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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do The Emissaries of Divine Light believe?

A: We believe that humanity as a whole is facing a time when a radical change is possible. It’s also needed. That change is from being driven by fear to being inspired by possibility. From fretting over what has already happened to welcoming our true potential. From trying to make up for the past to welcoming our future.

We believe that, at their core, all people are divine by nature, even though that reality is often covered by shame and fear, and all that comes from those emotions. We believe that we all face the challenge of letting go of our own shame, hurt and fear, so that we can be wise and loving.

We believe human technology is important, but it will only find its rightful place in the human story as we embrace the shift in consciousness that is in motion in the world today.

We see that the answer to the issues that face the individual is a passionate desire to fulfill our personal destiny. And then we have to act upon that desire.

Q: Who attends Emissary programs?

A: Often, people who sense that their life is reshaping or transforming in some important way and want to let that happen as creatively as possible.

Q: Are Emissaries of Divine Light Christian?

A: We believe that the teaching and message Jesus of Nazareth brought has been largely ignored. While we respect people of all faiths, and we have no desire to diminish the spiritual efforts of anyone, we believe that Jesus was calling humanity to fulfill its destiny on earth, not in a world to come. We believe he was offering humanity a mirror to reflect its own divinity, and that he had no intention to be an exclusive embodiment of the Divine. We believe that when he said, “Follow me,” he was calling us to be a living embodiment of love, not a martyr or a victim.

We believe that Christ is a word for the universal spirit of love, and that it is the spiritual birthright of humanity to be a clear embodiment of that spirit. Therefore, we believe that the Second Coming of Christ foretold in the New Testament refers to the destiny of all humanity to embody the Christ spirit.

Despite the injustice that has been done in the name of Christianity, we embrace the truth Jesus brought that is the origin of Christianity. We revere and embrace the spirit that Jesus embodied in his living and teaching. At the same time, we embrace the truth brought by many other spiritual teachers over millennia and in the present day. We honor anyone who has the courage and passion to be true to the spirit that is at their core.

We also recognize the truth that has been brought by other visionary leaders, some of whom are honored in the world’s great religions, and many of whom are relatively unknown.

Q: Are The Emissaries a cult?

A: The danger of cults is that individuals are induced to give up their lives—either to a single, eccentric leader, to a disempowering doctrine, or to “group think.” The Emissaries challenge people to live their own authentic lives, and to take ultimate responsibility for their worlds. Our programs foster a personal sense of purpose in the context of spiritual regeneration and transformation. At the same time, we acknowledge that there is a risk of cultic behavior whenever people associate in groups, large or small, and we are no exception. We believe that being conscious of this common human tendency is one of the best ways for us as individuals and as a group to go in a different direction.

Q: What kind of people participate in The Emissaries?

A: People from many parts of the world and from many walks of life attend Emissary programs and/or live in Emissary communities. What they have in common is that they have chosen a personal path of spiritual awakening and transformation, and they are passionate about being of service.

Q: How can a person participate in Emissaries of Divine Light?

A: We believe that what is most needed for people today is a change of heart – a letting go, a melting, and an opening to the wisdom and power that is within us. But for that to happen there has to be fresh thought that leads the heart into those experiences. There has to be a new understanding of what is happening in our world. That is why we offer a weekly spiritual message we call The Pulse of Spirit. It is an opportunity to think in new ways and to correspond with the authors of the message.

You can participate in a Small Group of The Creative Field. This is an opportunity to meet monthly on the phone or in person with people from around the world who are doing close-in spiritual work.

We offer a monthly teleconference service available by live streaming video or by telephone on the first Sunday of every month (11 a.m. Mountain Time).

There are many other opportunities to participate in Emissary programs shown on this website.

Q: What are your spiritual practices?

A: Emissaries of Divine Light practice Attunement as a consciousness practice and an energy medicine practice. Attunement relies on shifts in thought and emotion that change the quality of energy that moves through a person. Practitioners offer radiant healing energy through the hands. Without physically touching or manipulating the body, they create an energy loop between themselves, the person receiving the Attunement, and the invisible source of life.

