Knowing What Is Quintessential

David Karchere

As awake people around the globe, we are in a process of spiritual intensification. We are invited to move in that process with wisdom and care. Within it, there is a natural cycle of intensification and relaxation. The intensification comes easily when we are moving in that natural cycle. Our inner wisdom tells us not to be afraid of the intensification of the Shekinah Fire or the Presence of Spirit that comes down like rain, nor to be gluttons for it. This is not a pedal-to-the-metal experience every step of the way. There have to be times of relaxation and time to integrate the spiritual intensification we know into all the dimensions of our life.

The activating vibration for spiritual intensification enters at the highest level of our Being. The silver cord of auric substance that connects with the invisible source resonates at the highest level of our human capacity, and the experience is magnificent. It then begins to integrate through our whole Being. The spiritual system housed within our body begins to open up all the gateways of expression and the spiritual intensification becomes integrated in everyday life. If it can’t, there is something drastically missing. I suppose there are spiritual practices that are based on some kind of intensification on a Sunday—or a Friday or a Saturday, for that matter—but which have little relationship to bringing wisdom and empowerment in the living of life. I am interested in integration so that what is intensified spiritually has a chance to come out, word by word, action by action, conversation by conversation, project by project, moment by moment.

Jesus brought wisdom on this topic.

Tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem, until ye be endued with power from on high.

Don’t settle for a momentary flash of spiritual fire or momentary upliftment. We’re in it for the complete conflagration! For lighting up our whole Being and the whole world! And that doesn’t just happen in a moment, even though the initiation of it does. I write this Pulse of Spirit in the spirit of welcoming the intensification, and in the spirit of continuing and integrating the intensification.

This activation is happening now in the space in which we find ourselves. As it has for eternity, that activation propels evolution through time. The creative impulse from above is integrated in the substance of our Being in the procession of time. That same process is occurring at the celestial level with the movement of heavenly bodies. Our human experience is transpiring in that context.

If we imagined that we were at the North or South Pole, the orbit of the Earth would be experienced as a slow twirling. In one day, we would twirl completely around—360 degrees. If we were at the equator, we would be moving at the rate of about 1,000 miles an hour. That is the speed at which we would be revolving around the axis of the Earth. I imagine that none of us sharing this Pulse of Spirit are at the North or South Pole, or at the equator. So we are each currently moving somewhere between zero and 1,000 miles an hour.

Of course, that’s not all that is transpiring. While we’re spinning around the Earth’s axis, we are also orbiting the sun at the nice clip of 67,000 miles an hour. It doesn’t feel like it—I don’t feel the wind in my face!

Our solar system itself is traveling around the center of the Milky Way galaxy at 514,000 miles per hour, which is even faster than the rate at which the Earth is traveling around the sun. So, we are spinning around the Earth’s axis while we are circling the sun, which is, itself, circling the center of the Milky Way. That describes a spiraling movement while spinning.

But that’s not all that’s going on. The Milky Way galaxy itself is moving at the ponderously slow rate of 1.3 million miles per hour through the universe. That’s about 360 miles per second.

Astrologers try to understand the impact of this celestial context. They track the evolution of the essential factors within the human experience on a daily, monthly and annual basis. Then they track the ages that relate to our larger movement through the universe. We have entered the Age of Aquarius, though there are differing views on just when it began.

Here we are, each of us living our life, finding we are part of a spiraling lineage, constantly unfolding with the passage of time. That lineage intersects with what is happening in the here and now. In the present moment there is a crossover point. All that has arrived out of the past has ended up in the present. That is our lineage, which is intersected by the silver cord that brings activation from higher dimensions of Reality right down into the human experience. We all get to participate in that. That intersection creates the God Center right here in this world in which we live. It is astonishingly beautiful when you experience it in yourself or witness it in another.

As the spiraling line of life continues, the forms in which substance is held disintegrate and reform. This is happening at every level of substance—animal, mineral and vegetable. It is also transpiring within human culture. Old thoughts, beliefs and ideologies die and new ones are born.

In our own bodies, the hardiest of cells live for seven years. But most human cells have a far shorter lifespan. Right now, in our bodies, cells are breaking down and new ones are being born.

But it’s not just at the level of the cell. And it’s not just at the level of a human life. There might be the death of a pattern in your life that had its day 11 billion miles ago. (That’s a year ago.) A job, a relationship, or perhaps a place to live. We experience that as a kind of death.

