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Share an Attunement

Share an Attunement, a spiritual practice and a powerful mode of vibrational healing.

Attunement offers:

  • A sense of physical & spiritual well-being
  • Support for the healing process
  • Loving, prayerful surround for people and situations
  • An energetic experience that lets personal transformation go to depth

Attunement is both a way of life and a spiritual healing art, with specific techniques to enhance essential health and well-being. It is a state of consciousness in which the spirits of love and truth are allowed to predominate, letting the current of life flow freely through us. Literally, attunement means, “to bring into harmony.”

As a way of life: The universal principles underlying Attunement provide a context for understanding how life works and how we fit into the Whole. Practicing Attunement as a lifestyle includes commitment to daily spiritual practice, attention to self-care, and integrity in relating to others. Self-awareness, honesty and compassion are valued qualities of an Attunement practitioner’s character.

As a healing art: Attunement is a vibrational practice in which the glands of the endocrine system serve as gateways to receive particular qualities of Spirit into the energy field of the body. A variety of Attunement procedures address other anatomical systems as well. The client is seen as a vital collaborator in the Attunement process, often referred to as “sharing Attunement.”

The core technique of Attunement is sharing a radiant energetic current through the hands of the practitioner over areas of the body, especially the endocrine system. The more Attunement is experienced, the more it can be lived. Consciousness becomes more highly tuned to an inner wellspring, a healthy radiance within. The actions of daily living naturally spring from deeper, life-affirming rhythms from our core.

In the process of Attunement, we acknowledge that each of us is a combination of human physical substance, drawn from the earth, and Being—the invisible, animating life force. Inherent in Being is unlimited energy and purpose, coming from divine Source. Attunement is a process of clarifying and deepening our connection with Source, despite physical, mental or emotional impediments. It is a profound way to work with the subtle energy patterns that weave through our body, mind and spirit.

Attunement seeks to align one’s capacities (body, mind and heart) with each other and with a deeper identity that lies within. This deeper, truer place of Being, which is present in each of us, is like an inner sun that radiates energy to our capacities, while also reaching out on an energetic level to all aspects of life around us.

The practice of Attunement enhances the experience of oneness and coherence, and gives rise to a sense that all of one’s disparate parts are integrated into one vital Whole. To participate in upcoming Attunement classes and events, register online, or contact for more information.

A Class Sharing Attunements in Teams

Attunement Sessions are available, on a donation basis, at our Emissary
Communities and through Attunement Practitioners around the world.

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