Joaquin Test

Test. Test

Test, Test, Test

Test Test Test Test.

Test, Test, Test, Test, Test.

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Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
January 2, 2021 8:05 am

In 741, Handel wrote his score for “The Messiah”. At the end of his manuscript were these letters: “SDG”. In Latin, they read “Soli Deo Gloria”, meaning To Go Alone the Glory. It had taken him just 24 days to transform Jennen’s libretto. The librettist’s intent was to create a work to counter a certain philosophy that there is no such thing as divine intervention in human affairs.

Perhaps, over time, this is why The Messiah has become such a significant work – you might say worshipful; in words and in the music. A piece where you could trace divine intervention.

You might wonder at the ability of Handel to conceive and produce such a work in a mere 24 days, but he was obviously in his element. When the creative impetus commands, your whole being is almost in an altered space.

The expectancy of the religious texts which David has quoted points to this Soli Deo Gloria. The glory we anticipate is within all men, as in the Messiah; “… is the pure introvert Self…” (Jainism) of the heart. It is that which we may come to know in ourselves and perceive in one another beyond the facade of shame and separation; that which is our true nobility.

It is time to see beyond the smoke and mirrors of this world and find a way to “download”, as Handel did – our Messiah. Because, I have a Messiah, so do you!

Let’s sing and bring….. the glory which God has given us to share.

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