What Is Spiritual Regeneration?

All living things are hardwired for regeneration—the natural ability to renew themselves and evolve.

Spiritual regeneration is the ability of humans to tap into Divine Being within each of us. When we experience spiritual regeneration, Universal Love and creativity flow through us—creating a feeling of “being ourselves” and “being at home.”

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The Hidden Switch

Spiritual regeneration relies on a hidden switch in our consciousness. When turned on, we tap into the massive power of the creative source within us.

The heart of the universe becomes our heart. The intelligent power of Universal Love floods through us, renewing us. The creative field in which we are functioning thrives.

Attuned to the Divine, we become an expression of the Divine in the world.

Why Is Spiritual Regeneration Important?

There is so much about contemporary culture that is oppressive to the human spirit. People get used to living with the switch turned off. They are not really themselves.

This human oppression leads not only to the degeneration of the person but to the degradation of the natural systems of the planet.

Spiritual regeneration is the root of all the “good things” in life. It is the source of physical vitality, thriving communities, thriving culture, life-giving social systems, enlightened technology, and so much more.

Emissaries of Divine Light

The purpose of Emissaries of Divine Light is to contribute to the spiritual regeneration of humanity, under the inspiration of the spirit of God. We believe that God lives within each one of us and is the creative source within everything.

Sunrise Ranch, and other Emissary Centers, are devoted to bringing spiritual regeneration to the world. As a part of that effort, Sunrise Ranch is a teaching and demonstration site for regeneration in all the dimensions of human culture.

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