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Within You

Fresh Thinking, Inspiration, and Vision on the Process of Spiritual Transformation

David KarchereWhat do you see emerging from a spiritual standpoint in this coming year? As I began to think about the new year, I noticed there was something missing. When I considered all the areas of my life, I wasn’t satisfied with what I perceived to be emerging. As I thought more about it, I realized that what was missing as I surveyed what I saw on the horizon for the new year was me—what I have to explore spiritually and bring to the world. It is a natural tendency to look for positive developments around us in the world, through other people or events. But I’ve come to realize that the biggest factor for anyone is what is coming through them to their world.

The most important things aren’t those things that we can see. It is interesting that the one who is doing the observation cannot see him- or herself. From a physical standpoint, we can see our bodies in the mirror. But if you agree that you are not your body, you cannot see yourself and you cannot see what is at a higher level of awareness than you. You cannot see what is within you. But you can welcome it into your experience.

There is a teaching of Jesus that addresses this very point.

The kingdom of God cometh not with observation:

…the kingdom of God is within you.  (Luke 17:20,21)

He used that preposition within. I don’t think he meant physically within. You couldn’t find the kingdom of God if you performed a surgical operation. I believe he was pointing to the truth that the causative factor of our experience can’t be found outside of us.

Jesus used that expression “the kingdom of God.” Understanding that the language he used drew upon the social reality of his day, as did the translation of his words, if we were to express these words in modern parlance we might say “the democracy of God,” or “the government of God.” And who is God, if not the Creator of manifest reality? So I do believe that what is being said is that the external reality in which we live—the people and the world around us—is not the primary factor governing what is created in our experience. You cannot observe the primary factor. It is you and what is within you, and you cannot see yourself or what is within you. Nonetheless, you can be present and bring all that is within you online in your creation.

It is so easy to look to the factors that are around, to look at world trends, astrological factors and the Mayan calendar, and to see those things as determining what is going to happen. But the Creator is within you, and your world is being created from within, out.

Jesus goes on to speak of the Son of man. While the Son of man is often thought of as relating to Jesus himself, I suggest that he was speaking about humanity as we let what is within come through. The Divine comes through, from within, as us. So thinking of this coming year, the most relevant event is us and what comes forth from within us, the Son of man. We have the potential to be the Son of man. We have the potential to be what is happening to our world, not just looking out in our world and trying to figure out what’s going to happen to us in the coming year. We have the opportunity to happen to our world and bring the qualities of the Divine.

If you would like to share your vision of what you see emerging from a spiritual standpoint in this coming year, send us an e-mail at . We will post some of what we receive on our Pulse of Spirit web page.

Blessing to you and your world in the new year!

David Karchere

January 12th, 2011
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10 Responses to “Within You”

  1. Sarah Jones Says:

    I feel increasing clarity in the coming year. I feel old patterns shifting, old ways of being falling apart and a new way emerging. It feels like a radiant light gently, gradually burning away the mist, exposing a glittering reality. The burning away is gentle and gradual, and also unstoppable, relentless. I would imagine this might be difficult for some people to experience. It might feel piercing for some, frightening. Perhaps they don’t feel that they’re ready for such brightness. I feel a responsibility to serve in this venture, this adventure – to guide, to soothe, to soften. Like an artist with gentle brush strokes creating a beautiful piece of art. I feel an awesome responsibility and the joy of living in this radiant light.

  2. Maureen Waller Says:

    To the Trustees,
    I had a conversation with my son a few days ago about the fact that we cannot actually know what another person is thinking or what they are seeing. We know what they tell us and what they describe to us, but there is actually no way of knowing, As was quoted from “The Prayer of Being,” by Martin Exeter, I find myself in Heaven. I find that Heaven also contains the truth of love, and those who are about the same business as I am are already there too. Here is the real “time-space continuum” and here is oneness of Heaven and Earth—unified in love and purpose. What has been classified as myth and unobtainable becomes real and present, and what has formerly been seen as real is shown to be myth. Thank you for the experience of Heaven and a wonderful entry into this new cycle we call 2011.

  3. Irene de Groof Says:

    To the Trustees, from Irene de Groof

    I am very thankful that you are all in my world and for the Tone you have been providing through the Word. For me, change is not about being different but to totally open my heart.
    There is a story about a fisherman who measured the fish he was catching and kept only the ones that were 25 centimeters; he threw the big ones into the pond again. Somebody observing asked why he was doing that and he answered, “My frying pan is just 25 centimeters wide!” I like to use stories and laughter. I am thankful for our universal connection represented through each of you and all the other people joining in our services.

  4. Anne-Lise Bure Says:

    To the Trustees, from Anne-Lise Bure

    I do not usually do “New Year’s Resolutions.” However, during your dialogue I found myself naturally committing to increase the revelation of wholeness and spreading more love in my world. I am in and up for that expansion and standing with you to “reveal the Year of the Lord 2011” together.

  5. Ted Black Says:

    To the Trustees, from Ted Black

    I look forward to a highly charged , exciting 2011. Like all expressions of love, an act of compassion can be, and often is, seriously misunderstood. And as Emerson remarked, “One cannot spend the day in explanations.” One needs to have some clarity in oneself, however. I appreciate the emphasis laid on the internal work required. One may see the effect of “private” atmosphere and attitudes on the “public” world that one inhabits and creates. Trouble is, it’s easy to convince oneself that what one is seeing is accurate and that a change has indeed occurred following changes internally made. It is then helpful to ask a friend, “Is this what you are seeing?” Sometimes the answer comes back “Yes,” sometimes “Not at all.” Or occasionally, perhaps, “Yes, and it is consequent upon what so-and-so over there is doing, the wonderful changes he or she is making.” One can avoid such blows to the ego by not conferring with others, but then the actual focus of the creative process in one’s world is blurred. Anyway, the whole thing is a marvelous adventure, and can be indeed “a thing of beauty” that is “a joy forever.”

