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Fresh Thinking, Inspiration, and Vision on the Process of Spiritual Transformation

The Calling

Fresh Thinking, Inspiration, and Vision on the Process of Spiritual Transformation

From the star-lit inner realms of being,
I speak of unfolding beauty,
Timeless reality,
And the opportunity which arrives new born with the morning sun.
I evoke remembrance
Of your deepest calling,
Your truest reality,
And your cosmic place
Here and now,
Holding this cycle of creation.

From out of the whirlwind,
At the center of creation,
I speak.
I am the peaceful center of being.
I am stillness in the midst of the turning world,
At rest and assured,
In the middle of the human drama.
I am your strength because I am constant and unmoving in my love.
I am your wisdom because I am the reality you seek.
I am your blessing, to be received by you and given to your world.

I am calling to you even now
From the Unseen.
Closer to you than the breath you take.
In dreams and thoughts I come,
In your restless urge
That will never settle for the trinkets
Of the world.
Hear me now as I say this one thing to you.
Take your place.
Take your place.
Be where you belong
In thought,
In feeling,
In awareness,
In answering the calling of your life,
The calling of the Reality you are,
And which you serve.

Join me, dear one,
At the center of the storm,
Inside the clamor and the noise,
Cloaked in my love,
Bathed in my peace,
Overflowing with my joy.
You belong here.
And from here
You may bring
The transforming, uplifting power
Of the whirlwind
Into the phenomenal world.

Remember now,
Remember now,
Your place in this home among the stars,
You were not put here by accident
On this blue-green orb,
The third planet from the sun.
You and your friends made her,
And are restoring her now,
Beginning with her crowning creation,
Man and woman
Made in the image and likeness of who you are.

The morning stars shout for joy!

January 11th, 2010
Copyright © 2019 by International Emissaries

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2 Responses to “The Calling”

  1. Will Omega Says:

    Wow! I feel like this is my personal invitation to Sunrise Ranch. Thank you so much … Will

    It reminds me of a poem that came through me a while back. I will share it with you.

    Coming Home

    As the rays of sacred light cross the heavens of eternity,
    and all creation bends and bows to see its glory,
    deep surrender reveals un-shattered holiness
    and the grace of boundless freedom
    within the heart of the living.

    Cosmic ripples of untouched essence
    touch the soul of God,
    unveiling divine will to fill the calling
    of the inner chambers of the heart.

    And so it is that the spinning of the universe
    comes to rest within its own center;
    and you become the observer of hidden treasures
    of your very own presence in the heart of God.

    Released, healed and freed from false perception,
    the one eternal moment appears;
    Then as always – in the highest truth –
    pure vision in the oneness of all reigns supreme!

  2. Joseie Brocker Says:

    Who Ever put these magnificient words together, I am deeply grateful!
    I wanted to shout ‘Here I am!’ so I did to my husband. If this message can only help wo/man, stand up and know we are here to love each other, as Jesus came to show us, the world will be made to shift into alignment with God’s message. My heart is filled with light and thanksgiving for 2010.
    In divine blessing and calling, Here I am! to all the divine angels in this world! Josie:)

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