Primal Spirituality is connecting to our source and embracing our destiny. It is reclaiming our first spirituality—the spirituality we were born with. And it is answering the call of our future, which is to embrace our role as co-creators on Planet Earth.

Primal Spirituality courses teach enlightened principles of emotional and spiritual intelligence. Utilizing these principles, the courses are constructed to open seven personal gateways of experience:

  • Blessing
  • Understanding
  • Taking Intelligent Action
  • Fulfilling Mission
  • Enlightened Thinking
  • Courage
  • Grace

Taking Action

Taking Intelligent Action is an experience of Universal Intelligence flowing through the mind and directing actions taken in the world. It takes visions, ideas and deep feelings and brings them into manifest form.

Taking Intelligent Action overcomes lethargy, procrastination and low energy. It leads to physical vigor and an increased state of aliveness.

Taking Intelligent Action is learning how to masterfully address the issues that arise in your life. Beyond the practical benefits of Taking Intelligent Action, it unleashes spiritual energy that otherwise remains dormant.

Learning to Take Intelligent Action is learning to accept wise direction from another person and, most importantly, from within oneself. It is also learning to give wise direction to others.

The discipline of Taking Intelligent Action transforms the reactive emotion of anger into a peaceful power that strengthens a person’s presence and effectiveness.

Taking Action consistently lands a person’s dreams and values and makes them real to the person and to the world.

Fulfilling Mission

Fulfilling Mission overcomes futility, meaninglessness and disillusionment. It transmutes the experience of victimhood to the experience of creatorship.

Fulfilling Mission is the motivating factor for the human experience. It is seeing that the actions I take today profoundly affect my future. And that the actions humankind takes today affect future generations.

The experience of Fulfilling Mission initiates a person into the ability to share a compelling vision of potential with others. It gives them the ability to enroll others in activity that fulfills that vision.

Initiation into Fulfilling Mission draws a person out of obsessive self-concern and doubt into a life of service. It inspires a person to manifest the great potentiality that they feel and know.

Initiation into Fulfilling Mission is a necessary factor for those who seek to lead projects, organizations, communities or to parent a family. It is the basis for becoming an inspiring leader, and leading a fulfilling life.

July 16, 2019 7:00 pm — July 20, 2019 6:00 pm
7:00 pm — 6:00 pm (95h)

Sunrise Ranch

David Karchere

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