find that. Behind that searching, there is an underlying attitude that we tend to bring with us that relates to the self-centeredness that I was speaking of earlier. We feel discomfort; we feel some kind of chaos or disturbance and look for a sense of peace.

But, in all of that, perhaps we may lack perspective on what that whole exercise is about. Perhaps we don’t appreciate that what registers for us is doing so because it’s present in our larger world, and we are registering that on behalf of other people, for starters, and for the whole of the natural world around us. In fact, the opportunity that we have is in finding our own peace, our own stillness, and a sense of internal order is not just for ourselves. We are not designed to have it just for ourselves. We are designed to know that deeply for ourselves, but for a reason that goes well beyond us individually, and even us as humanity.

We’re here to know rock-solid spiritual reality, not just for ourselves but so that we bring that into the world in which we live. We have been considering how the truest thing about us is who and what we are spiritually. We are an energetic being before we are anything else, and in fact we’re an energetic being living in an energetic world. If that’s really true—and I propose to you that it is—isn’t it natural to think that you would feel the energetics of that world, whatever they are? And not only that you would feel the energetics of that world but that you have something energetic to bring to that world.
Physicists are telling us that the universe is all energy anyway. It settles out into what looks to us to be physical matter, but the essence of the world we live in is energy. Yes, there are “things” in our world, some of which we consider to be living and some of which we don’t think are living. But in essence it’s all energy. So if we are energetic beings, the way we have to be in that world is essentially energetic.

Do you think somebody could fail to have their energetics right, and have a creative outcome in their life? Could a person bring negative, destructive energy into their world and get everything tickety-boo in order, otherwise? How is it to be with somebody who’s doing everything right according to how they think it ought to be done when the energetics aren’t right? That doesn’t work very well in human relationships, and it is not a creative way of living on Planet Earth.

For us to act accurately and creatively in our world, we have to bring accurate and creative energy into that world. That isn’t going to happen for a person unless they find clear access to that quality of energy for themselves. But the gift of that energy isn’t just for the individual. It is our energetic gift to bring to a churning world.

In the story of Genesis the author talks about having dominion and subduing the earth. There have been many who have sallied forth in the name of God to conquer and subdue. I don’t think that’s really the point. For starters, why don’t we allow a subduing of our own energy field? That is not a squashing of energy. In a pattern of love response to the almighty power that governs the stars and the planet and the sun, we find that there is an internal order that governs us and all that comes to us.

Where there is that kind of response and a welcoming of that into our own energy field, there is a subduing of the chaos. A gentleness and a peacefulness come into a person’s expression. There is a sense of peace and relaxation. Given that our energetics are linked to everyone else, if we do something with our own energetics we are extending an energetic blessing to the world around us.

The usual self-centered view has denied the place that we rightly have in this world, which was spoken of as the crowning creation. We have a very special energetic role to play. We are here to play a particular role with energy. Somehow this capacity of consciousness, along with the feelings that are built into it, are a very powerful mechanism for dealing with energy. We are made to receive and transmit energy, and to work with energy patterns.

Many of you know that, in the context of the Emissaries, we practice something called attunement, which acknowledges our role in working with energy patterns. I attended several days of a conference recently where someone stood up and said, “Okay, now we’re going to do attunement.” I graciously went along, but I could not help but wonder what everyone thought we had been doing up to that point. What are we doing in our lives, if it isn’t about working with the energetics of them? It isn’t just when we take twenty minutes or whatever it is and share “an attunement,” as we think of it.

Who we are is an energetic being that has incarnated into this level of energy, this pattern of energy that we call a human body. Who and what we are has this fabulous capacity to tune into energy, to open ourselves to it. We use the word “response” for that process, a wonderful word that Uranda used as he was initiating this ministry. “Response”—it’s a word that speaks to what we’re opening ourselves up to energetically.

Uranda used the word to say that we can open ourselves up to cosmic energy as it focuses for us. We can respond to, open up to cosmic order, cosmic peace. And we can do that, not just for ourselves but to bring that cosmic order and that cosmic peace into the energy field around us. We are standing in the middle of the energy field. How did the author of Genesis say it?—in the midst of the Garden. Isn’t that a way of saying you’re standing in the middle of an energy field, to bring dominion into that energy field? And there is a way to open yourself so that you’re bringing cosmic energy into that energy field.

And by the way, don’t fuss with the energy field! That was the other message in the story. Don’t fuss with the energy field that is churning, that isn’t like you want it to be. That was the message about the forbidden fruit. Just open yourself energetically and bring what you have to bring. Yes, we know there is chaos. Yes, we know there are things working out, however you name them. Open yourself to a focus of cosmic order and cosmic peace, and know that, in that opening, you are radiating that. You radiate it, first of all, into your own immediate energy pattern. But you and I are the crowning creation. So your energy pattern isn’t just your own; it’s your best friend’s, it’s your mother’s, your father’s, your sister’s, your daughter’s. It’s their energy pattern too that you’re holding. It’s the energy of the ground you’re walking on. So if you bring cosmic order and peace into your own energy pattern, you’re bringing it into all that immediately, without even thinking about it. That’s the radiation.

So let there be response. Let there be union with that cosmic energy. Let there be unified radiation, which is the bringing of that pattern into the energy field that we’re standing in the midst of. And if you get the energetics of that right, I bet you can get the details right. Do you think that, as you have the energetics of it right, you will find the right word to say? Because as you have the energetics right, you just drop your words on the current of that vibration, and they bring a blessing.

Please join me in these closing words of devotion.

O Cosmic Father and Mother, we open ourselves to Thee ever more fully in this moment, to know more fully Thy order and Thy beauty, Thy rest and Thy peace, Thy fulfillment. We allow ourselves to be held in the current of Thy sweet vibration. And being so held, we move forward with confidence and assurance, with power and blessing, to bring dominion into the energetic field that we center. And we accept that we are fully capable of doing this as we are fully open to Thee and remain so in the living of our life, in our moments, day to day. Aum-en.

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