A Story of Light and Light Returning

David Karchere

I invite you on a journey. You could think of it as imagination, if you like. You could see it as something real. However it lands in your awareness, I invite you to go there with me and explore what is real and what is true, and where the story takes you.

We all understand that we have landed up in a human experience. We are inhabiting Planet Earth with the physical forms of this world. We are a part of the culture of this day. And we have our own little patch of human culture, which we call a personality. So, understanding that all this has happened and we are having an experience of incarnation, I invite you on this little journey, leaving all that behind for a moment.

Become aware of yourself simply as a point of Light. You can use whatever word you want to use: an Angelic Being, an Angel, a Spirit Being. Irrespective of taking physical flesh, there you are as a spiritual Being who can’t turn off your own radiant creative impulse. You really can’t stop shining the Light that you are. You can’t stop loving and bringing the power of your Love into the cosmos, wherever you might be. And why would you? Right where you are, that Love is emanating from you.

Moment by moment, day by day, how your Love expresses is always different. There is an ever-changing kaleidoscope of expression that harmonizes with the cycles of Creation. And you, as a Creator Being, are forever changing what it is that you are offering to your world and to the universe.

That emanation of you is going out into Planet Earth, into the world and the solar system. How far is it going? It reaches at least as far as the Pleiades and Orion. From a cosmic standpoint, our creative scope is at least that large. What is radiating out from us affects the proximate world—those closest to us and the creative field around us. But it does not stop there. Pluck a flower, disturb a star. Your creative vibration emanates on out. There’s nothing stopping the radiation of your Love and your Light. It just ripples out.

Your radiation is received in many places and by many Beings as it moves out into the cosmos. It is received by Angelic Beings, wherever they may be. They are feeling your Love, they are feeling your Light. And perhaps the ones who are closest are feeling it the most, but there are rays of Light from you that are being picked up by Angelic Beings far and wide. And there is a returning cycle, for such is the nature of Reality, such is the nature of Creation.

There is an emanation going out, and inexorably there is emanation returning to you. You are being Loved by Angels on distant stars and Angels right here in this constellation of Angels that are closer to you. And you are receiving this Love and Light every moment of every day. Your job in this moment, as in all others, is simply to open yourself to it and to take it in. It’s coming to you from 360 degrees. The Angels are lovin’ up on you now, as always—feeding you, supporting you with Angelic Light and Angelic Love.

Remember, this is just imagination. This isn’t really happening. Nonetheless, you can feel it when you open to it. You can feel the inspiration and the empowerment of it, and the loving support. Your job at this moment is simply to receive it and then to focus it—to let it in and let it come to focus in the way that you do as the unique Being you are. You then let the focalization of this Power and Light pour out from you in a way that is totally relevant to this cycle of Creation. You simply let it out, you let it shine, to go back out into the cosmos through your unique focus of spirit, bringing together the factors that are relevant for this cycle of Creation.

There is nothing that can stop you or me from allowing this to happen. Nothing can stop us from allowing that creative ray to shine forth from us, and nothing can prevent us from receiving all that is ours to receive. And as the Being of Light that we are, we would never stop this from happening. In every moment, there is the nearness of Divine Presence that is making sure that we receive what is ours to receive. And there is the vastness of Divine Presence, streaming creative rays of Love and Light towards us at all times. Feel it now. Drink it in.

Now reflect on how it is for us as inhabitants of this human world. In the best of times, this is exactly what is happening in this world. This is exactly what has been happening for me as I am currently receiving messages from friends around the world. Friends from elementary school, friends I’ve met on travels around the world, friends I’ve never met face-to-face, and friends who are close companions…they are all offering their prayers at this challenging time for the community in which I live, Sunrise Ranch, as we face the Cameron Peak Fire. And I can tell you, if you have to face a forest fire it is far better to do it with the love and support of friends.

In the best of times, human culture is simply reflecting what’s already happening at other levels of Reality. Through their words, their expressions, and their actions, human beings are embodying what’s coming back to you and to me. And we ourselves are offering our gifts to other human beings, and they’re being received and cherished. Our gifts are empowering the people around us—uplifting them, inspiring them. We create a noble culture as this is happening, lighting up all that we are building together.

But that is in the best of times. And that is not always what happens, as we well know. Human culture gets taken up with the cult of personality. Sometimes it’s extreme and blatantly obvious, where the worship of personality obliterates the truth of human character and the truth of us as human beings, individually and together. And in that way, people opt out of Reality.

In so many ways, human culture does precisely this. People do not open to the heavenly emanation that is coming to them. They don’t reciprocate when it’s given because they haven’t received it. But do you think that human culture has any ability to stop the Angels from giving what is theirs to give? The ability to stop you or to stop this process? It has no ability to do so. None. The only ability that people have is to opt out or opt in. And when we see people opting out of this creativity, or even whole segments of human culture opting out, what is our job as a human being? Simply to be undistracted. Our job is to continue to participate in what is eternally true of us all.

It can seem to be so easy to be distracted and opt out ourselves when we see someone else who is not receiving our gift, and we become preoccupied with that perceived lack. But look to where it is being received. Know that it is always being received somewhere, and let it flow to there. 

It can feel crushing when someone in our lives doesn’t support us or when someone doesn’t give back in a way that reciprocates the friendship, the Love, or the colleagueship in a way we might think would be appropriate. We can become preoccupied with that and fixated upon that lack. And so, in the process, we ourselves can opt out. We then participate in the culture that opts out.

Never opt out. Never forget. Never relinquish your angelic birthright.

We are here for the highest joy, which is the joy of knowing Creation and the pleasure of being a creator and participating in creative activity without end. As we do, we have the opportunity to embody that in our personality and in the culture we share. What a joy to find all of you—those who read this Pulse of Spirit—and to be found by you.

But if any one of us opts out, does that really change anything essential for you? It’s sad. You probably wish it would be otherwise. But we know that the hope for the world is simply people who know who they are and why they’re here, who are not distracted by the cult of personality that can infect the human experience.

Become aware of yourself simply as a point of Light.

 The Angels near and far are lovin’ up on you now, as always—feeding you, supporting you with Angelic Light and Angelic Love.

 Focalize the Light and Love that is coming to you now.

 Let Power and Light pour out from you in a way that is totally relevant to this cycle of Creation.

 Let it out. Let it shine. Return Power and Light back out into the cosmos through your unique focus of Spirit.