Devastated by Universal Love

David-Karchere_NEW2014.200x243Can there be much doubt that humanity is on a collision course with the very source of creative power that is within it? That power is the spirit of the Creator that is in all people and within the entire planet on which we live.

Looking at the world around us, it certainly seems like there is some kind of collision course that we are on. Certainly, we are each on that collision course individually, one way or another. We have a date with destiny.

Collision is contact and engagement. For us as human beings, this collision with Spirit is an apocalyptic event. Old patterns break and there is freedom for the new.

Here is an apocalyptic vision of what that collision looks like. Our humanity is on a course that will have us…

Devastated by Universal Love.
     Shattered by the Light.

If those two things happen, we are…

               Compelled to Life.

When there really is a collision with the source of spiritual power within us, there is a devastation and a shattering; but out of that, we are compelled to Life. We are talking about energy meeting matter. When the energy born out of the Spirit within us meets the substance and form of who we are, then energy is meeting matter and there is something glorious that happens in our life because of that.

But in the process, there is devastation, there is shattering. And what is it that is devastated by Love? Fear is devastated by Love. Hate is devastated by Love. All the shadow states of the heart, all suspicion, greed, jealousy and envy are devastated. All the reactive patterns in the way that we are with other people, all the saying “no” in the heart, is devastated.

What’s shattered? All the prejudices, biases and false beliefs. Even all of the human attempts to be good in our own eyes, and happy and fulfilled according to our own limited ideas about the way that should happen.

Conscious participation in our own personal transformation is what lets apocalypse occur in a creative way. If we are unconscious, we tend to be simply devastated by Love, and that’s it. We’re just devastated. There’s no coming around to the point of being identified with Love, of realizing I am that Love that’s devastating me. I am in Love. I am Love. Love emanates from me. That’s a glorious thing. But if you’re not working consciously with the process, you just feel devastated.

When the Light is shining and you find out that the things that were so tried-and-true aren’t working for you, you can feel shattered. You might undergo a mental breakdown.

But breakdown is turned to breakthrough when we realize we are that Light that’s shining, that is shattering all the beliefs that weren’t true in the first place. You’re not just breaking down—you are breaking through as the Light. You are the Light that’s shattering the way you thought things were and the way you’ve been trying so hard to make them be.

The difference between breakdown and breakthrough is consciousness and the work of consciousness. That work is carried out in the active living of life—as you go about your day, as you go about your work, your relationships with other people and all the things that you do in your life. The active moments of life are an opportunity to be a witness to what is happening in your own thoughts and feelings, so that you are watching what’s happening for you and being conscious of it. And then consciously expressing Universal Love and consciously expressing the Light. In every moment, being thoughtful of what you are doing so you are not just reactive and you’re not just expressing out of your habitual pattern of thinking and feeling. That’s the conscious work to do in the active part of our life.

But there’s also conscious work to do in ritual space, either alone or with others, so that you get down to the root of what’s happening in your karmic pattern. So that you see it and deal with it in private. This let’s what emanates from you in public be a clear expression of Universal Love and Light.

Being free of karma takes conscious work in both the active, more public part of our life and in our own private, ritual space. If we are not doing work in ritual space, there is a very good chance that we won’t be getting down to the root of the limited pattern within which we are functioning, and we will be, with the best of intentions, expressing ourselves through our karma and wondering why we don’t get the results that we want to get in our life. It takes some offline time, some time in our own ritual space, to really get to the bottom of that karma and see it for what it is.

When coaching someone, I often ask, When was the first time you had this kind of experience in your life? In essence, when was the first time you had thoughts and feelings like the ones you are having now? Often a person recalls an experience from childhood or adolescence. In that process, the person can wake up to the fact that they’re living through their karma, which was created a long time ago. But not only in childhood, because often what we experience in childhood had to do with our mother or father, and where did their karma come from? Well, they had a lifetime of experience, and they received it from lifetimes before them.

What we are encouraging a person to see is that this is an archetypal pattern in their karma, and they are living through it and they’re seeing everything in their life through that karma—even the good parts. Even the parts that say, “If you tried harder or you were a better person, or if you acted more intelligently, it would all go better.” Even that is part of our karma, part of what’s being devastated by Love and shattered by the Light, so that we are compelled to Life.

