The Matrix of Interconnectedness and Oneness

As we hold a vigil for humankind with spiritually awake people the world around, we are issuing a daily Pulse of Spirit for the next several days. We are quickening the pulse. 

Each one will radiate our collective love and light for a world experiencing transmutation at the most profound level. Thank you for being part of this radiance.

                                                                                                         ~ David Karchere                    


When the virus really started hitting around the world, a great calm came over me and I started receiving more understanding about the destiny of humanity and about my own journey. Not all of that understanding was comfortable. It is about letting go of the old and receiving what is new. It’s about collective and individual purification.

I’d love to share one of the pieces of understanding that came to me.

A Virus with a Message.

Suddenly there appeared a virus from the unseen realms. A small monster that cannot be controlled, as if coming from the collective subconscious of humanity, bringing fear: “The Fear Virus.”

When we don’t have control, fear arises. The control we think we have over the natural world is fear-based too. We have been holding on to an illusionary safety. We cannot control nature. We have to co-exist with nature and with each other.

Now Mother Earth is giving us a strong warning—in fact, a gentle lesson compared to what could happen. We knew that this was coming. To go on like this would eventually mean cultural suicide. The lesson comes through the intelligent being of a virus, which is an inseparable part of the conscious ecology of Mother Earth. This virus carries an inherent gift as well as the suffering it causes.

As a sensible preventive step, we go into physical isolation. In that space we start deeply listening. Physical isolation brings us into our inner landscape, our private intimacy with All That Is. We start feeling that there is something bigger than us at work, something we are a part of, something we can listen to, something we can even relax in. It is the matrix of interconnectedness and oneness. We remember the natural state.

Suddenly we know that the world is not just about “me,” that our being is not just individual, that we are universal Being, that we are nature and Mother Earth. We are humanity on a journey in the rapids of a river that knows its destination.

The soul of humanity is waking up. In this collective silence we hear the will of God. Waking up from the unreal culture, we discover the true culture. The intelligence of life is giving us a chance to co-exist, to live in beauty.

This is a cycle where people are suffering in a worldwide crisis. But a crisis can be a birth. A birth is not just nice—it can be painful and bloody. But a beautiful new Being comes forth from that, a new state of being, a new global culture. We are not alone. We are in this together.



One thought on “The Matrix of Interconnectedness and Oneness

  1. Thanks Ruud West !
    Something good out of this global calamity is coming.
    I see a new day. Isaiah 60 vs 1:
    Arise, shine for your light has come and the glory of the Lord rises on you. For behold darkness covers the earth, and thick darkness over the peoples; BUT the LORD will rise over you and his Glory will appear over you.
    In our nation we have a dawn to dusk curfew.
    But for me it is time to reflect and look up for when my heart is overwhelmed I know deep within it is a new dawn..
    We are all going to experience it.

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