  6. Jane Duncan Says:

    To the Trustees, from Jane Duncan

    I watched a movie last evening called Next. The premise was someone being “gifted” with “sight into the future”…but only two minutes into the future! “Here’s the thing about the future…once you’ve ‘seen’ it, it is changed!” We do not have a choice. Things are the way they are and this is the Kingdom of Heaven. Accepting this is living!

  7. Cliffe Connor Says:

    To the Trustees, from Cliffe Connor

    I am very aware that we are at a pivotal time in the cycle of restoration of Heaven on Earth. While that could be said of any time in our history, the reality is that humanity has never really embraced the significance of our own time, in this process. But now something seems to have shifted in the consciousness of mankind as it relates to the importance of “Now.” The current of desire and urgency in people wanting to be their genuine Selves is unmistakable. I can certainly attest to a quantum shift in my own sense of the call of the present moment, and each succeeding moment, to fully embody my own Divine Identity. This year is about unveiling a powerful, new level of Radiant Presence for me…in my close-in world and further afield. The time is now—the space is here!

  8. Ray Helm Says:

    To the Trustees, from Ray Helm

    It is wonderful to see ourselves in the image and likeness of God. To see all the “God-like” people on earth and to see God in everything is truly utopia. We know that our feelings, thoughts and words create our outer world, and it is a reflection of our God-like inner world. The spirit of love is the truth of life and we are all part of the one whole. I love who I am and I love who you are. Only doubt would ever prevent us from believing and living in the kingdom of heaven. This could be described as hell, which is a figment of our own imagination. I am thankful for the ones who do not doubt themselves but, rather, live in their God-like essence and are “the Way, the Truth and the Life” in every conscious moment.

  9. Francine Ladd Says:

    As my focus remains on welcoming whole heartedly what is coming through me into my world to others, it is quite the adventure to play my part in the larger picture of humanity being restored to it’s rightful place. As I do, I give birth to those divine qualities which are quinteessential to its restoration! Thanks for the opportunity to consider and share here more deeper, passionate meditations on quality living.

  10. Staush Jankowski Says:

    Hello David: It is becoming blatantly apparent to the collective conscious mind, that if there are to be original avenues into greater creativity and expression with ‘knowledgeable’ inroads into how to meld into the greater outworking of the cosmic context. . then acceptance of the seemingly little, tiny, personal self with all that its seemingly bad, good, dark, bright, disgusting, and not so pretty qualities within and without is the one and only true starting point. If this is refused—then the next important realization, the progression to the next level, discovering the truth of “who I am” is not entered into. Only to one who is aware of what he/she is. . and about, is the turmoil, the problems and gnashing of teeth perceived as a deep and sacred beginning as an opportunity for what is to emerge from All That Is.

    Now, what will invariably follow after this individual decision is made will naturally be the incessant thoughts of who I am not, coupled with feelings attached to every one of those thoughts clambering for attention. As we’re aware, they’re really part of a larger collective of thoughts and feelings that everyone else has had and carry for their entire lives, but which have to be relinquished in replacement of seeking the experience for the highest joy, highest thought, and highest feeling in this moment of now. Things are falling apart! Wonderful! “Oh no! But I missed that thought, and I showed my temper!” So what! This familiar, but skiddish “affair” having been at the forefront of ones individual life is the throwing of its face in despair, desiring to have its last grieving dramatic scene with which to keep holding the individual in shame and guilt. However, the “appearance” of the next new moment offers ample opportunity to repair any and all situations, because God does not know any bounds, unless. . . we declare it unto ourselves and make it so. Then that would become the living limited experience! Now, isn’t that just the cat’s meow!

    The true means to mastery then, doesn’t mean being alone or “holing up” somewhere. It means being in the midst of everything. Nothing really visibly changes at this vital point, except for one very important variable—and that is, the involvement in creating experiences moving in the opposite direction of the cosmic contextual plan has had its brakes applied, and this begins to stand out in awareness. As an example, where it was commonplace to fear someone, or something—now there is recognition of something deeper than fear. Where there used to be resentment, now there is a reorienting to something different being offered in awareness.

    So, that brings us to the next point. There is so much we don’t know about ourselves, and are just beginning to come into a familiar and relaxed sense of what is emerging through us. If we could only find out how we get from here to “there”, then it would be heaven sent most would say. It’s a thought humankind has had for generations, only humankind wants the answers cushioned in a palatial way; laden with money, comfort and fringe benefits. . .lots of this and tons of that! The only thing is that God, by far and large in people’s consciousnesses, is still considered a figment of some person’s imagination way back when. However, that supposed ‘person’ has had a greater impact on humankind than would be known about, due to fact that that ‘person’ had an awareness, (at that time, which has since changed to a much higher level) skewering all the thinking which had been commonplace. Now, most people look beyond the societal norms when they are alone and complain about them, but fear still maintains itself in the center of their hearts as the prime mover into the proceeding moments.

    Based on the awareness we individually carry and have carried, will we find an easier time in the days to come, leaving the archaic beliefs and thinking to dissolve and vanish. Awareness of being exposed to what is the truth behind all that exists will take the place of what has been the norm. It is a process leading those with awareness into what is truly “behind” everything– into a place which is unprecedented. We need only reside in the present moment where all the answers have always been, and what was our understanding of anything will finally be not only transformed, but informed.

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