Do you feel that there’s a bigger, better life for you? Are you struggling to find your life’s purpose?

June 28-29, 2019

Join author, speaker and workshop leader David Karchere for an uplifting, empowering journey to explore your personal destiny. You’ll have the opportunity to gain a profound insight into the significance of your own life story. You will also see how the issues that challenge you are also doorways for your own creativity. You will learn to access that creativity in new and empowering ways. Most importantly, you will connect deeply with your own destiny and the destiny of all humankind—to become on the outside what you already are on the inside—to become a sun.

This workshop is based on the book by the same title by David Karchere.

It’s not just a workshop over a couple of days

It’s an experiential, customized program that will impact your life through the use of emotional and spiritual intelligence.

By the time we’re finished, you will KNOW your life purpose and calling and be inspired to move forward as never before. You will have experiences to free yourself of the negative messages and patterns of belief so that you can have a happy and fulfilling life!

Experience the warmth of blessing

You will experience how to receive love in your emotional body—and how to let love flow to the emotional body of another person. By understanding and using Emotional Intelligence, we will learn to give and receive love so that we can feel it moving through us in such a way that we fill a foundational need to feel the warmth of blessing and love that flow between all of us.

Experience the atmosphere of understanding

In this part of the workshop, you will learn to avoid becoming overly critical of other people and of yourself so that you can be compassionate and have real insight into what makes other people tick.

If we judge other people and haven’t yet looked at how we are critical of ourselves, we cannot move forward because our negative beliefs and blocks will prevent us from embracing our true calling in life.

Take action

Next, you will experience knowing that the time comes when you have to do something to let what is important to you manifest in the world. Emotional and spiritual intelligence help us to overcome the obstacles that keep us stuck, including FEAR of success, FEAR of failure, FEAR of being heard or seen and even FEAR of being judged.

If we want to take a new path in life, we need to clear those obstacles so that new possibilities can come into our lives fully. In this workshop, just over a few days, you will have the opportunity to do this type of sacred work so that you can take action.

Fulfill your mission

In this experience, you will learn about living a life that is in service to what has the highest value—and becoming empowered in your life when you make that commitment. You will learn how spiritual intelligence moves and guides you so that you can experience insights and “aha” moments to fulfill your specific mission.

Experience enlightened thinking

You will learn to access creative flow as you begin to see from a new, higher and more empowering perspective.

Experience courage

In this part of the workshop, you will learn that the people and the things that are meant to come to you in your life do so only when you have the courage to truly be yourself. This is worth the price of the entire workshop! Finding this courage to follow the enlightened thinking that Spirit is awakening in us is the path of our destiny.

What about grace?

In this last part of the course, you will learn that grace is knowing the incredible goodness in life—even in difficult times. You will experience a profound sense of grace that will permeate your life and one that you will carry with you long after the workshop.
Grace is also experiencing the synchronicity and ease of life as we’re tuned in and flowing with what life brings to us. Grace brings profound appreciation of spiritual intelligence.

A message from David Karchere about the workshop…

June 28, 2019 9:00 am — June 29, 2019 6:00 pm
9:00 am — 6:00 pm (33h)

Omega Institute – New York

David Karchere, Keahi Ewa

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