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Giving Back

A Message from David Karchere, Spiritual Director

What is offered through Emissaries of Divine Light is available because of the spirit of selfless giving on the part of many people over the years.

Like any true spiritual gift, what is offered through our program cannot be fully received by simply taking it to oneself.

Meditating upon what is true, listening and hearing what is true—these are vital aspects of the process of spiritual transformation. Yet these things alone are not enough for the spirit of truth to resonate fully in a person’s being.

For the gift to be fully received, it must be given. This is a reflection of the fairness and justice of the universe that is at work in our own lives.

Here are steps which are vital to participating in the gift which this Emissary program has to offer:

  • Write. Your words of response to the message we offer are most welcome. An e-mail to the authors of our weekly Pulse of Spirit offerings is the easiest means of communication. We also welcome regular mail to the authors addressed to our headquarters at Sunrise Ranch. Your thoughts, in written form, complete a cycle of giving and receiving that allows spiritual activation to take place.

  • Donate. Your offering of money can be an expression of gratitude for what is opening up in your experience, and it is an act of service which assists others to experience what is opening up for them.

  • Serve. There are many ways to be of service in your world, whether in the context of our program or in your individual field of service. By passing on the spirit and substance of what you know, you magnify and intensify the creative movement that is under way in our world.

These steps, if undertaken in a spirit of appreciation, will allow your current of response to the truth that you love to be full in your experience. Your response will guide you and take you into what is next for you, and for your world. It will nourish our collective work. Your giving back will make a difference in the world, and in your life.

David Karchere

According to your response, so is it established unto you.

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