Sometimes we see the imminent death of the forms our life has taken. It can look like that’s the end of everything. I’ve known people who had no faith in eternality, and the idea that they were coming to the end of their life was a very scary matter because there was nothing but blackness on the other side of that; no understanding that there was anything more than the end of their own life cycle.

But it can go that way with us around our own experiences day-to-day in life. Sometimes we see nothing but blackness on the other side of a pattern in our life that has reached its sell-by date. There are things from out of the past that are trying to pass away, and there are the things of today that are wonderful, which we know will pass away. If we are oriented in the forms of our life, we see nothing after that. Only blackness.

So what does a person do? If we do not see anything past the form, there’s a dreadful attempt at conservatism. I’m not just speaking of conservatism as a political philosophy. I’m talking about the tendency to take a pattern of things from yesteryear and attempt to preserve it today. Or the tendency to take a pattern of today and try to enshrine it forever.

I’ve had the occasion in the past few weeks to look back through my e-mails. It’s a dreadful thought, but I’ve saved almost all my e-mails for the last fifteen years. I was searching them for ones on a particular subject, and it took me back through my life over the past seven years. And it was amazing to remember all the forms of my life that have passed away. Relationships, configurations of people, projects that are no more—they’re gone.

And yet the most magnificent thing of my whole life is happening now. I could point to particular things and say, Well, isn’t that magnificent? But truly, isn’t that what is always happening? The most magnificent thing in our life is happening right now. Why? It’s the only place where the intersection of lineage and the silver cord is taking place.

We find the God Center when the line coming through time into the present moment is intersected from above. We are then finding the God Center individually and we are finding it together. And yet, where there is conservatism, we can’t find the God Center. We can’t find the most central thing about our own life, and it’s hard to find that most central thing that we share together.

What we have to do is to change our focus so that we’re not only looking at the form of things. We are seeing the constantly emerging essence of Reality. Those essences are appearing through ourselves and through each other.

This is what integration is about. It’s about living from the standpoint of essence embodied in the evolving forms of life. It is about Creation being embodied in everything that we do and everything that we are sharing. Our eyes shift so that we see the God Center in each other being embodied. And in loving it in another, we are loving it in ourselves. We are celebrating it. We are honoring it, even adoring it.

This is what is essential that’s unfolding, and it’s alive. And in the essential unfolding in our own lives and among us together, there is something else. There is what is quintessential. Of all the essences of the God Field, there is what is quintessential in the God Field. That is a quality of essence held in common by the whole field. All the essences of the God Field give expression to what is quintessential for that field. And that is what we are knowing when we are awake and alive in the God Field. We know what is quintessential, and that illuminates the essence of what we ourselves are creating and doing. It is not some isolated thing but an expression of what is most central in the unique way that is ours to express in our place within the wheel of co-creation.

Martin Cecil gave a talk in which he addressed The Preservation of Essences. We don’t preserve an essence because it’s preserved in alcohol in a bottle and put up on the shelf. By the very nature of what the essences of life are, they are alive. They are preserved by the living, in the living of their life. The essence of what is sacred and holy is not preserved because we preserve the form of it. That’s conservatism. And what is quintessential is not preserved because we enshrine the record of someone’s experience in the past, whether it is Jesus, Buddha or anyone else. What is quintessential is known by the living who are living what is quintessential and knowing it in their own life and knowing it in the field in which they are functioning.

What is quintessential for us? And do we know it? Can we find it?

The Quintessential is the God Center and the God Field that is in perfect relationship with it.

When you know that in yourself, you can find it in the collective field that you are sharing with others. You find what is most valuable, most holy, most worthy of our worship and adoration, what’s most worthy of preservation—not as something out of the past but as a living reality that is central to you and to me, and then central to this field. Then you are standing in the middle of your lineage, in the present moment, illuminated from above, with the future opening up before you.

When we give voice to that central reality, in essence we say:

 I Am That I Am. I am that one Love, that one Truth, that one Life.

 Love the One. Be the One.

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Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
February 22, 2020 2:52 pm

As we speak, we breathe meaning into our words. In this way, language moves, morphs and adapts. After all, language is a conveyor or medium. The word quintessential has come to mean many things – iconic, a showpiece, classic – as in Coca Cola- the epitome of something; a gold standard.

Quinta, the root of Quintessential, means five, from the Latin. In the Middle Ages it was thought that matter was composed of four elements – water, earth, fire and water, yet there was a magical fifth element, the quintessential, the transformer.

The fifth element, rather than physical, I suggest must be spirit or that which brings matter to life, the divine spark.
In this regard, we are all quintessential, magical and divine beings. We just need to remind ourselves.

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