Basic Audio Series | Vol. 19 Extension of Divine Action (MP3)




Lecture by Uranda, January 10, 1954 . . .

Synopsis: The remarkable gift of life was granted us that we might extend the things of invisible God into the realm of physical form through action, thought and words. All life is eternal; it does not and cannot die. But man may forfeit his gift of eternal life. The Master came on earth to reveal the way of life, not to die. Human beings think to postpone the fulfilment of their lives until some state after death, whereas the Master’s words clearly stated, “Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory,” now. Man is confronted with insoluble problems because he does not take God into account; he throws life away. But God had purpose in creating us, each one: that we might give His blessings here on earth.

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