From A High Place

Ten people participated in From a High Place, the third course in the Primal Spirituality series, at Sunrise Ranch from February 7th to the 14th.  This is their statement of blessing to the world at the end of this time.

You are a shining light, strong and steady, tender and caring, offering a beacon in this foggy world. You are right where you need to be. Your love really matters. ~ Jane Anetrini

Dear one, all is well. Never doubt yourself or your dreams. You are a wondrous angelic being, in service to the one, true, living God. You have come that heaven may be known on earth and God’s love may live in the heart of mankind. ~ Uma Faith

May you awaken to the precious self which burns through the clouds of negativity and reveals that the suspicion, criticism, and anger towards those with whom you have once held agreement is what it is: the protective shell over the wounded human heart.

I offer you the blessing that opens the heart to all things, opens the mind to that which you know to be true, and opens your being to the flow of infinite, penetrating Light. ~ Atom Terpening

With all the love from all the ages, we surround you, lift you up, protect you. Open your soul and sing the map of your destiny. The magic born of our communion is now your skin. Believe it and step forward into your joy. ~ Heather Ryan

I am your passion and dedication to bring my expression onto the earth. I am the grace of your service. I am your works, received through all men, all women, all things. You are a beautiful beacon of my love. I Am That I Am. ~ Keahi Ewa

I speak to you across time and space to lift you up in your hour of need; to open you to my strength and my power when you think you have none. When the path you are walking has come to an end, receive my Way, my Light, my Plan. ~ David Karchere

O Blessed One
Raise Thine eyes to mine and drink
of the love you most deservedly have earned.

Each of my Clues you have found
on your journey through darkness,
which has led you HOME!

Hear the Angels lift their voices
to celebrate your sweet VICTORY!

“You are my shining Star!”

With the out-pouring of my heart
I bathe your steadfast feet
with soothing Love and Gratitude. ~ Julie Bohnet

I know the depth of longing in you to bring the fullness of your being to form in this world, and your longing to extend a loving creative spirit to others.

I bring peace, assurance and wisdom to guide your path, heal your heart and energize your expression. Stay calm, and know Life in all its radiant, loving abundance moving through you. ~ Ruth French

Lift up thine eyes and stand in the presence of the Masters, for thou art worthy of mastering the self. Rise above thine earthly garments of identity and accept the robe of radiance, that men may know the glory of the God I am. ~ Gary Goodhue

You are precious to me and you are representing me well. Your journey is your mission and it will lead you home to me. I love you. Keep coming, blessed one. ~ Maureen Waller

ALL: So it is, and so shall it be. Aum-en.


Sunrise Ranch
February 14, 2016

From a High Place Class
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David Karchere
David Karchere
February 24, 2016 10:51 am

Yes, we are one people, Anne-Lise. When we know that reality, we begin the process of re-creating the world.

Anne-Lise Bure
Anne-Lise Bure
February 21, 2016 5:31 am

It is clear, that the operating systems on the Planet need restoring, human beings wake up ! I am filled with gratitude for the beautiful statements from my friends abroad and echo-ed by my friends locally this morning, demonstrating Power, Presence and Kindness in our World. I resonate with the character of this Supreme One. Thank you David for sounding the Trumpet’s Call for all Server’s to unite in the One, in universally differentiated tones into the ‘earthly wilderness which is the tangled man-made world.” we all speak. – That is how i got to know that Home is Real amongst people who demonstrated that for me along the way. I feel generous in sharing my experience of a High Place with everyone i meet along my journey. Blessings.

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