Know the glory of that experience and be free right smack dab in the middle of your karma and everybody else’s—right smack dab in the middle of the morphic field as it is, including all your own ignorant beliefs, all your own patterns of feeling that have been repeating themselves in your life. Be the Universal Love that devastates all those things and the Light of Being that shatters all the patterns as they are.

I’m suggesting that even if you are not doing this consciously, you’re on that collision course. It’s happening anyway. There is a grand collision happening for each of us, is there not? We can try to space it out over time and delay it, but it’s happening. Let it happen consciously and on purpose.

I want to make some distinctions in what it means to “do your work.” That’s a popular phrase in circles of people that do emotional processing. They say, You’ve got to do your work. And it’s true, we do. One of the keys to it is that we have to do our work without making it too much about the work we’re doing or being too proud of having done it. If not, you could be like the person who brags, “I’ve been doing my work for twenty years!” When everyone around them is noticing that they’re still moody and glum and blaming everyone else around them for that experience. What’s really going on? They are doing something but they are not transcending their karma. That’s what happens when you get proud of doing your work.

But we do need to do our work. This means getting honest with yourself, getting down to the root of what’s going on in your own morphic field, in your own habit patterns; getting right down to the root of it and seeing it for what it is, mastering it, transforming it, being different.

Finding devastating Love inside of your grief.
      Finding contentment inside of your envy and jealousy.
Finding strength inside of your fear of being confronted.

Doing your work is seeing the archetypal pattern for what it is and getting to a point where you can laugh at it. You can feel the deeper Truth that’s within it. You can have compassion on yourself for having experienced it. And then you can have compassion and empathy with anyone else who is experiencing such a thing.

Doing your work isn’t wallowing in what’s wrong with yourself. Yes, we have to go into the thing to see it. And there can be the dreadful moment when you think:

Oh my god, I can’t believe I allowed myself to be controlled by this! I can’t believe that I’ve been in this dark place, and I see it now. How could I have ever lived there?

It’s moving through those experiences and bringing Light into them. It’s not wallowing in them. It’s not self-medicating through alcohol and drugs so that you dull the emotional pain of it without ending it. That’s not doing your work! Doing your work isn’t endless processing that never changes your experience. It’s actually doing what gets to the bottom of the pattern, so that you are free.

I’m not saying this to shame anybody who’s in mid-process, because in some way we’re all in mid-process. So this isn’t about shaming. This is about being free. We can do our work, and if we do, we free ourselves. We see the pattern for what it is and know that that’s not who we are. We are not that person who’s been walking around in the morphic field, experiencing themselves in a way that is identified by the characteristics of that field.

I am the Love that’s bringing the devastation to my humanity. I am the Light that’s coming. And I am bringing the Spirit that’s compelling me to Life. And more than all that, I am that Being who emanates Universal Love. I am emanating it right here in this circumstance to my humanity and through my humanity into my world. I am shining the Light of who I am into this darkness, the darkness of my own thoughts, my own patterns. I am shining the Light on them and through them and into the world.

And I have no shame, because I am not that pattern onto which I’m shining the light. I am not that person who I thought I was. I am this Being of Light, this Being of Love, who has that to bring to the world, who is compelling myself and other people to Life. That’s who I am.

We could name that One who I am and who you are with all kinds of glorious names. Some of them tend to bring up religious concepts. I love the name that Uranda, who founded Emissaries of Divine Light, used early on: the Wonderful One within.

I am the Wonderful One within.

Within what? Within the patterns of my humanity that are being devastated by me.

I am the Wonderful One within all these things. By my nature I am free. By my nature I am loving. By my nature I shine the Light. I am a Being of Light.

I’m saying these things in the first person for myself, and it feels good to say them. But I am saying it for all of us. I’m naming the Truth for you and for me.

The Wonderful One within isn’t afraid of apocalypse. The Wonderful One within is a walking apocalypse, a walking revelation, which is what the word apocalypse means. The root of the word is “an uncovering.” I am uncovering who I am. When you do that, you can’t help but see the patterns in your own morphic field, the ones you’re carrying around personally. I’m a walking apocalypse for that.