We teach and practice meditation that is a flow of thought that opens a person to spiritual reality. The emotional body is a critical factor in the process. So the flow of thought in true meditation has to assist the emotional pain body to turn from the source of its wounding. True meditation is thought that connects the emotional body spiritually.

Our meditation takes many forms, including meditation in silence, contemplation of sacred scripture from many sources, and sharing of written or spontaneous spiritual messages, such as The Pulse of Spirit.

We believe in the importance of the daily practice of spiritual centering, both in times of personal sanctification and through a person’s day. We teach and practice the art of living, which includes staying spiritually conscious during daily activities.

Emissaries of Divine Light encourage any form of spiritual practice that brings greater clarity and spiritual connection for the person practicing it. At Emissary Centers, we share in worship services, Attunement, chant, and morning meditation.

Q: How do The Emissaries handle emotions?

A: We see human emotions as gateways for the expression of Love in all its forms. We don’t see the powerful capacity for emotion that is in each person as a mistake, even though the misuse of emotions can lead to unhappiness and destructiveness. When we learn to use our emotions for the expression of our inner spirit, they become tools for great creativity. Our classes and seminars assist people to release their spirit through the emotional gateways in their human makeup.

Q: How has Emissaries of Divine Light changed over the years?

A: Lloyd Arthur Meeker had his spiritual awakening in 1932. This is how we mark the beginning of our organization. He was twenty-five years old and the world was in the midst of the Great Depression. The global population was about 2 billion.

Clearly, there is much that has changed since that time. There has been a world war and a cold war. There has been the cultural revolution of the ’60s and an awakening of consciousness that is accelerating today. Technological invention has included space travel, nuclear power, solar power and the Internet.

So the state of the world has changed dramatically. Meanwhile, with the passage of time, the organization has lost its two foundational leaders, Lloyd Arthur Meeker and Martin Cecil. Emissaries of Divine Light underwent massive transformation when Martin died in 1988. In many ways, we are a very different organization than we were under his leadership. That is inevitable when a spiritual organization loses its leaders.

Those who lead together today are friends and colleagues. We are keenly aware of our role in empowering the people who associate with our organization and letting people who are associated with us find their way to their own personal destiny. There was a loss of leadership following Martin’s passing, and a new generation of leaders has emerged to embrace the opportunity to be of service now.

What hasn’t changed is that we are part of a conscious spiritual awakening occurring on our planet. We are playing our role in the spiritual evolution of humanity. That has been transpiring for millennia. Spiritual evolution doesn’t just happen. It requires visionaries who are passionate and courageous about being the change, not just waiting for it. People who associate with Emissaries of Divine Light are just that kind of people, whether in the past or present.

This project requires clear, inspired leadership appropriate for this day. We believe we have that kind of leadership in our Trustees, and in our Spiritual Director, David Karchere.

Q: Why do you have residential centers like Sunrise Ranch, Glen Ivy and others?

A: Communication technology, such as telephones, websites and social media, offer a great opportunity to connect with people around the world. The virtual connection confirms an already-existing spiritual connection. So Emissaries of Divine Light are utilizing Facebook, teleconferences, websites and streaming video.

Nonetheless, there are experiences available in person that aren’t there in the same way in the virtual world. For people who live in spiritual community at our residential centers, there is an outstanding opportunity to come together in a spirit of service. We find that there is a palpable spiritual atmosphere when the people involved share their hearts and their lives. This creates a spirit of home that surrounds visitors and guests who come to our centers. And for people who come to visit or attend a program at one of our centers, they become instant participants in the spiritual life of the center.

Q: Do you acknowledge the feminine nature of God?

A: Yes. It is clear to us that all of creation embodies both feminine and masculine essence. We believe that the invisible source of creation is similar in nature—both feminine and masculine. We believe that humanity is made in the image and likeness of God, as the Creation story in Genesis says, and as taught by many other creation stories around the world.

Much of human history is of humanity unconscious of its spiritual origins. We believe that this is the cause of the dysfunction that has been present in gender relations. When men become fully conscious of their spiritual origins, they honor the feminine in women, in themselves, and in all of creation. When women become fully conscious of their spiritual origins, they honor the masculine in men, in themselves, and in all of creation.

We believe that both the feminine and the masculine dynamics are necessary if humanity is to fulfill its destiny.

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