Monthly Excerpts For May

From: Ordinary People With Extraordinary Character

Leandro Castro
April 25, 2010

What is running our lives? Is it our personality or is it our character? Here is a very good way to know: If you are stuck in unhappiness or if you are not having joy in your life, you may be letting your personality run your life, not your character. There are elements of personality that are created by the ego in survival mode. So if the personality is controlling your life, you stop the flow of the river for you. If you are running your life with your personality, you will find yourself with fleeting and counterfeit happiness. And if something you think is good happens, you have that kind of happiness. If something that you did not like happens, you are sad. So you depend on the circumstances outside of yourself. Character brings happiness and joy because this is who you are. It is your character that brings whatever you need to bring to any of the circumstances of life.

You can check yourself out when you are asked, “How are you doing; how is your life going?” If you find you are talking about what is happening outside of yourself and allowing that to define you, you are talking about your personality. But if you are saying what your attitude is in these circumstances, you may be talking about yourself, about your greatness and about your character. You get to choose your attitude, and your attitude determines the altitude at which you are living. It determines the place from which you are carrying your world. It determines what spirit you invoke in your life. It determines what you are affirming and it shapes your prayers. You get to choose that. This choice is a great gift we can remember to embrace all through our lives.

From: The Opening

Rich Kenny
May 2, 2010

When we look around in our world, aren’t we witnessing a rising, an increase in vibration of human consciousness? We witness it, we participate in it and, as we play our part, we’re a living invitation to others. What is rising now in human consciousness is building towards a critical mass that will create a tipping point. We are getting close; and at this tipping point there will be no going back. There will be no more forgetting, no more slipping into a self-centered life. The flow will continue to completion, but its completion will be assured. We are in the end days. Not in a destructive “hellfire and brimstone” way that may be imagined. The end days are the end of having a small, limited, painful life experience. The end of that is at hand.

How do we have that experience individually, and then collectively? We find it when we have the conscious experience of being in a holy place continuously. We know the deepest truth of ourselves as the Truth of Love, beyond theory, in that holy place. Theory is wonderful, but the experience is what is needed. We find that experience in the holy place. This is not a geographical place. The core essence of your nature is the Being that resides, ever present, in the holy place.

From: The Opening

Rich Kenny
May 2, 2010

We find the holy place by opening. It is already present, perhaps a bit underused. The gates may creak when they open. Grime, grit and rust in those hinges will wear off with use. Open those gates and you know the holy place and the truth of your true being. This is a requirement to fulfill your purpose. How do you open the gates? They say that praise and thanksgiving open the gates to the holy place. I find that to be absolutely true. I have a specific gratitude practice in my life to let the presence of the spirit of gratitude build in me, so that I can evoke that spirit in any moment. As I do, I am in the holy place.

And if we slip out of the holy place, or if we let the holy place slip away from our experience, let’s forgive ourselves. That is what allows us to regain the experience as soon as possible. Any forgetting, any small transgression becomes meaningless as soon as we forgive it and move back to the holy place. The Master’s attitude towards what was done in his experience was “Father, forgive them; they don’t know.” They don’t know. Whatever it is, the circumstance, the thing, the feeling, the thought—it just doesn’t know. It comes to you to know. We must not push it away, divert it, handle it later. Now is the time to bring to our life the light of what we know as we are in the holy place.

From: To Be of Service

David Karchere
April 25, 2010

Here are three things to think about if you want to review what life is about, or if your life seems to stop making sense. They are three things that address the reason for a human life.

We are here for the pleasure and fulfillment of the Creator. And when we acknowledge that, we realize that we are an aspect of the Creator, and this is our pleasure and fulfillment as well.

Where you or I have an attitude of service and know that we are serving something that has meaning and purpose that is larger than us, we find that we have the opportunity to experience the pleasure and the fulfillment of that larger reality.

Therefore, it is important to harmonize with the creative principles by which that pleasure and fulfillment is brought.

Our intention to be of service leads us to the wisdom that lets our service be effective. There are ways of thinking and acting that bring pleasure and fulfillment and there are ways that don’t. The attitude and feelings of appreciation and generosity, the experience of taking joy in other people’s pleasure and fulfillment, does bring us pleasure and fulfillment.

Nothing else matters.

We are here to do something beautiful in our life and to help other people do something beautiful and wonderful in theirs. We are here to create something glorious. Nothing else really matters but the pleasure and fulfillment of what and who we are serving.

From: Being a Sun

David Karchere
May 24, 2010

What your world, and the people in it, need most from you is for you to be a sun. It is the most natural thing for you to do to bring your warmth, your light, and the gravity of who you are. And when you do, you provide a point of orientation for your world. Any shortcomings or limitations you believe you have don’t stop you from being a sun. And as you are a sun in your world, any shortcomings and limitations have a way of being transformed and transmuted. They do not stop you from being a sun.

We can become aware that there are people around the world who have awakened to the reality that they are born to be suns. In fact, we are born to build One Sun. Not just a sun for your world. Not just a sun for my world. One Sun for THE world. Are you ready to be a Sun builder? The world needs such a Sun.

Every time people have come together for this grand task, there has been friction among them. People resist their own calling to be a sun. They fight with other people who have that same calling. As the gravity of the One Sun calls us together, there is always friction. Expect it! As Sun builders, our job is to transform friction to fusion. Let the gravity of the One Sun that brings us together bring fusion.

From: The Spirit of the Mother

David Karchere
May 2, 2010

Currently, there is a giant oil spill in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. When you see it on television you may want to change the channel. You may not want to see it or think about it because it is so sad that many life forms in the Gulf are dying, and this event is greatly impacting people’s lives. How does this event seem to Mother Earth? This oil spill is not something that is happening outside of her. It is happening in her body. If we share an affinity with that spirit, it is something that is happening within our body. It’s certainly something happening in our conscious awareness. It is present in our thoughts and feelings, and it is something happening in us.

I am confident that Mother Earth will find a way to cleanse herself of the oil leaking out into the Gulf, in her own time, in her own way. We have that power in our lives if we bring that great spirit of the Mother which holds all things. We can hold the creative process with the same grace and assurance in which the Earth Mother holds them, knowing the reason for it all. And what is the reason for the creative process? It’s all for the pleasure and the fulfillment of the Creator. There is something wonderful that is coming out of it all. That’s what someone who is masterful in life knows. Yes, there are things coming into form and there are things passing away. But there is a greater glory showing itself here that is bringing the pleasure and the fulfillment of the Creator, which we share as we honor the Spirit of Truth, which is the spirit of the Mother within ourselves.

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