If I am being that for myself, I can be that for other people. I can reveal myself to others, and in so doing, by the holographic nature of Being, I am doing it for you, and we’re doing it together. That’s collective liberation.

If I see part of my own reactive pattern coming up, then there it is—first felt at age six, when my mother couldn’t pick me up from school and left me just standing there on the front steps of the schoolhouse for what seemed like hours. And when someone’s late for an appointment now, I may think, They don’t care! What should I do? But it also comes with a feeling experience, a blue mood. Seeing that pattern for what it is, I can deliberately choose to express my creative spirit into that circumstance.

In that moment I have a choice. I can Love my humanity. I can say:

I understand the path you’ve walked and what you’ve been through in your life. And I have much bigger things to be about. I am much bigger than this.

That’s transcendence. Yes, I have my karma, I have this morphic field that I’m in the middle of. But who I am is so much bigger than that. I have Unconditional Love to bring into the world, and whether or not somebody misses an appointment or anything else doesn’t change who I am and what I’m bringing into the world one iota. It may change what I bring to deal with a given circumstance. But it doesn’t change who I am and what I have to give to the world. Freedom is knowing that, in the face of anything, I can be myself and I can give of who I am.

There is a majestic statement made by Jesus to the Wonderful One within him, whom he referred to as Father. It went like this: “And the glory which thou gavest me I have given them….” (John 17:22) Who could say that they haven’t been given glory from the Wonderful One within? You and I have been given the opportunity to be a human being on earth in human form. We have been given the glory of Universal Love and the glory of the Light of Truth—not some religious light or religious love but the reality of those very forces of Creation and the forces of Being. Who could say they don’t have those things that have been given to them?

And is it not the great purpose of our lives to receive that glory fully and to pass it on, so that we can say:

The glory which thou gavest me I have given them. I have experienced my own personal apocalypse that has uncovered that glory. I’m in that apocalypse. I share that glory. I have given it to my friends, I have given it to the world in all the oh-so-simple ways that come to me.

Doing our work is about getting conscious of what we’re doing every moment, what we’re expressing every moment, so that we’re in fact passing on the glory that’s been given to us. And if we don’t pass it on, we are probably forgetting that we received it. We did receive it. We are receiving it, always. There has to be the devastation and the shattering that blows apart the bonds and also the shroud around the glory that most of us tend to carry.

I am so happy to share these thoughts with you. Larger than the thoughts themselves is the spiritual reality that is devastating and shattering our humanity. We get to be in that reality. We are in it, sharing that experience together, and finding out that it doesn’t hurt. We’re so afraid of it, I think, as human beings. And why? Because we tend to become identified with that sense of self that’s defined by the karmic pattern that we’re in. And we think that’s who we are, so we’re defending it at all costs. We think it’s going to hurt if it gets shattered. It won’t if we know that it is each of us who is doing the shattering, who is bringing the Light, who’s bringing the Love.

It is so good to share the experience of being the Wonderful One within, who is bringing the devastation of Universal Love, the shattering by the Light, and who is compelling humanity to Life.

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David Karchere
David Karchere
June 23, 2015 9:33 pm

Dear Anne-Lise and Fiona, you both touch my heart with the clarity and fire of your words. Thank you!

Anne-Lise Bure
Anne-Lise Bure
June 21, 2015 5:31 am

Thank you David, for your words filled with Fire ! Received !
We had a beautiful Service Time here at Gate House this morning, and Credit flows through my heart to those who focused vital elements bringing the Light for our unified purposes I commit to deminishing the critic in mind and morphic field, and co-‘everything and anything’ with anyone who invites more of the invitation and expression and experience of what you so beautifully outline in the Pulse of Spirit. The deep mining for Gold is happening everywhere, ‘blaze forth pure virtue of every Angel’ whether they know it or not. I am here with you.

Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
June 19, 2015 11:58 pm

Thank you for these words, David.
At the end of May I attended my niece’s wedding in Edinburgh. It wasn’t just a matter of stepping onto a plane and enjoying the excitement of the bride and groom and men in kilts! I did much work to get there – and when the karma melts, there is such clarity of purpose. And, with all the smelting, what remains is pure LOVE. That was my experience.
And onto the next moment…..

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