God Keeps on Coming

David-Karchere_NEW2014.200x243I had an extraordinary experience several years ago. It was a phone call with an older woman. Her name was Jeni Janerico. She was married to Tony and lived up at our community at Green Pastures, in Epping, New Hampshire. This was late in Jeni’s life, and Tony had died. She had moved down to Florida and she knew she had very little time left to live. As things turned out, Jeni died about ten days after our phone call.

Knowing she was soon leaving, Jeni arranged to speak with me on the telephone. It was one of the most incredible phone calls I’ve ever had. She felt a connection with me, though we had never been particularly close friends. Still, she knew I was leading Emissaries of Divine Light, and she was vitally interested in what I was doing.

Jeni was a strong woman and she spoke to me in a strong and adamant tone. Here is what she said to me: You are doing a great job, David. It’s all going so well. What you are doing is so important. You have to keep doing it. You have to follow it through. I’m so with you. You have my blessing, you have my love. Keep going. Keep going.

She spoke to me for about ten minutes. She was giving me what she had to give. As they say in sports, she was leaving it all on the field.

As you can imagine, it was a huge blessing to me that I take with me to this day. It also inspired me to live my own life to the fullest to my last day. It made it so plain to me that the Creator that we are never stops. The Creator doesn’t stop, right up until the point we stop breathing. Then the flow of the spirit of the Creator stops in form on earth and continues in the Unseen. It doesn’t stop. It doesn’t want to stop through us. It wants to keep going, it wants to give more. And just when you think you’ve had your last brilliant thought, it wants to think another one. Just when you think you’ve really awoken spiritually, it says, “You are just beginning to awaken. You have more to do, you have more to become aware of, you have more to give.” Just when you are ready to wrap it up and retire, it says, “No, there’s more.”

What I’m saying is God doesn’t stop when we want to shut down. God says, “No, I’m coming through. And if you’re not going to let me, I’m going to keep knocking at your door.” Knock! Knock! Knock! “I’m always asking to come through you. I don’t stop.” That’s the radiance that’s inside us always, no matter what. “You’re not feeling good today? I’m still here.” “You think you’ve become spiritually enlightened? Oh, that was just a little spark that you became aware of. Get ready to be set on fire. Get ready to be lit up like a sun. I have more for you.”

God keeps on coming, even when we want to stop and perhaps attribute our discomfort to another person or to our life circumstances. We think we’re stressed because of things that are happening to us. And there is stress that we receive from other people and from circumstances. But the far larger stress is what’s knocking at our door that wants to come through. We get stressed by that.

We end up in a circumstance where we have something great to give, and then we start thinking we’re stressed by what’s happening. No, we’re stressed because there’s something great in us that’s looking to come out in that circumstance. That’s stressing us. Our own creativity, our own life force, is looking to enter that situation. We’ve stopped loving? Our life force wants to love more through us, and it hurts when we don’t. We’ve stopped showing on the outside who we are on the inside? The light of Being that we are wants out. It wants to shine in our world. It doesn’t stop.

How much of the stress that you and I experience in our lives is structured thinking that won’t let go? Our judgment that the things that are happening around us are wrong stresses us. Then we put ourselves in the position of trying to fix what we think is wrong.

There is natural stress in creativity. Being a creator isn’t always a walk in the park. But how much of the stress that a person experiences is self-induced? If a person shuts down the creative current that seeks to come out through them, that’s stressful.

When we let that current flow through, the stress is released creatively. It is released creatively when we say to the life current within us, Okay, I’m going to let you flow through. This didn’t happen the way I wanted it to? Life is flowing through. This project tanked? I’m here. My creativity is flowing through. This relationship is on the rocks? I have love to give. I am present. I’m showing up as who I am. I have a gift to give to this world. I’m feeling disillusioned and tired? The power of Creation lifts me up and calls me on to victory. The reality of God in me keeps on coming.

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